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SEA Open Team League Season 1

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[e][h]SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 1
League Information
SSAC (SEA Starcraft Action Committee)
Trang Le
Thỏ Bảy Màu
Team Flames
1F Pro Gaming
Southeast Asia
Vietnam Vietnam
Singapore Singapore
Thailand Thailand
Australia Australia
Prize Pool:
$300 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Teams


  • The SOTL (SEA Open Team League) is a team league organised by the SSAC (SEA Starcraft Action Committee).
  • The SOTL was created due to the popularity of the Vietnam Team League (VTL). VTL Season 3 attracted twice the number of players as its first season and many of those players came from around the world. Hence, the SOTL was conceived as an international team league that supports not only Vietnamese teams, but also teams from SEA and Oceania. Only players that are Masters league and above qualify for the SOTL. The VTL will cater to players in Diamond league and below from VTL Season 4 onwards.
  • Games are played on the SEA server.
  • Players from all countries are eligible to join. However, the majority of players in each team (80%) must be from SEA/Oceania.
  • SSAC will give priority to teams and players from the SEA/Oceania region.
  • For each season, SSAC will open up to 2 slots for teams from CN/HK/TW. (The reason is the relatively small time difference between CN/HK/TW and SEA/Oceania.)
  • The maximum number of teams in Season 1 is 12.

Prize Pool[edit]


  • Group Stage
    • 2 Groups, with each group consisting of 6 teams.
    • Single round robin format for each group.
    • Individual format is Bo1.
    • Team game SPL format is Bo5.
    • Team that wins receives 1 point.
    • Team that loses receives 0 points.
    • Top 3 in each group advance to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs Stage:
    • Single elimination format.
    • Top team of each group will proceed directly to Semi Finals.
    • Individual format is Bo1.
    • Team game SPL format is BO5 (for Round of 6) and BO7 (for Semifinals/3rd Place match/Grand Finals)


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