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[e][h]Protoss sOs
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Yu-jin
October 16, 1993 (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Trickster, Trickster Toss, $O$, Heartbreak Protoss, Million Dollar Man, La Cucaracha, smileman
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
Military Service:
Years active:
2012 - 2021
 × 2
2011-11-04 — 2013-12-13
2013-12-13 — 2020-11-30
2020-11-30 — 2021-09-13
2023-03-10 — Present
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Kim "sOs" Yu-jin (born October 16, 1993) is a retired Korean Protoss player who last played for ABYDOS.

He is the only StarCraft 2 player to have won two WCS Global Finals, in 2013 and 2015.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

sOs played his first official StarCraft II match during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2. sOs also won the first GSL Ready Action! Cross Match tournament by defeating a GSL Terran player in the first round and AcE 2-1 in the finals.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Korea Preliminaries[edit]

On July 22, 2012, sOs participated in the 2012 South Korea WCS Preliminaries. sOs received a BYE in round one and then took down BarrackS, InCa, Alone, and faced CoCa in the finals. He was not able to advance any further as he lost to CoCa by a score of 0:2 and took 2nd place.

Global StarCraft II League[edit]

With his success in the hybrid Proleague, sOs was one of the four KeSPA Code A seeds for the 2012 GSL Season 4[1]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]


WCS Season 1 Korea[edit]

sOs played in the first Heart of the Swarm GSL Code S tournament. He placed first in his group after beating MarineKing and soO to advance into the round of 16 where he once again placed first, beating Bomber and TaeJa. In the quarterfinals he faced the LG-IM Zerg KangHo, and managed to defeat him with a score of 3-2. This led him into the round of 4 where he faced his teammate Soulkey. In the teamkill match, sOs initially fell down 0-3 in one sided matches where he tried to play greedily, but was punished by Soulkey. After winning the fourth game, sOs managed to even up the score to 3-3 using cannon rush openers. In the ace game, Soulkey managed to fend off sOs' attacks and deal enough damage to his bases to win the game.

WCS Season 1 Finals[edit]

Between June 7 and June 9, 2013 sOs participated in the WCS Season 1 Finals. In the Round of 16 he was placed in group C with ForGG, HerO, and Symbol. After a 2-0 win over Symbol, he lost in the winners match to ForGG, but was able to make it to the Round of 8 after beating HerO 2-0. In the Quarterfinals he was matched up against Alicia, who he beat in a fast 3-0. He moved on to face Soulkey in a rematch of their GSL semi-final of the previous month, whom he beat 3-2, although Soulkey almost came back from a 2-0 deficit. In the finals he would face INnoVation, who would beat him in a rather one-sided 4-0. In the fourth game, sOs seemed to be able to capitalize on his unusual Tempest-heavy style, but his opponent eventually won through superior unit positioning.

WCS Season 2 Korea[edit]

In the Season 2 Premier League sOs was seeded into Group C in the Round of 32. Although he got one win over EffOrt, back to back losses to soO and Maru knocked him down to the Challengers League Round of 32. In Challenger League, sOs would defeat Ruin 2-1 and Curious 2-0 to qualify for Premier League in Season 3.

WCS Season 3 Korea[edit]

sOs was placed in group C along with Dear, SuperNova, and JangBi for 2013 WCS Korean Season 3 Premier League. He was able to advance in first place with a walkover win over JangBi, who retired, and a 2-0 victory over Dear. sOs advanced to the Round of 16 but was eliminated in third place in his group following two losses to Trap. He fell to Challenger League but able to defeat Avenge 2-1 to once again qualify for Premier League.

WCS 2013 Global Finals[edit]

sOs earned enough WCS points throughout the year to qualify for the 2013 WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon. sOs went on a remarkable run, defeating HerO, Polt, and Bomber all by 3-1 scores. He would advance to the final to play Jaedong and win 4-1 to take the WCS 2013 Global Finals Championship and one hundred thousand dollars.

Other Tournaments[edit]

2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games[edit]

sOs was one of two Korean players who qualified for the 2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games. He lost his match to Sen in the group stage but was able to defeat both Sen and Flash in the playoff bracket to claim the championship.


sOs participated in 2013 Dreamhack Open Bucharest on September 14, 2013. He began in Group Stage #2 and was able to advance over YugiOh, ParanOid, and SaltTheWound without dropping a map. In Group Stage #3, sOs was able to advance from his group in second place with a loss to HyuN but victories over Snute and Harstem. In the bracket stage, sOs was able to defeat Jaedong by a score of 2-1 to advance to the Round of 8 but lost to TaeJa there 2-0 and was eliminated from the tournament.

sOs participated in 2013 Dreamhack Open Winter on November 28, 2013. He was placed in a Round robin group with INnoVation, TaeJa, ForGG, and SjoW. He was able to defeat both SjoW and ForGG but took losses to TaeJa and INnoVation which made him third in his group. This meant he would be seeded into the loser's bracket. He was able to 2-0 Goswser in Loser's round 1 but was defeated by Patience in the following round and was eliminated from the tournament finishing 9th-12th.

Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City[edit]

sOs was invited to attend the Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City tournament due to his win at Blizzcon. He was placed in a group with MC, HyuN, and Snute and was able to advance in first place with 2-0 victories over both HyuN and MC. sOs then defeated Scarlett 3-2 in the semifinals after falling behind 0-2 in the first two maps. In the finals sOs was defeated 4-1 by PartinG and took second place.


WCS GSL Season 1 Korea[edit]

sOs began in Code A and was placed in a group with Classic, GuMiho, and Shine. sOs was able to advance in first place with a 4-0 map score and move on to Premier League. In 2014 GSL Season 1 Code S sOs would face a group of soO, Panic, and Ruin. sOs was able to advance despite a loss in the winner's match to soO by defeating both Ruin and Panic. sOs advanced over his all zerg Ro16 group consisting of RorO, Life, and Curious with a 4-0 map score. sOs was set to play Zest in the Ro8 on March 19, 2014. Unfortunately he was defeated by Zest 3-0 and was eliminated from the tournament.

WCS GSL Season 2 Korea[edit]

In GSL Season 2 Code S, after being eliminated in the Ro8 in the previous season, sOs was seeded into a group with former Woongjin Stars teammate Soulkey, Ro32 regular YongHwa, and Shine. After winning against Shine in the first series, sOs proceeded to play one of the best Bo3 of the season against Soulkey but after an exciting game on Merry Go Round,[2] sOs fell into the consolation match where he ultimately conceded the series to Shine, and fell into Code A.

Other Tournaments[edit]

IEM Season VIII World Championship[edit]

sOs was invited to attend the IEM Season VIII World Championship in Katowice Poland, which would be a winner take all tournament with a one hundred thousand dollar grand prize. sOs was able to advance from the Ro16 by defeating Oz 3-1. He advanced from the Ro8 by defeating Jjakji 3-0, notably using carriers to great effect in game 2. In the Round of 4 he was able to defeat TaeJa by a score of 3-1. In the grand finals, sOs would face herO for $100,000. By opening up the series by going for a proxy 2 gate strategy inside his opponent's main twice in a row, sOs claimed the early 2-0 lead. After dropping game 3 due to not being prepared for herO's Dark templars, sOs was able to take games four and five with solid defense of herO's blink play as well as a proxy gate in his natural. This gave sOs the 4-1 victory and the championship. This would be the second time sOs would claim a winner's purse of $100,000.


After having defeated MarineKing in the 2014 Hot6ix Cup in December of 2014, 2015 got off to a disappointing start for sOs. On December 11, 2014, sOs participated in Group D of the afternoon session of the StarCraft II StarLeague Qualifier. He would receive a bye and then beat PenguiN before falling to GuMiho 2-0. sOs would promptly lose to Curious in his next match, thereby eliminating him from StarCraft II StarLeague.

Three days later, in Group 1 of the Afternoon session of the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Qualifier, sOs would once more receive a bye. This time he would beat TurN before losing to Curious. A victory over Ryung provided sOs another opportunity to play Curious and qualify for 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Code S, but, as he had done twice within in a week, he would lose.

Ineligible to participate in either the first GSL and SSL seasons of the year, sOs featured in a 2015 Proleague Round 1 match for the Jin Air Green Wings on December 22. He would defeat TY with a creative feigned all-in build as part of his team’s victory over KT Rolster. sOs would go on to claim a 3-4 record during 2015 Proleague Round 1. He displayed middling form with losses to strong players like INnoVation, but also Leenock.

The Jin Air Green Wings did not play in the Bronze playoff match of the 2015 Proleague Round 1 as StarTale-yoe failed to arrive at the Nexon Arena in time for the match as a result of a blizzard. In the next round versus CJ Entus, sOs did not feature as the Jin Air Green Wings claimed a 4-2 victory. In the round finals against SK Telecom T1, sOs played twice, defeating soO, but losing to Dark. Dark would go on to win two more matches and grant SK Telecom T1 a 4-2 victory.

sOs would make a return to televised matches in March of 2015. He appeared in week one of 2015 Proleague Round 2 versus Samsung Galaxy on March 2. He would lose to Solar, but the Jin Air Green Wings would win 3-2. 2015 Proleague Round 2 would prove to be successful for both sOs and his team. Where he would end the round with a 5-3 record, the Jin Air Green Wings would finish in second place behind CJ Entus with a 6-1 mark.

Meanwhile, sOs would advance through qualifiers for both individual Korean leagues. On March 4, sOs would defeat SLoG, KeeN and Ryung to emerge in first place of his group in the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 Qualifier.

On March 26, sOs would once more claim victory in the 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 Qualifier. Wins over ValuE, TANGTANG and Horror placed him in the winner's bracket final against Bbyong. sOs would lose this match, but defeat MC to qualify for SSL Season 2 Challenge.

sOs' 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 Code A match took place on April 3 against Heart. He would win 3-1 and advance to Code S.

On April 10, sOs would lose to Dear 3-1 in StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 Challenge. This would eliminate him for SSL Season 2 the second consecutive season.

By virtue of their 6-1 finish in 2015 Proleague Round 2, the Jin Air Green Wings received a first round by in the 2015 Proleague Round 2 Playoffs. It was KT Rolster who defeated SK Telecom T1 and earned a match against the Jin Air Green Wings in the silver playoff match. sOs would feature twice in the Best of 7 All-Kill Format. He would defeat TY before losing to Zest. Fortunately, Maru would proceed to win three straight matches, placing the Jin Air Green Wings in their second straight finals. The match against CJ Entus on April 25 would go to a full seven games. sOs did not feature, but Zerg players won 6 of 7 matches, the latter 3 were won by ByuL to give CJ Entus a 4-3 victory. Once more, the Jin Air Green Wings had fallen just short of being crowned champions.

2015 Proleague Round 3 began for sOs on May 11. He would lose to Zest and proceed to finish 2015 Proleague Round 3 with a 3-3 record. The Jin Air Green Wings would post a 4-3 mark, good enough to qualify them for the Bronze Playoffs match against CJ Entus.

sOs' 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 Code S group took place on May 20. It included MMA, Sacsri and Curious. Again, sOs would be bested by Curious, but back-to-back 2-0 victories over the other two group members saw him advancing to the Round of 16 in second place.

In the Round of 16, sOs found himself in a very challenging group alongside Rain, Bbyong and INnoVation. sOs would advance from this group in first place on the back of 2-1 victories over Bbyong and Rain.

sOs' quarterfinal matchup in the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 Code S was against MyuNgSiK on June 10. He would win handily by a score of 3-0. After ByuL defeated PartinG, the Round of 4 matchup was set. sOs would win 2 of the first 3 maps on June 17, but lose the final three as ByuL advanced to the Code S finals. This marked sOs' first significant finish of 2015. This would prove crucial in his search to qualify for the 2015 WCS Global Finals.

In the Proleague Round 3 playoffs, sOs continued his turn of form. In the bronze playoff match, sOs performed an all-Kill of CJ Entus, notching wins over herO, RagnaroK, ByuL and Bbyong. This stellar performance matched the Jin Air Green Wings versus KT Rolster in the silver playoff match. This time sOs would lose the first match to Zest, but Maru would perform an all-Kill of his own as the Jin Air Green Wings advanced once more. On July 4, sOs' team would fall to SK Telecom T1. sOs would lose his match to INnoVation and Dream would defeat Trap in the ace match. Once again the Jin Air Green Wings would be forced to settle for second place.

On June 25, sOs participated in the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 Qualifier. He would play in Group E of the afternoon session. Consecutive victories over TANGTANG, Reality, Super and Sora qualified him for StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 Challenge.

On July 1, sOs played in the 2015 MSI Masters Gaming Arena South Korea Qualifier. He would defeat aLive 2-0 before losing to Zest.

sOs played his match in StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 Challenge on July 3. He received a difficult pairing in Solar, but managed to prevail 3-2. With this, sOs found himself in the main event of both individual leagues simultaneously.

sOs did not play in week one of 2015 Proleague Round 4 as he was slated to play fourth and the Jin Air Green Wings lost to Samsung Galaxy 3-0. The round would prove to be a disappointing one for the Jin Air Green Wings. sOs would personally post a 2-2 record, but the team would finish 3-4 and out of the playoffs for the first time in 2015 Proleague. Despite that, their accomplishments during the year qualified them for the 2015 Proleague Playoffs in fourth place.

sOs was placed into Group herO in the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 Main Event. sOs would go on to finish fourth in this group containing herO, INnoVation and Life.

Meanwhile, sOs was seeded directly into 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code S as a result of his Round of 4 finish in the previous season. Group C was played on August 7 and contained Bbyong, Life and Stork alongside sOs. He would only lose one match as he defeated Stork and Bbyong to advance from the group in first place.

Although not originally qualified for the 2015 MSI Masters Gaming Arena, sOs received Zest's invitation which was passed down as Zest declined his spot in order to participate in 2015 Proleague. This would turn out to be an incredible windfall for sOs as he would win the tournament. Played out on August 30-31, sOs first topped a group containing Solar, TooDming and Harstem. He would defeat viOLet and then INnoVation both by the score of 2-0 in order to make the finals against Solar. Once more, sOs won without dropping a game, claiming a 3-0 victory. This marked sOs' first championship of the year. It also catapulted him from 17th to 13th in the 2015 WCS Standings.

September 4 would mark sOs' final participation in the major Korean Starleagues. His round of 16 group in 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code S contained Classic, herO and teammate Maru. sOs would lose to Classic and herO, thereby eliminating him from Code S.

The Bronze Playoff Match of the 2015 Proleague Playoffs was a Best of 3 format with the first and third days being the traditional Proleague Format, while the second match was in the All-Kill Format. The first match of 3 against KT Rolster took place on September 21. sOs would beat Zest as part of a 4-1 victory for the Jin Air Green Wings. The next match would be one of the more memorable in Proleague history. Flash would begin the match on September 22 with commanding victories over Trap, Rogue and Maru. Down to their last player, the Jin Air Green Wings turned to sOs. KT Rolster's big four, Flash, TY, Zest and Stats fell one after another as sOs propelled the Jin Air Green Wings into the next round with a reverse all-Kill.

Less than a week later, sOs would travel to Sweden for the 2015 DreamHack Open: Stockholm. This was his final individual event of the year prior to the 2015 WCS Global Finals. The tournament was a 32-man single elimination format. sOs would start with victories over a pair of foreigners. Both Lambo and Harstem were defeated 2-0. Next, sOs played against Curious. He received his first game loss of the tournament, but won 3-1. sOs lost to Solar in the semifinals by a score of 3-2, but further solidified his position going into the WCS Global Finals.

sOs would play for a third time in a week as the Jin Air Green Wings faced off against CJ Entus in the Silver Playoff Match of the 2015 Proleague Playoffs. sOs would defeat ByuL as part of a 4-3 victory which culminated on Rogue raining Banelings upon herO in the ace match. The next day, sOs would notch wins 6 and 7 over herO and ByuL respectively and grant the Jin Air Green Wings a 4-2 victory. With CJ Entus defeated by a score of 2-0, the Jin Air Green Wings advanced to face SK Telecom T1 in the 2015 Proleague Grand Finals.

Once more the Jin Air Green Wings found themselves in a finals match. It was their fourth of the year and their third against SK Telecom T1. It was played on October 10 at Lotte World. Cure would put the Jin Air Green Wings ahead 1-0 with a victory over Sorry. After that, however, things went poorly for sOs and his team. First, Dream dispatched Maru. Pigbaby would fall next. His loss to soO, put the Jin Air Green Wings behind 2-1. sOs had an opportunity to swing the tides, but he was defeated by INnoVation. Rogue would defeat Dark in an attempt to spark a comeback, but Classic would put an end to that by defeating Trap. The Jin Air Green Wings found themselves in second place for a fourth time as SK Telecom T1 were crowned Champions of 2015 Proleague.

sOs ended the 2015 StarCraft II World Championship Series season in 14th place in the standings. He garnered 3525 points, the majority earned in 2014 Hot6ix Cup, 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 and 2015 MSI Masters Gaming Arena.

The Round of 16 of the 2015 WCS Global Finals was played on November 1 at the ESL Studio in Burbank, California. sOs was paired against PartinG in a match of former BlizzCon champions. sOs would drop 2 of the first 3 games, but come back with consecutive victories on Cactus Valley and Bridgehead. This meant that 1 week later, at BlizzCon, sOs would face off against Rain, who had defeated Polt 3-2.

sOs marked his return to the BlizzCon stage with a 3-0 dismantling of Rain. He continued his exemplary form by defeating his teammate, Rogue, who had claimed wins over Maru and Hydra to reach the Round of 4. This result placed sOs in the finals against Life who had defeated Lilbow, INnoVation and Classic. This set up a matchup between two of the most successful players in all of StarCraft II history. Both marked by incredible adaptability and creativeness sOs and Life were the winners of the 2013 WCS Global Finals and 2014 WCS Global Finals, respectively. Maybe it was because the field was littered with paragons of the game, but almost none of the analysts at 2015 WCS Global Finals predicted this final.

Game 1 was played on Terraform. Life would start off with a 3 hatch before pool, which sOs blindly countered with a fast Zealot and follow up Forge without taking an expansion. After sOs' successful cannon rush of Life's third base, Life moved to take the nearer gold expansion. After displaying immaculate Micro in his own base, sOs proxied a Stargate at the position he had cannoned earlier in the game. With a pair of Oracles, sOs killed 13 drones, raising the total to 17 on the game. sOs would follow up with a 7 Gateway push to win game 1.

Life would 9 Pool in Game 2 on Coda. sOs would build a Gateway at the front of natural before scouting Life's tech choice. After doing minimal damage with 4 sets of Zerglings, Life expanded. Before Life's second hatchery had finished, sOs had already started his own natural expansion. As sOs moved out on the map with 3 Zealots and a Mothership Core, Life killed two Sentries and a number of Probes with his original Zerglings. sOs would go for a Twilight Council for Blink and a Dark Shrine. Meanwhile, Life was investing into burrowed Roaches. sOs' initial Dark Templar harass was rebuffed, while at the same time, Life denied sOs' third base. Life sacrificed a number of Roaches as he pushed into the main and natural, but this allowed him time to accumulate Hydralisks, in order to counter sOs' Immortals and kill a Warp Prism. Continuing to efficiently defend, sOs held his third from a small Roach squad. Despite his efforts, sOs found himself down 70 supply as Life maxed out. Life would initiate an attack shortly after and, although, sOs would hold it at first with Dark Templars, 4 Immortals and a Colossus, he would eventually fall to a prolonged push, evening the match score at 1-1.

Game 3 took place on Moonlight Madness. sOs would once more place a Gateway at his expansion. Life, on the other hand would go for a 14 pool with gas. Once again, Life applied strong early pressure, necessitating that sOs build additional Pylons to form a wall. Life would make a swell of Zerglings and attack sOs' natural and the outer layer of Back Rocks at the same time. Foreseeing Life's efforts at the Back Rocks, sOs knocked down those between his main and third base, as well as building a cannon to ensure it Life would be unable to access his base via that route. sOs would go up to 7 Gateways and move out with +1 Attack. Life would stall with Zerglings as he began to produce Hydralisks. sOs displayed remarkable patience as he methodically advanced into Life's natural and dismantle his army. This attack would earn him game 3, putting him ahead 2-1.

The fourth game took place on Bridgehead, a map which was heavily Zerg favored in PvZ. This time, Life would not opt for an early pool. sOs would reply with a Nexus first. He would proceed to tech towards Dark Templar/Warp Prism play. sOs would hallucinate an Immortal in an attempt to disguise this maneuver. Not to be fooled, Life canceled sOs’ third while defending 4 Dark Templars without losing a single drone. Finding himself far behind, sOs warped in 5 additional Dark Templar. He managed to snipe Life's third before rescuing 4 of them in a Warp Prism. Meanwhile, Life went for a massive Mutalisk switch. The damage done between Mutalisks and Zerglings prompted sOs to GG.

With the series tied at 2-2, the match went to Dash and Terminal. Both players would go for conservative starts which resulted in both players entering the midgame without any losses. sOs would build a Stargate and, out of it, an Oracle. In addition, he built a Fleet Beacon. With the Fleet Beacon completed, sOs began Tempest production. While harassing Life's base, sOs tried took a third which was promptly canceled by Zergling pressure. Life answered the Tempests with a Spire, from which he built Corrupters, but sOs would stop at 2 Tempests and transition into Twilight Council and 5 additional Gateways. Life would get Burrowed Roaches to counter sOs’ Blink. Life would attempt to retain a presence on the map, but he would lose a number of Roaches as sOs pushed out. The two would engage in a lengthy fight between Blink Stalkers and Roach/Hydralisk. sOs would snipe Life's fourth base, putting them on even bases. Eventually, it would be sOs who would win the battle and game 5.

With sOs being only 1 win from winning his second BlizzCon in 3 years, the match turned to Cactus Valley. sOs went for a Nexus first, while Life opted for the standard Hatchery before Spawning Pool. sOs would build a Robotics Facility while Life saturated his three bases. sOs would build 6 Gateways and execute push with 2 Immortals and a Warp Prism. Life would build Hydralisk in an attempt to defend sOs' attack. Despite accessing Life's natural expansion, sOs' Warp Prism was sniped, severely neutering his aggression. His forces were wiped out, but he’d manage to kill 29 Drones, putting life in an All-In situation. Utilizing Zerglings and Hydralisks, Life made good on the opportunity and destroyed sOs' natural expansion, putting him on one base versus three. sOs pushed out with two Colossi, but he could not administer the lethal blow against a force of Hydralisks and Queens.

The final game of not just the 2015 WCS Global Finals, but Heart of the Swarm took place on Iron Fortress, a traditionally Zerg favored map that forced many Protoss into two-base aggression. sOs would go Forge first at his natural while Life went for 14 Gas/14 Pool for the second time during the series. In a move that caused an ovation from the crowd, Life built a Baneling Nest after building his second Hatchery. What followed was a flood of Zerglings and Banelings as sOs struggled to hold. He lost his Gateway as Life crashed into his natural with ceaseless waves of Zerglings. Constructing a Pylon wall at the top of his ramp, he rebuilt a Gate as the Nexus in his natural was assaulted. sOs activated his Nexus Cannon, causing Life to retreat. sOs hastily rebuilt his wall, but it didn't hold against Life's pressure. With his Nexus and Cybernetics Core destroyed, sOs consolidated to his main base. After accumulating four Sentries, sOs retook his natural. Behind on worker count, Life took a third base. sOs would get a Stargate for an Oracle, a Twilight Council and a third base. Life, on the other hand once more went for burrowed Roaches. Having researched Blink and +2 Attack, sOs began a bush on Life’s third Hatchery. Using his Oracle for detection, sOs patiently advanced and destroyed Life’s third Hatchery. Life would corner sOs in his natural, but burrowing his Roaches udner sOs' army proved unsuccessful and sOs claimed victory in the game and the match by a score of 4-3.

By winning 2015 WCS Global Finals, sOs became the first player to win the year-end WCS event as well as the final Champion of a premier tournament in Heart of the Swarm.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

2016: End of the KeSPA Era[edit]

After the final expansion was released, the Korean scene was in turmoil. The meta game was upended, old strategies were unworkable, and a plethora of new faces stepped up to the forefront of the scene.

On September 3rd, sOs helped propel his team Jin Air to victory in what turned out to be the last Pro League season. The team played against KT Rolster and absolutely demolished their rivals with a stunning 4-0 result. sOs himself took down jjakji in the fourth and final game, securing the trophy for his team.

A mere week later, sOs played in the Code S finals against ByuN. The Terran player was teamless at the time, and surprised everyone by dismantling sOs in the finals with superior micro and decision making. Despite his teammates' help, sOs was unable to close games in his favor, and lost the series 1-4.

On October 18th, almost every single Korean StarCraft II team announced that they were disbanding their rosters and that there would be no ProLeague in 2017. Jin Air vowed to keep supporting its roster in the future, and sOs remained on the team.

After a disappointing early year, and losing the Season 2 Code S finals, sOs was unable to secure a spot for 2016's BlizzCon.


sOs's best result in 2017 ended up being a second place against INnoVation in the third season of Code S. With a narrow loss of 3-4, sOs was unable to secure a spot to BlizzCon during an odd numbered year, despite predictions to the contrary.

On December 26th, sOs secured himself a spot in the first Code S of 2018, taking down Scarlett 2-0 in the qualifying match.


sOs was placed in Group B of Code S and he topped his group in the Ro32, taking down SortOf and Dear.

sOs made it through the Korean qualifiers to participate in IEM Pyeongchang. In the tournament proper he made a deep run, making to the finals where faced off against Scarlett. The Canadian Zerg was able to overcome sOs, however, and the Trickster God lost the grand finals 1-4.

In the Ro16 of Code S, sOs was placed in Group D during the group selections. With nothing but Protoss players against him, he secured his quarterfinals spot with a clean 4-0 map score. He took down herO and Trap, showcasing the non-standard play that's earned him countless nicknames among the fans.


  • Defeated Bogus in his first official SC2 match.[3]
  • Gained the nickname $O$ after winning two $100,000 winner's purses (2013 WCS Global Finals and IEM Season VIII - World Championship). He went on to win a third $100,000 purse in the 2015 WCS Global Finals.
  • Starred in one of Khaldor's videos showcasing his APM.[4]
  • When the Green Wings' likenesses were featured on a Jin Air Boeing 737-800 that flies between Kimpo and Jeju, his image was placed on the tail fin.[5][6][7]
  • He completed his first set of the Triple Crown by winning all season ending tournaments.
    • In these tournaments, he also dropped only one map in every final, all with a score of 4-1 - against all 3 races - bringing his total score to 12-3 in three finals and a total score of 30-7 from the quarterfinals to the final .[8][9][10]
  • His favorite foreign player is NaNiwa.[11]
  • First player in Proleague Playoffs history to Reverse All-Kill the opponents when down 0-3.
  • First player to win two WCS Global Finals (2013 and 2015).
    • He won 2015 WCS Global Finals with a tight score of 4-3 on Life that was also looking forward to win his second (and consecutive) WCS Global Finals title.
  • His id (sOs) means Soul of Sky.



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