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STC FE into 3 Rax (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]Stc 1 Rax Expand
Strategy Information
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A build popularized by TheStC, discussed and talked about on the Day[9] Daily #176, very similar to the Bio Rush or the 1 Rax Expand except it is a combination of both. You aim to get 1 Barracks with Reactor and then expand at about 7-8 minutes into the game. Always remember that a player with a mobile army can always counterattack.


This build is not very micro intensive. Macro wise you must always make Marines and SCV's, but if your opponent is going for an aggressive bio build as well or with this same build, you may wish to delay your Reactor and make 2 more Marines instead.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Put all your Marines on your ramp separated by 1 matrix, to stop a 5 Marine/Hellion push.
  • If you get pushed (as shown in the aforementioned Day[9] daily) with 5 Marines 1 tank and a Medivac, you should have about 12 Marines by the time it arrives (if you have been keeping up with your macro, not getting supply-blocked, always making units, etc.,) and should be able to deal with the push.
  • You will get 2 more Barracks after your expansion, addons are not necessary.
  • After your first small push try to take a 3rd, not necessarily a High Yield expansion, but a relatively close and easily accessible 3rd base.


This build should do fine versus the 1/1/1 build, Tank/Viking, and Tank/Thor play, while on the other hand being safe versus any one base aggression. The one thing that you need to be afraid of is the Ravens PDD. Scout first and foremost for a Starport and if possible for an Armory. If you see a Reactor on the Starport and Tech Lab on Factory expect the usual Tank/Viking, if you see Armory and no addon on Starport it's clearly Thor/Tank. Mass Barracks prepare for a drop!


You should be always spending your Command Center's energy on M.U.L.E.'s, but it does not hurt to scan your opponent's base in mid-game, since you have the early economic advantage. This build, and Terran in general, highly relies on unit counters and strategy. For the main attack, group your Marines up, moving them to the opponent's base, with a Medivac scouting ahead/sideways. Set up position to do as much damage as you can while expanding to your third while constantly rallying Marines to your forces.


From this build you can transition fairly easily into Marine/Marauder drop and in the late game. If your opponent does not have a Tank/Viking army, make 1 or 2 Battlecruisers to support your ground forces. If he already has mass Vikings before you have any Cruisers, do not bother making them. Add an Armory for Thors and more Factories/Starports as is fit.


Pro features[edit]

Works well on maps with a large path to the opponent.

Con features[edit]

Maps that encourage fast Hellion or short air distance Scrap Station

Counter to[edit]

  • 2 port Banshee (depends on rush distance)
  • 1 port Banshee
  • qxc Ghost first

Countered by[edit]

  • Fast Tank push
  • Fast drop with Thors/Tanks
  • Bad army position against Tanks


The name of this build is long but it should be understandable, probably in the future it will be the stc build, or just 1 rax expand stc style. etc.

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