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Philippe "SUPEROUMAN" Cwik is a member of the ESV Mapmaking Team and lives near Paris, France. He is a long time map maker from Brood War, and has worked with iCCup in the past. ICCup selected two of his maps to be part of the official ICCup Ladder Map Pack: Shine and Texcoco. His Cloud Kingdom map, ranked 1st on Team Liquid map contest, was the first foreigner map to be selected in a Korean tournament, namely in the GSL's 2012 map pool.

On May 20th 2012, Cloud Kingdom has been used for the first time in the SK Planet Proleague. This is the fulfillment of his dream which was to get a map into a Kespa licensed league.

SUPEROUMAN has honed his mapping skills on, which was known as ProTosS4EveR.

On September 2012, he announced the ending of its involvement as a map maker on StarCraft II.


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