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[e][h] sWs
Player Information
Stephen Schnieder
Alternate IDs:
TODesKaMpF, sschnied
Total Earnings:
2012-02-21 - 2014-09-15
2014-09-16 - 2015-03-15
2015-03-16 - Present

Stephen "sWs" Schnieder is an American StarCraft progamer. He plays as Protoss for DuSt Gaming.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

On August 21, 2012, sWs tried to fight his way through the open bracket at MLG Raleigh 2012. He defeated RemarK 2-0 but lost in second round to SirRobin 0-2, which knocked him into the loser's bracket where he defeated Ska and Robedlizard but fell 1-2 to MeFTW, ending his MLG Raleigh Run in the top 136.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

On June 28, 2013, sWs tried his luck yet again at MLG Anaheim 2013. Defeating Flo 2-0 in the first round but falling to Cham 1-2 in the second round, he was knocked down to the loser's bracket before he got a chance to play his idol NaNiwa in the third round. In the loser's bracket he defeated PhoenixSD 2-0 but RemarK was able to get his revenge from Raleigh 2012 and defeat sWs 2-1 to knock him out of the tournament.

On September 7, 2013, sWs tried to qualify for IEM Season VIII - New York by playing in the American Qualifier. He was dropped down to the loser's bracket immediately by up and comer Jig 2-0 but fought hard in the loser's bracket, defeating Semper, Dice, Bails, and Illusion to qualify him to the 2nd Stage of the qualifiers. In the second stage, he was defeated 2-0 by Minigun but was able to eliminate puCK 2-1 in the loser's bracket before falling to MajOr 2-0.

On October 10, though eliminated in the qualifier, sWs was able to receive an invite into the IEM Season VIII - New York Finals. Expecting to face HyuN in the first round, the brackets were changed quickly at the last minute and he was faced up against DeMusliM. sWs was able defeat DeMusliM 2-1 and continue onto the winner's bracket. He was sent down by Hack 2-0. After defeating Mudkip 2-0, he was eliminated by Snute 2-0 which ended his IEM NY Run.

On December 15, sWs tried to qualify for IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo by playing in the American Qualifier. He defeated Crilmon 2-0, JonSnow 2-1, and Jig 2-0 to move onto the 2nd Stage of the qualifiers. In the second stage, he defeated Suppy 2-0, but lost to puCK 2-0, and Cham 2-1 thus ending his run in the qualifier.

On September 15, 2014, sWs announced that he had left Dust Gaming and has joined PSISTORM.[1]

On March 15, 2015, sWs announced that he had left PSISTORM.[2] The next day, it was announced that he had rejoined DuSt Gaming.[3]


  • sWs was previously known as TODesKaMpF in Wings of Liberty and the early stages of Heart of the Swarm, which means "Death Struggle" in German.
  • sWs is the brother of Jeff Schnieder Schnieder.
  • sWs is the Captain of DuSt Gaming.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2015-01-103rdG1K SoCal LAN - Tournament I - 20151 : 2 Arium$200
2014-06-074thSoCal eSports LAN Circuit 2014 - Chino Hills0 : 1 Schnieder$62.5
2014-05-167 - 8thThe Breakout Invitational 20-2Grp S.$86.17
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