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[e][h]SYF Gaming
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SYF GAMING was an electronic sporting organization founded in May 2007. SYF GAMING initially began as a single Call of Duty 4 team, soon branching forward into a full-scale organization, with teams in Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends.

On January 10, 2020 it was announced that the team disbanded. [1]


  • January 10, the team is disbanded. [2]
  • November 1, Pezz joins the team. [4]
  • May 21, Ice leaves SYF Gaming. [5]
  • January 13, SYF Gaming acquires NaMeK and tSu. They join the Academy. [11]
  • March 14, tSu leaves the Academy due to personal reasons.
  • September 22, SYF Gaming acquires New Zealand Terran Cabracan. [13]
  • February 15, SYF Gaming parts ways with Zerg player miku.
  • September 14, SouL leaves the Academy due to personal reasons.
  • December 11, Hitman leaves SYF Gaming.
  • October 23, SYF GAMING announces StarCraft II Roster with PhoenixA, FIGHTO, and Hitman joining the team as well as manager tRoy.[18]
  • December 5, SYF GAMING creates a partnership with Silicon Sports to compete in the ESLTC (ESL Team Cup) [19]
  • December 29, Zerg player miku joins. [20]

Player Roster[edit]

Active at the Time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
New ZealandCrimsonBen Macdonald2016-06-172020-01-10MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak
AustraliaHuTNick Hutton2017-02-032020-01-10MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak
New ZealandMightyKiwiDavid Gore2015-11-172020-01-10MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak
AustraliaPezzJack Perry2018-11-012020-01-10MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak
AustraliaSeitherSheldon Barrow2017-11-142020-01-10MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
New ZealandCabracanChris Ward2015-09-222017-08-08
AustraliaChadMannNicolas Russo2016-06-172017-08-08
AustraliaChaseJackson Calvi2016-06-172019-01-15MindfreakMindfreak Mindfreak
IndiaDemiLoveVarun Eddy2014-02-202014-0?-??DuSt GamingDuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming
AustraliaFIGHTORoss Muldoon2013-10-232016-??-??
AustraliaFrustrationAshley Cox2014-11-252015-01-22Dynasty e-SportsDynasty e-Sports Dynasty e-Sports
United StatesHitmanVictor Lin2013-10-232014-12-11
AustraliaIceJamie Beresford2016-02-042017-05-21Team SkyfireTeam Skyfire Team Skyfire
South KoreaKingKongYoo Chung Hee2017-07-182017-08-08
AustraliaMyuuKevin Chen2016-06-172017-08-08
AustraliaNaMeKAndrew Asvestas2015-01-132017-08-08
AustraliaPhoenixLachlan Leslie2013-10-232017-08-08
AustraliaPoxAnthony Carapetis2016-06-172016-08-08
AustraliaRizeJessie Byrne2016-06-172017-08-081F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming 1F Pro Gaming
AustraliasnexwangMatthew Talbot2014-08-162015-06-13
AustraliaSoundwaveJordan Hamburger2014-08-162017-08-08
AustraliatSuMatthew Kemp2015-01-132015-03-14
AustraliazeNoZeno Rafael2014-08-162015-06-13


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Australia InsanoMatthew Kearney Team Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

2019-08-24CA3rdA3MinorANZ Proleague Season 4ANZ Proleague Season 43 : 1OSC EliteOSC Elite$338
2018-12-13AA1stA2MajorANZ Proleague Season 3ANZ Proleague Season 33 : 0OSC EliteOSC Elite$1,084
2018-04-11AA1stA2MajorANZ Proleague Season 2ANZ Proleague Season 23 : 2OSC EliteOSC Elite$1,400
2018-03-11FA6thA2MajorOSC Team Championship: SeasonOSC Team Championship: Season$150
2017-12-19AA1stA2MajorANZ Proleague Season 1ANZ Proleague Season 13 : 1Legacy EsportsLegacy Esports$1,400
2017-12-02CA3rdA3MinorSEA Open Team League 2017 Season 2SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 25 : 1Varun 5Varun 5$60
2017-03-19DA4thA3MinorSEA Open Team League 2017 Season 1SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 12 : 4VK WhiteVK White$0
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