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SaSe's 1 Gate FE Into 3 Gate Pressure (vs. Terran)

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This strategy has been validated to work for patch 1.5.3.
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[e][h] SaSe's 1 Gate FE Into 3 Gate Pressure
Strategy Information


This build gets three fast Gateways after expanding in order to produce a massive amount of Gateway units before the second and third Barracks of a standard 1 Rax FE can finish. This puts the Terran behind in terms of army count and also means that they'll only have Marines to defend against the pressure with. Scouting a different opening from the Terran, especially one that includes either Siege Tanks or Banshees, is a signal to abandon the push.

This build does not follow the same timings as a standard 1 Gate FE, so pay close attention to the build order. The gas timings are particularly important.


With constant product off three Gateways, the Protoss can push against a Bunker-dependent 1 Rax FE and cause serious damage whilst securing their own natural expansion.

Basic Build Order[edit]

1 Gate FE Into 3 Gate Pressure
  • 9: Pylon (in main)[1]
  • 13: Gateway
  • 15, ~@1:45-1:50m: Assimilator, Pylon (same probe)
  • 17: Rally Nexus to future Cybernetics Core target location
  • 18, @100% Gateway: Cybernetics Core, Zealot
  • 20 Assimilator (2)
  • 22, @100% Assimilator (2): gas probe builds Pylon, rally Nexus to 2nd Gas
  • @100% Zealot: Zealot (built Zealot to scout)
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Warpgate Research, Sentry
  • 27 Nexus
  • 29 Gateway x2 (2)(3)
  1. Chrono boost Probes three times when this completes.


  • Gateway Production: From your first Gateway you're going to be building 2 Zealots and 2 Sentries and a Stalker. The final Stalker should be Chronoboosted.
  • Gas Timing: Once you have 16 Probes mining minerals, rally Probes straight from the Nexus int your Assimilators. Once you have 3 Probes in each Assimilator, cut Probe production until after you have expanded.
  • Chronoboosts: Mainly for Probes and Warpgate Research (3) with one being used on the final Stalker.
  • The Probe that builds Nexus also builds proxy Pylon
  • The first Warp-in in case of pressure is Sentry (3), Zaelot (3), Stalker (2). That's enough to pressure the front and the follow up warp in should be 3 Stalkers.


  • Scout with the Probe that makes your first Pylon so that you can check the Terran is not taking gas. This build is best used against gasless 1 Rax FE openings from your Terran opponent.
  • The first and second Zealots are used to scout out the map, holding Xel'naga Towers, and ensuring you can get down a proxy Pylon. Having these Zealots out on the map should give you ample time to prepare for any type of pressure the opponent can throw at you because you should spot their pressure really early.


  • Fairly map-size independent because of the warp-in mechanic.
  • Only usable on maps where one Force Field can block the main ramp. This means that it cannot be used on maps like Tal'Darim Altar and Bel'Shir Beach.


Sweden  SaSe Day9 analyses SaSe's opening in this Daily, focusing especially on its potential against a 1 Rax FE
South Korea  Heart
Date: 2012-05-23
Patch: ? VOD