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Sand Canyon

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[e][h]Sand Canyon
Map Information
Mar Sara
Spawn Positions:
8 at 1, 3, 3, 5, 7, 9, 9, 11


Competition Span:
07/2010 - Present

Sand Canyon in an 8 player map released with the launch of SC2. It is intended for 4v4 play.

Official Map Description[edit]

Team map, gather together to protect your allies. Defend the two main attack routes. Additional resources can be found in the center.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Each main are one of its own land-mass with a medium sloped entrance creating a more independently-geared style of play in a team.
  • All natural expansions are between the two teammates, so while one's main may be separated from their allies, their naturals can partake in shared protection and enemies can be intercepted by any units that exit the main.
  • Two Xel'Naga towers are found in the center at the 9 and 3 o'clock position giving full sight of the dangerous second expansions and the center path.
  • Only two natural expansions can be found slanted to the side of the center path that separate the teams. Two entrances to the naturals are mirrored for both teams and allow easy defending and pushing. Close proximity of these natural expansions enable easy confrontation and retreat.
  • Two golds can be found on the outer-rim of the map at the 12 and 6 o'clock position deviating from the two main attack paths with destructible rocks on both opponents, making it difficult to hold and easy to attack when passing through to the mains.


  • Very similar to Toxic Slums: Due to a player's teammates and him or herself are not connected by one land mass, rushes are fairly common and more difficult to fend off due to the distances between your teammates (the exterior partners have to travel a great distance to reach their contrasting party members). A common tactic found in the ladder is rushing at around to 5 or 6-minute in-game mark and destroying the outlining enemies that are closest to the enemies.. With continued minimal harassment, the offensive team can not only maintain a 3 vs. 4 match, but completely keep their opponents on their toes, leaving one's own team free to tech. up and/or amass a giant push for the win.
  • Generally, most games do not lead far enough to get the second expansion, however, if such a thing should occur, ensure to have heavy defenses outlining the ridge of the minerals patches to halt or intercept any opponents running through and by the slopes leading to your opponent's own center bases. Holding the third base will be the hardest and opponents' will abuse your static defenses if you do not have sight of their pushes. Unfortunately, the Xel'Naga towers do not give sight of the main aggressive aisles, so be sure to have a unit within those aisles to spot the start of entering forces.