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Sc2 Up & Coming

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Show Information
 NanMan - Nan Johnson
Podcast & Livestream

Sc2 Up & Coming is a podcast hosted by Nan "NanMan" Johnson. SC2 Up & Coming is a weekly podcast, dedicated to the up and coming Starcraft II scene. Our plan is to shed some light on some of the lesser known players and teams.


Every Tuesday at 9pm EST we will go live with a new episode. Each week we will focus on the players, teams, and leagues that make up the up and coming scene. We will also keep you up to date on qualifying events, LAN events, as well as major tournaments. Every so often we will have on a guest, some of our previous guest include; Suppy, Sasquatch, Drogith, John Clark, Pyre, LuckyFool, Insur, Avilo, Dream and many others.

"NanMan" started Sc2 Up & Coming in July of 2012. The original co-host of the show were ALTWindy and SamSc2. Sadly by the end of 2012 both Windy and Sam moved on to other projects. At the start of 2013 Salil "MasterDalk" Gupta joined as a regular co-host. Most people will know Dalk from his casting work with "Team oGaming".


ID Name Pillar Run
USAUnited States P NanMan Nan Johnson 2012-07-01 – Present
USAUnited States P MasterDalk Salil Gupta 2013-01-01 – Present
USAUnited States R KurenTV Sean McCoskey 2014-06-01 – Present
USAUnited States P AltWindy Rj Gladysiewicz 2012-07-01 – 2012-12-01
USAUnited States R SamSc2 Samuel Kasperek 2012-07-01 – 2012-10-01