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This article covers the now superseded Wings of Liberty multiplayer version of this spell.
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Seeker Missile (or SM for short) is a single target offensive spell cast by the Terran Raven. Upon casting, a projectile with normal speed is created and travels towards the assigned target. When the missile is within 2 range of its target it accelerates, becoming impossible to escape from. Upon reaching its target, it explodes and causes area effect damage. Seeker Missile becomes less effective against skilled players, as they are able to better position units to mitigate damage. Despite this, Seeker Missiles grow increasing powerful as the game progresses, due to splash against larger army sizes and its constant 100 damage (allowing users to ignore enemy armor upgrades).

A Seeker Missile up close


 150      150      110 Hotkey: D
Researched from: Tech Lab
Increases the duration of Auto-Turrets and Point Defense Drones from 180 to 240 seconds, and increases the duration of the Seeker Missile from 15 to 20 Seconds.

The increased lifespan of Seeker Missiles is two-sided, and is generally not researched if the Terran player intends to use Ravens solely for Seeker Missiles. The high gas cost is also restrictive for the Terran, especially when paired with Raven production. The majority of Seeker Missiles are fired in situations where they cannot be dodged easily, or against fast moving targets like Mutalisks who spend several seconds removed from the fight evading the projectile. The increased time can provide the opposing player with enough room to separate the targeted unit and fly it back into the Terran army, causing missile drag.


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Seeker Missile use varies greatly in each match-up, generally dependent on what is the most effective use of the Raven's energy. Many players use Seeker Missiles to distract opposing players by forcing them to micro units in order to mitigate potential damage. This brief distraction can allow the Terran player several seconds of breathing room to allow for improved Siege Tank placement, or to sneak a drop into the enemy base. When deployed in multiple sets on a single force, Seeker Missiles force the defending player to fall back, providing better position for the advancing Terran player. Top tier Terran players will often use Seeker Missiles on their own units as targets to provide the best possible aim for their Seeker Missiles.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

A Seeker Missile exploding into a group of Zealots. This can be dangerous because of friendly splash.

Seeker Missiles and Ravens in general are less commonplace in TvP, due to the high health and fast shield regeneration of Protoss units. Despite this, Seeker Missiles are sometimes used to assassinate caster units; primarily High Templar and Sentries, because the threat they present to the Terran bionic army through Psionic Storm and Force Field. While Sentries are easy targets, most Terran players who attempt to snipe High Templar will preemptively scan in search of Observers, minimizing the risk to their Raven fleet from Feedback. Other important targets include; Immortals (Hardened Shield does not mitigate SM's damage, allowing units to deal normal damage), Carriers (incapable of dodging, in addition to killing Interceptors caught in the explosion), and Observers (incapable of dodging unless upgraded, in addition to providing sight for High Templar's Feedback). Players can also deploy a Auto-Turret first in mineral line, forcing the workers to swarm and attempt to kill the turret, then deploy a Seeker Missile to kill the workers off.

The following units cannot outrun a Seeker Missile:

The following units have equal speed to a Seeker Missile:

Vs. Terran[edit]

Dual Seeker Missiles destroying a large group of enemy vikings.

Seeker Missile has limited effectiveness in TvT, due to the nature of the match up. A majority of TvT games focus on Siege Tank lines supported by Vikings and Missile Turrets, with little leftover gas to use for Raven production. However, making a Raven or two early on (usually after a Banshee opening) is a great investment as it helps a lot with maintaining air superiority. Although the Point Defense Drone is more popularly used because it helps with maintaining air superiority since it blocks volleys from Vikings, and because a full energy Raven can cast two PDDs, Seeker Missiles can still be effective in straight up Viking vs. Viking engagements. One reason is that Vikings usually clump up while attacking, making the splash damage from Seeker Missiles more potent. Another way Seeker Missiles can have a big effect on a Viking engagement is that players will move a group of Vikings away from the Seeker Missile to avoid taking damage from it, which means that there are less Vikings attacking. Therefore, even if you had a lower Viking count to begin with, you will win the engagement because the number of Vikings actually shooting will be higher for you. Because of this, Seeker Missiles vs. Terran are still useful, although not as popular as Point Defense Drones.

The following units cannot outrun a Seeker Missile:

The following units have equal speed to a Seeker Missile:

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Hincram(T) uses his Ravens to send multiple Seeker Missiles into SluSh's(Z) Roach / Zergling force during a high level ladder game.

Currently Seeker Missiles see the most usage in TvZ due to their ability to instantly kill Zerg ground units, namely Hydralisks, Zerglings, and Infestors. Most players use Seeker Missile in conjunction with a bionic army, attempting to force the Hydralisk forces to group up, maximizing the damage from the Missile. The constant threat of Fungal Growth against Marines encourages Seeker Missile use to pick off Infestors prior to battle. It's important to note that Seeker Missile is less effective on creep, due to the increased movement speed it provides. In addition, TvZ is the match up most prone to produce Missile drag, due to the high speed of Zerg units, especially Zerglings and Mutalisks despite being highly effective against them. A Raven under the control of Neural Parasite will be able to cast SM on your own units, which is another threat to consider. A single Seeker Missile is also capable of clearing out all larva at a Zerg base if fired into the center of the clump.

The following units cannot outrun a Seeker Missile:

The following units have equal speed to a Seeker Missile:


In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • Friendly Hallucinations can be targeted in 2v2 situations by Seeker Missiles. When the hallucinated unit dies (Through damage or elapsed time), the Seeker Missile will explode at its last location, providing increased accuracy for the projectile.
  • Fungal Growth can be used in 2v2 situations to hold enemy units in place, offering the opposing units no escape from incoming Seeker Missiles.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Although the missile is visible through the fog of war, it does not grant vision of the area.
  • If the projectile does not reach its target during its alloted 15 (20 with Durable Materials researched) second lifespan, it will drop harmlessly to the ground.
  • Can also be cast on own and allied units.
  • Will damage own and allied units if they are caught in the explosion.
  • Enemy units targeted by Seeker Missiles can move towards friendly units to catch them in the blast radius. This is known as "Missile Drag".
  • Once the target is within 2 range of the missile, the projectile accelerates, becoming impossible to dodge.
  • If the missile's target dies or the unit is loaded into a transport, the missile will explode on the last location of the unit.
  • After launching, the missile will continue to track units even if they burrow or cloak outside of a detector's range, or move into the fog of war.
  • Inflicted damage is not mitigated by reduction (Immortal's Hardened Shield, Sentry's Guardian Shield, or Unit Armor).
  • Two Seeker Missiles will not instantly kill Zerg units with 200 HP, like the Corruptor, because of health regeneration.
  • Is unable to target Structures and will not even deal splash damage to them.
  • Mass Recall and Blink will evade the Missile, causing it to explode on the unit's previous location.
  • Units enter the Vortex ability from Mothership will also evade the missile. Missiles will explode harmlessly above the Vortex.
  • Can overkill, which allows a single unit to be the target of an unlimited number of missiles.
  • Seeker Missiles were named "Hunter Seeker Missiles" in early beta. As a result, many players (and casters like Husky) still refer to Seeker Missiles as "HSM"s.


The projectile explodes when it reaches its target, causing damage that scales with distance. Specifically, targets within 0.6 range take 100 damage, targets at 1.2 range take 50 damage, while targets at 2.4 range take 25 damage.

Visual display of the Damage Dealt: Red = 100 Damage, 4 Yellow = 50 Damage, 5 Yellow = 25 Damage.
The white circle displays the cast range of 6 when the Seeker Missile is queued.

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