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[e][h] Semper
Player Information
Alexandru Dimitriu
September 6, 1995 (1995-09-06) (age 24)
Alternate IDs:
Semper, RepMeaSt
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2020:
EPT Circuit rank:
× 2
2013-05-22 — 2016-06-09
2016-06-09 — 2018-01-04
2018-03-01 — 2018-12-01

Alexandru "Semper" Dimitriu is a Canadian Protoss (formerly Terran) player who still plays Terran from time to time and is currently teamless.


Alexandru "Semper" Dimitru is a 22 years old Protoss, currently living in Canada. He was born in Romania, then moved to Canada around the age of 9 years old. He played Brood War when he was a kid, however he only played the single player mode and had no knowledge of any pro scene existing. After many years of playing video games casually (mainly FPS games), He discovered SC2 through some friends a few weeks after release. He picked it up and quickly started liking it. He discovered Husky and HDStarcraft on Youtube, he started watching pro games and slowly started improving by playing team games with friends as well as some 1v1s. During the summer school break of 2014, he decided to set up a practice regimen and to commit to practicing more. He started noticing improvement in his play after one month of intense practice.

I started studying at University in 2015 in the area of Psychology. I thus have to split my time between SC2 and University, but it is worth mentioning that my studies are the number one priority for now. Will that ever change? It depends on how well I perform and how other factors play in. I enjoy playing the game, but I do not think that playing full-time would benefit me that much at the moment. It is too much of a risk to take at this time. The summer and winter breaks are my cue to set up a practice schedule and to play "full-time". Regardless of what happens, I am going to keep playing SC2 regularly while it is still fun for me. With Legacy of the Void coming up, I can see myself keep playing for a long time.
Alexandru "Semper" Dimitru ()

He has been part of Team Gravity since 2013, he is the first player to have joined the team and has been on the team the longest. Apart from small cups and show matches, including the teams Fight Night, Semper has not had any notable results until 2015.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]


Semper fell just short of qualifying for 2014 WCS Season 1 America Challenger, losing 1-2 to SaroVati in the qualifying match.


He qualified for 2015 WCS Season 1 Challenger, in the fourth qualifier, beating Drunkenboi 2-0 in the Ro8. In the previous qualifiers, he was unable to get past the Ro32. He also qualified for 2015 WCS Season 3.

Semper qualified and participated in TaKeTV's Legacy of the Ultras, a LotV beta series.

Semper qualified for the live event started by BaseTradeTV, Hell, It's Aboot Time. To qualify, he beat players like Moosegills, HuK, and Drunkenboi.


  • Beat RotterdaM 2-0 in the Ro64 of qualifier #4 after having to fend off his trademark proxy Tempest build in game 2.
  • Is a Law student in University in Canada.


In A2Major tournaments
2017-05-274th2017 WCS Jönköping - North America Qualifier0 : 2 JonSnow$800
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2018-11-281stQuebec StarCraft League #13 : 0 Jig$300
2018-02-111stLAN ETS 20184 : 1 MaSa$609
2017-09-172ndColonial Wars1 : 3 JonSnow$143
2017-07-161stMasters Cup 983 : 1 FuturE$75
2017-07-011stMasters Cup 973 : 0 Cham$75
2017-05-081stUnderdogs Season 333 : 2 PtitDrogo$535
2017-02-122ndLAN ETS 20170 : 4 MaSa$191
2016-09-191stUnderdogs Season 273 : 0 ShaDoWn$229
2016-08-281stCray of the Hill0 : 1 TRUE$280
2016-03-141stRival StarCraft II League 2016 Season 14 : 3 Tefel$300
2016-03-131stGamers For Giving 20164 : 0 GAMETIME$400
2015-03-211stRival StarCraft II League 2015 Season 14 : 0 Creature$100
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