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[e][h] Shana
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Wang Yulun
July 8, 1997 (1997-07-08) (age 23)
Alternate IDs:
Onjoujitoki, Etd.Shana, [THpj]三族统领随机娜, Meteor, ShanaOwO, zergwudi
Total Earnings:
2015-06-04 — 2016-01-23

Wang "Shana" Yulun is a Chinese Terran player (former Zerg, Protoss and Random) formerly playing for the Chinese team X-Team. His Chinese ID literally means 'Leader of Three Races, Random Na'.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Early story[edit]

He was loaned to Hong Kong Attitude in March 2014, in order for the team to participate in ECL 2014: Spring, a team tournament in China.

In March 2015, Newbee invited he to join them as a player of Heroes of the Storm, but he refused according to Mayuki's words. He was only listed in the roster of Newbee at Storm League 2015 Season 1.

2014 WCS America Season 3[edit]

Shana participated in the 2014 WCS America Season 3 Chinese qualifier, where he initially made it to the semifinals and was unable to claim the two seeds to Challenger. However, one of the qualified player, iAsonu, was banned from Season 3 due to helping XY win trade.[1] Subsequently, Shana defeated the other semifinalist MKP 2-1 to earn himself a spot in Challenger. Shana faced Premier veteran CranK in the Challenger match and pulled the incredible upset by handily defeating CranK 3-1 with aggressive and unorthodox builds, advancing into Premier League. Unfortunately, Shana was unable to replicate his success in the Round of 32, losing to Pigbaby 0-4 to place third in his group.

2015 WCS Season 3[edit]

In February 2015, he became a Terran player. After many times of failure, he defeated Courage, Alopex and Mystery. He would be the first player to attend WCS Premier League with different races. Neeb (T turns into P) and he (P turns into T) made a match as they were the first and second.

Following his successfully run, he accepted the offer from F91, which allowed him to become a pro SC2 player for X-Team.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

Though iAsonu and he enter the finals of GPL 2015 International Archon Mode, he has shown his tire about the version.
Before the Ro8 of GPL 2015 Season 3 Archon mode, he announced his retirement at the end of the tournament.

Hearthstone - failure[edit]

In the clan league - MCL S16, he is still in his clan THpj. Whether he would pay his attention to Hearthstone in the future was still unknown then.

However, he got the runner-up of WESG 2016 - Asia Region China Nation Qingdao Qualifier in the SC2 event and participated in GPL 2016 Season 2. He is back.

In GPL 2018 Season 1, he uses Protoss again.


  • His ID is a reference to the protagonist of the Japanese light novel series Shakugan no Shana.
  • Earliest he played Zerg (during Wings Of Liberty). Then he usually played Protoss, and less frequently, Terran or Random, in competitive matches. Now he uses Terran. However, for games of Legacy of the Void, it seems he might have switched back to Protoss as shown in Leifeng Cup 119. The game of Shana vs former oGs's TOP on live stream is a PvT matchup rather than TvT.


In A2Major tournaments
2018-06-293rdGPL 2018 Season 33 : 0 Jieshi$1,265
2015-05-303 - 4thGPL 2015 Season 2/Premier2 : 4 iAsonu$800
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2017-07-091stWESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific China Jinan Qualifier2 : 0 chamhoo$445
2017-06-171stMasters Cup 962 : 0 Silky$75
2015-10-181stTSH Cup4 : 3 MacSed$787
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2015-12-271stStarcraft League 20153 : 2$640
2015-11-212ndGPL 2015 International Challenge0 : 2
Complete Results in any Tournament


Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs vs Total
as 66 - 7945.5 %47 - 5347 %57 - 4058.8 %11 - 284.6 %181 - 17451 %
as 168 - 16750.1 %83 - 6855 %175 - 11061.4 %6 - 0100 %432 - 34555.6 %
as 5 - 1033.3 %1 - 614.3 %4 - 544.4 %1 - 0100 %11 - 2134.4 %
as 2 - 250 %7 - 277.8 %2 - 433.3 %6 - 554.5 %17 - 1356.7 %

Earnings Statistics

Medal Statistics

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  1. Official suspension thread July 11th 2014