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[e][h] Shield Battery
Building Information
100 0 29
150 150 1 (Armored, Structure)
B  B
100 / 100


The Shield Battery is a structure that restores Protoss shields. While it was always part of the multiplayer in Brood War, it was only recently introduced to StarCraft II's multiplayer in Patch 4.0.0, filling the gap in Protoss' defensive capabilities left by the removal of the Mothership Core and its Photon Overcharge spell.

A Shield Battery can restore shields of a single friendly unit or building within 6 range. Friendly units and Photon Cannons are automatically targeted. Other buildings may be targeted with a right-click. Shields are restored at 50.4 hit points per second, draining 1 energy from the Shield Battery for every 3 hit points restored. Hence, a Shield Battery with full energy provides up to 300 additional hit points for nearby fights.

Competitive Use[edit]

Due to lack of mobility, Shield Batteries are generally most useful when placed in direct support of a defensive position, such as at the top of a ramp or near a Nexus the Protoss player is trying to defend.

Against certain types of worker harassment, such as single Oracles or Banshees, a Shield Battery in the mineral line can keep the workers alive for some time (9 or 13 seconds, resp.), giving the defending player valuable time to react. Two Oracles or Banshees, however, can one-shot Probes, making Shield Batteries ineffective.

Certain aggressive builds, such as proxy Void Rays abusing a cliff, profit from Shield Batteries wounded units can retreat to, amplifying the pressure a limited number of units can put on.

Shield Batteries may also be used to temporarily complete a wall, i.e., started in the gap of a wall but canceled before they finish warping in. This is most common in PvP to stop Adept Shades from bypassing a wall. The 25 minerals lost in the maneuver often easily outweigh the damage one or two Adepts can cause in a worker line or scouting vital tech. Pylons may be used for the same purpose but finish more quickly, allowing less time for canceling.


  • The following are not valid targets for healing:
    • Units or buildings already being healed by another Shield Battery
    • Units or buildings which have not finished warping in
    • Units being recalled
  • Enemy Shield Batteries not in vision healing units in vision are revealed. This is similar to how enemy Siege Tanks attacking you from outside your vision range are revealed to you.
  • Two Zerglings out-damage the build speed of a Shield Battery. To quickly finish a wall against a Zergling attack, a Pylon is preferable.

Patch Changes[edit]


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