Shield Battery

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[e][h] Shield Battery
Building Information
100 0 29
200 200 1 (Armored, Structure)
B  B
100 / 100


The Shield Battery is a structure that restores Protoss Shields. While it was always part of the multiplayer in Brood War, it was only recently introduced to StarCraft II's multiplayer in Patch 4.0.0.

In multiplayer, the shield battery restores shields of a single friendly unit within 6 range. Shields restore at 50.4 shields per second, drains 1 energy for every 3 shields restored. This ability is autocast on friendly units and photon cannons.

Competitive Use[edit]

Due to lack of mobility, Shield Batteries are most useful when placed in direct support of a defensive position, such as at the top of a ramp or near a Nexus the Protoss player is trying to defend. Against certain types of worker harassment, such as single Oracles or Banshees, a Shield Battery in the mineral line can keep the workers alive for a significant amount of time, giving the defending player valuable time to react.

Certain aggressive builds, such as proxy Void Rays abusing a cliff, also greatly profit from Shield Batteries wounded units can retreat to, greatly increasing the pressure a limited number of units can put on.

Patch Changes[edit]


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