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Siege Tank (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For other versions see Siege Tank (Heart of the Swarm), Siege Tank (Wings of Liberty) and Siege Tank (Wings of Liberty Campaign).
[e][h]Terran Siege Tank Tank Mode
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Heavy Tank. Can switch into Siege Mode to provide long-range artillery support.
Built From:
 150  125  32  3
Attack 1: Tank Mode, 90mm Cannons
15 (+2)
20.27 (+2.7)
+10 (+1) vs Armored
Bonus DPS:
+13.51 (+1.35) vs Armored
Attack 2: Siege Mode, Crucio Shock Cannon
40 (+4)
18.69 (+1.87)
+30 (+1) vs Armored
Bonus DPS:
+14.02 (+0.47) vs Armored
Unit stats
175 1 (+1)
3.15 (Tank mode)
0.0 (Siege mode)
Cargo size:
Strong against:
[e][h]Terran Siege Tank Siege Mode
Unit Information
Unit stats
175 1 (+1)


The long-ranged Siege Tank is a Mechanical unit with high damage, particularly versus Armored like Roaches and Stalkers. Against masses of smaller units, the Siege Tank can switch to the stationary Siege Mode to deal splash damage from longer range. It is built from a Factory with an attached Tech Lab.

The Siege Tank is a powerful tool for securing specific tactically important areas of the map, but somewhat immobile compared to other Terran units such as the Marine and other biological units, particularly due to its transformation time. They are also a reliable source of ground splash damage for Terrans.

In siege mode, Siege Tanks do 40 (+30 against armored) splash damage. This damage decreases in a radius around the epicenter: units (whether hostile or friendly) within .4687 matrices of the target take full damage, units between .4687 and .7812 matrices of the target take 50% damage, and units between .7812 and 1.25 matrices from the target take 25% damage.

Single-Target Damage of a Siege Tank
vs. Light vs. Armored
Mode Cooldown Damage DPS Damage DPS
Tank 0.74 15 (+2) 20.3 (+2.7) 25 (+3) 33.8 (+4.1)
Siege 2.14 40 (+4) 18.7 (+1.87) 70 (+5) 32.7 (+2.34)


Duration: 2.89-3.24 s
Deploys into Siege Mode. In this mode, Siege Tanks have very long range and inflict area damage. Siege Tanks in this mode cannot move or attack targets at close range.
Duration: 2.53-2.89 s
Reverts to Tank Mode. In this mode, Siege Tanks can move, but they do less damage.

Competitive Usage[edit]

In General[edit]

  • The Siege Tank's greatest asset is its range of 13. This is 2 matrices greater than the Tank's vision, so maximization of tank effectiveness requires a spotter, such as a Viking, Reaper or Xel'Naga Tower (or sacrificing Orbital Command energy for a Scanner Sweep). Placing Siege Tanks behind cliff ledges or a Wall-Off will obstruct an opponent's ground army from bum rushing into the Tanks more effectively. Also, to note floating Terran units act as both spots and a mobile Wall-Off that has been commonly used.
  • Against high health units like the Colossus and Ultralisks the Liberator can be produced from a Reactor and has higher single target damage, making it easier to produce (Usually) 2 Starports late game; rather than the amount of Factories needed for the ground only Siege Tank. Making the Tank more of a early to mid game defence unit before mass Medivacs are produced. Against Zerg is when producing smaller units consistently, it seems Widow Mines and Liberators are produced in tandem (a Reactor-heavy match-up to begin with).

Vs. Protoss[edit]

  • Gives strong defence and at 3 or more Siege Tanks can give a timing attack with Stimpack.
  • Not common in late-game TvP due to their lack of mobility and friendly fire trait which makes terran bio army vulnerable against zealots.

Vs. Terran[edit]

  • Siege Tanks remain the standard Vespene Gas dump unit for countering mass Marine armies, unless one Terran massed Hellions, from both sides.
  • Breaking Sieged Tanks without using aircrafts is hardly imaginable.
    • Once your opponent gains air superiority, tanks have to retreat or get slaughtered by Liberators or Ravens.
  • A few tanks in lategame is common, in case your opponent suddenly transitions into marines and your army consists of only Vikings and Ravens.

Vs. Zerg[edit]



Siege Tank's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes[edit]


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