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Siege Tank Modes

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[e][h]Siege Mode
Ability Information
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[e][h]Tank Mode
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The Tank Mode is required for the Tank to move or to be loaded into Medivacs.
The Siege Mode ability increases the attack range and damage of the Siege Tank and adds splash damage at the cost of rendering it immobile.

Switching between modes takes precisely 3.5417 seconds, during which neither weapon can be used.


To siege the hotkey is D and to unsiege the hotkey is E, this is different and arguably better than SCBW, where the hotkey was just O for both. The benefits of this are:

  • Most hotkeys in SC2 are on the left side of the keyboard to make for easier use.
  • When you select a number of tanks and some are sieged and unsieged you can either press D or E if you want to quickly and easily unsiege all, or alternatively siege all.

The Range of the Siege Tank gets almost doubled from 7 to 13. However, it cannot shoot at anything in a 2 radius around itself.
It does 40 (+30 armored) damage.

Siege Mode is commonly used to create fortified defensive positions, or long range offensive positions that force the enemy to take action.
On Maps such as Lost Temple, they can harass, prohibit or shut down (natural) expansions by taking advantage of "inaccessible" cliffs without ramps.

Alas, the Tank Mode offers little benefit over the Marauder. While the Marauder has less HP and deals less damage, it can make up for it with its Concussive Shells ability as well as the Stimpack bonuses - especially in combination with Medivacs.


  • A Siege Tank in Siege Mode is the only unit in SC2 to come with a minimum range, prohibiting it from engaging anything closer than 2.
  • Its splash damage affects hostile and friendly units alike.
  • While in Siege mode, they can be lifted by the Phoenix's Graviton Beam. They will return to the ground sieged.
  • While in Siege mode, if they are sucked into a Vortex by a Mothership they will return unsieged.