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Sight or Vision is an attribute of units and structures that allows players on the same team to see enemy units or structures, or to reveal things through the Fog of War. Every unit or building provides vision of a certain distance, and this vision continues to be provided for a brief time after the unit or structure blinks, is warped, or is destroyed. Areas with sight or vision are shown on the minimap as well as the main window. Units which are provided sight are able to attack units that they could not see on their own.

Ground units cannot see up cliffs. A scan will also reveal highground terrain.

Detection is a separate ability. Although detection is tied to a unit's sight range, it will provide detection within that range when its own line of sight is blocked by terrain or sight blockers as long as vision is provided by another unit.

Sight Ranges[edit]

Unless otherwise noted, buildings have a sight range of 9. The Radar of the Sensor Tower works slightly differently than other building's sight. It shows the player the position of enemy units, but does not allow ranged units to attack. Burrowed Zerg units have their sight reduced by 4, except for:

The Tempest and the Siege Tank (in siege mode) are notable as being the only units with an attack Range longer than their sight range. For those units to attack at maximum range, some other unit or ability must be used to grant vision of the target.

By Race[edit]











By Sight Range[edit]

Unit Name Race Sight
Mothership Protoss 14
Battlecruiser Terran 12
Brood Lord Zerg 12
Carrier Protoss 12
Tempest Protoss 12
Ghost Terran 11
Medivac Terran 11
Missile Turret Terran 11
Mutalisk Zerg 11
Overlord Zerg 11
Overseer Zerg 11
Photon Cannon Protoss 11
Planetary Fortress Terran 11
Raven Terran 11
Siege Tank Terran 11
Spine Crawler Zerg 11
Spore Crawler Zerg 11
Thor Terran 11
Viper Zerg 11
Banshee Terran 10
Colossus Protoss 10
Corruptor Zerg 10
Hellbat Terran 10
Hellion Terran 10
High Templar Protoss 10
Infestor Zerg 10
Marauder Terran 10
Nydus Worm Zerg 10
Oracle Protoss 10
Phoenix Protoss 10
Sentry Protoss 10
Stalker Protoss 10
Swarm Host Zerg 10
Viking Terran 10
Void Ray Protoss 10
Hydralisk Zerg 9
Immortal Protoss 9
Infested Terran Zerg 9
Marine Terran 9
Mothership Core Protoss 9
Queen Zerg 9
Reaper Terran 9
Roach Zerg 9
Ultralisk Zerg 9
Zealot Protoss 9
Baneling Zerg 8
Changeling Zerg 8
Dark Templar Protoss 8
Drone Zerg 8
MULE Terran 8
Probe Protoss 8
SCV Terran 8
Zergling Zerg 8
Auto-Turret Terran 7
Broodling Zerg 7
Interceptor Protoss 7
Point Defense Drone Terran 7
Widow Mine Terran 7
Locust Zerg 6
Cocoon Zerg 5
Larva Zerg 5