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Slag Pits

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[e][h]Slag Pits
Map Information
Port Zion
Spawn Positions:
4 at 12,3,6,9
1v1 Ladder:
2011-02-25 — 2011-07-26


Slag Pits is one of the new maps that Blizzard added to the ladder map pool on February 25, 2011 to "improve overall map balance and keep StarCraft II ladder play fresh and engaging."[1]. It was removed from the map pool at the conclusion of Season Two.

Official Map Description[edit]

A single Watch Tower overlooks the entire central low ground. Alternative high ground paths and rich mineral locations make for many desired map locations. Rocks open shorter attack routes.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Very Short Rush Distance - Even in Cross-Positions play, this map is very small with close spawn points.
  • Large Middle Ground - The Center of the map features a very large low-ground plateau. Only two ground paths avoid it, on the extreme sides of the map, and both are narrow.
  • No Third Bases - The only two bases which aren't mains or naturals are the Gold Bases, and each has Destructible Rocks blocking it.
  • Wide open Natural - There are two chokes and a backdoor leading into the Natural.


vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Slag Pits1--------------1


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