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Sloth E-Sports Club

[e][h]Sloth E-Sports Club
Team Information
Travis "AprilTerran" Yang
Stefan "smu" Oliveira
Team Captain:
Nick "Pokebunny" Taber
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

Sloth E-Sports Club was a North American gaming organization. Ever since their beginnings in January of 2010, they have dedicated themselves to supporting up-and-coming players across various competitive games. Gaining recognition for their premiere North American StarCraft 2 team, Team Ascension stood as a testament to what dedication and hard work can accomplish.

Their mission was to help aspiring players succeed at the highest levels of competition.

On December 5, 2018 it was announced that the team had disbanded [1] with some players moving to PSISTORM Gaming [2].


As Sloth E-Sports Club [edit]

  • February 14, Creature joins the team.[3]
  • July 29, Dolan rejoins the team. [4]
  • November 15, McMonroe leaves the team. [5]
  • December 5, Sloth E-Sports Club disbands. [6]

As Team Ascension [edit]

  • January 13th, MyDarling leaves for Generation X.
  • January 19th, Team Ascension acquires IvDgaming.[23]
  • January 30th, SiegeMode joins from SEED Gaming.
  • February 14th, Skipper, Soloist and MyDarling rejoin Team Ascension. Protect retires.
  • February 22nd, Astrea rejoins Team Ascension after playing for ROOT Gaming for over one and a half years.[24]
  • February 24th, HTOMario joins Team Ascension.[25]
  • April 18th, Team Ascension restructures their rosters into TApro, TAcomp, and TAsc.[26]
  • April 27th, Gayguy leaves.[27]
  • June 29th, NoRegreT leaves to join PSISTORM Gaming.[28]
  • January 19th, PsychO joins from Last Dynasty eSports.
  • January 26th, Lightning comes back from retirement.
  • February 2nd, Nemix joins from Deimos Esports.
  • February 5th, Nemix leaves for IvDgaming.
  • February 12th, SeOuLStEaL joins from Love Your Girlfriend.
  • February 16th, Protect leaves the A Team due to inactivity, Jeonghan joins from Prometheus Gaming, FoolOfaTooK promoted from B Team to A Team.
  • February 26th, WitchCraft joins from ViViD Gaming.
  • March 6th, SeOuLStEaL retires.
  • March 11th, SardineS promoted from B Team to A Team, NoRegreT leaves for IvDgaming.
  • April 4th, Sloth joins from Vega Squadron.
  • April 12th, Kamker rejoins from SEED Gaming, Jamileon promoted from B Team to A Team.
  • April 13th, Sloth leaves for Team Spectre.
  • April 23rd, Soulquest joins from Core Gaming.
  • April 27th, Soulquest leaves for Miraculous Gaming.
  • May 1st, Lucky leaves for DuSt Gaming.
  • May 11th, Lucky rejoins from DuSt Gaming and ColdScars rejoins from No Dice Gaming.
  • May 13th, Thecoolman comes back from retirement.
  • May 30th, Lucky leaves for Solaris Gaming.
  • June 17th, Seductress joins from Immortals eSports.
  • July 26th, Hannibal joins.
  • August 12th, AiuR leaves.
  • August 25th, Grace joins.
  • September 11th, Creature promoted from B Team to A Team, Soloist joins.
  • September 12th, Starlight promoted from B Team to A Team.
  • October 7th, Jeonghan leaves.
  • November 3rd, coyote and MyDarling join.
  • November 7th, Jamileon and Starlight moved from A Team to B Team. Protect promoted from B Team to A Team.
  • November 29th, badcop joins.
  • December 13th, SardineS moved from A Team to B Team.
  • December 30th, Soloist leaves.
  • .SCA begins hosting its third season of tournaments[34]
  • .SCA acquires League of Legends team "Win by Kills"[Citation needed]
  • .SCA partners with Ownaj[35]
  • .SCA becomes sponsored by viventMedia (viventMedia acquires Wulflund Computer Systems)[Citation needed]
  • .SCA begins hosting its second season of tournaments[36]
  • .SCA becomes sponsored by Wulflund Computer Systems[Citation needed]
  • .SCA begins open recruitment efforts[Citation needed]
  • .SCA beings hosting its first season of tournaments[37]


Team Ascension (formerly known as .StarCraft Ascension and .StarCraft Alliance) re-branded its organization in late 2013 after an increasingly negative perception of the organization by some StarCraft streaming personalities.

Team .SCA General Manager addressed the community via an open dialogue and apology.[38]

The main issues brought up surrounded the following;

"I will now address stream cheating, hacking, and bad manner points. Again I would like to request a clear and open mind going into this. In the entire history of .SCA, we have had two confirmed hackers, both of whom were reported and evaluated by their own peers and removed either the same/next day (none of them ever competed in friendly/competitive environments for us). For what it’s worth, none of our players (aside from kicked ones) have ever been confirmed/accused in any public thread or database. Moving on, many of our players did reprehensibly stream snipe (not stream cheat) in the past. Although I originally had no objections, I have since changed my view on this and made it clear that this is no longer acceptable, and our players fully comply." "tl;dr We've changed, and we'll show it through our actions."
Travis "AprilTerran" Yang ()

Player Roster at the time of disbandement[edit]

Sloth Professional[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United States of AmericaAstreaMax Angel2015-02-222018-12-05 Psionic Aftermath
CanadaBioiceJackson Wroblewski201?-??-??2018-12-05 Scythe Esports
United States of AmericaDolanPaul Dolan2018-07-292018-12-05 PSISTORM Gaming
CanadaDrunkenboiHenry Luu2017-06-192018-12-05
United States of AmericaGAMETIMEStephen Ankawi2016-07-272018-12-05
United States of AmericaGraphixSam Rexroth2017-10-172018-12-05
United States of AmericaHuntaZack Farmakes2017-03-132018-12-05 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaomgabananaKevin Yu201?-??-??2018-12-05 Scythe Esports
United States of AmericaPokebunnyNick Taber2015-01-102018-12-05
United States of AmericaRaze CaptainJay Whipple201?-??-??2018-12-05 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaSuppyConan Liu2017-08-212018-12-05 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaTeslaRobbie Plata2016-05-112018-12-05 ROOT Gaming
United States of AmericaTheoRyDerek Travisano2018-02-132018-12-05


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United States of AmericaAiuRValentin Monfort-Schaeffer2013-12-012014-08-12 BrawL eSports
United States of AmericabadcopAustin Worthington2014-04-29201?-??-?? Retirement
CanadaBonesMyles Donald2017-03-252017-06-01 Retirement
ChileDarknessDiego Garcés2017-01-192017-03-12 Rise Esports
United States of AmericadaydrATroy Few2017-05-172017-10-16 All-Inspiration
United States of AmericaFoolOfaTooKRyan Arnold201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
GermanyFrisKMaurice Peter201?-??-??2017-01-08 Mkers
United States of AmericaFuturEJoseph Stanish2017-01-172017-08-19 Rival Gaming
United States of AmericaGayguyGarret Miller201?-??-??2015-??-?? DuSt Gaming
BelgiumHTOMarioGeoffrey van der Spek201?-??-??2018-??-?? Psionic Aftermath
United States of AmericaJamileonDustin Hulse201?-??-??2018-12-05 Infinity Gaming
Korea (South)JeonghanChoi Junghan201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericaKamkerNick McGregor201?-??-??2017-03-25 LiT eSports
United States of AmericaLuckyDaniel Elmblad2015-09-142016-09-03 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaNemixRob Kwasniak201?-??-??201?-??-?? IvDgaming
United States of AmericaMcMonroeBraden Wasson2017-01-172018-11-15 Infinity Gaming
United States of AmericaNisticHans Foster201?-??-??2016-10-02 Rival Gaming
CanadaNoRegreTJake Umpleby2015-01-102015-06-29 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaProtectNicholas Hung201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericaPsychOMike Larson2014-01-19201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericaRuFFJesse Hall2015-01-192016-??-?? PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericaSchnitzelCorey Schnedl2016-07-272017-01-06 Retirement
United States of AmericaSlothMatt Naugle201?-??-??201?-??-?? Team Spectre
CanadaSoulquestGreg Giterman201?-??-??201?-??-?? Miraculous Gaming
United States of AmericaTAGurPRGNANTPreston Tung2016-??-??2017-01-15 PSISTORM Gaming
United States of AmericathecoolmanHunter Krebs201?-??-??2017-01-08 Retirement
New ZealandTileäTileä Flavall2017-05-282018-01-31 DuSt Gaming
United States of AmericaViriumJosiah Boyer201?-??-??2017-01-06 Retirement
United States of AmericaVoltzDaniel Morgan201?-??-??2015-??-?? Team RevolutioN
United States of AmericaxKawaiianTaylor Vinson2016-06-042017-10-22 DankShrine Pro
United States of AmericaZanRyan Matter201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement

Former Team .SCA[edit]

This table list the players who left before the change to Team Ascension.

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United States of AmericaAcelaJon Rogers201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericaAriumSamson Nazaryan201?-??-??2013-09-09 LaG Gaming
United States of AmericaAstreaMax Angel201?-??-??2013-10-19 SEED Gaming
GermanyColdScarsAaron Eich201?-??-??201?-??-?? Team oGaming
Korea (South)ExpectCho Byeong-seok201?-??-??201?-??-?? Core Gaming
United States of AmericagigantataurJames Hudson201?-??-??2012-12-17 Retirement
United States of AmericaHummingbirdTimothy Su201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericaHypeRRichard Rolbeck201?-??-??2013-08-15 Retirement
Korea (South)IceCreamCho Jae-won2013-03-242013-10-19 Retirement
United States of AmericaIMBACoachingKawika Akira201?-??-??201?-??-?? Starcraft2Strategy
United States of AmericaJonSnowJarod George201?-??-??2013-07-14
No team template exists for name "team_smi".
JapankurOaHikaru Koike2012-??-??2012-??-?? Team oGaming
United States of AmericaLightningDaniel Elmblad2015-09-142016-09-03 Solaris Gaming
IndonesiarebOrnArthur Lee201?-??-??2013-11-08 Clarity Gaming
United States of AmericaSchnitzelCorey Schnedl201?-??-??201?-??-?? Frenetic Array
United States of AmericaSethNSeth Newman201?-??-??2012-12-10 Retirement
United States of AmericaSkipperAlfonso Giron201?-??-??2013-07-14 MicroGamerZ
United States of AmericaSnakehipsHussain Altamimi201?-??-??201?-??-?? MicroGamerZ
United States of AmericaViriumJosiah Boyer201?-??-??201?-??-?? SEED Gaming
AustraliaYuMeLloyd Kim201?-??-??201?-??-?? Quantic Gaming



ID Name Position
USA AprilTerran Travis Yang General Manager & Co-Owner
USA smu Stefan Oliveira Manager & Co-Owner
Japan Konviction Mark West Team Manager
USA Early Joshua Buchanan Team Manager
USA VampyWorm Richie Grajek Event Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2018-03-11 5th A2Major OSC Team Championship: Season $300
2018-01-14 2nd A3Minor Afreeca World Team League 0 : 4 $400
2017-12-15 2nd A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 AM 1 : 3 $0
2017-12-15 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 AM 3 : 1 $0
2017-05-10 4th A3Minor DuSt League Season 4 1 : 4 $0
2017-02-12 2nd A3Minor The Nydus $150 Super Clan War 2 : 4 $50
2017-02-05 3 - 4th A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 7 AM 0 : 3 $0
2016-09-08 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 6 AM 3 : 0 $0
2016-09-03 3rd A3Minor DuSt League Season 3 4 : 2 $55
2016-06-02 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 5 AM 3 : 1 $50
2015-07-11 2nd A5Monthly SHOUTcraft Clan Wars July 2015 #2 0 : 4 $0
2015-06-21 2nd A5Monthly SHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #5 0 : 4 $0
2015-06-07 2nd A5Monthly SHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #2 0 : 4 $0
2015-05-24 2nd A5Monthly SHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #5 1 : 4 $0
2015-04-18 2nd A5Monthly SHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #4 3 : 4 $0
2014-11-08 2nd A3Minor Top Dog League Season 4 0 : 3 $100
2014-06-29 9 - 14th A3Minor Starcraft II Community Team League 1 : 4 $0

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  8. FuturE and McMonroe join Sloth E-Sports Club
  9. Darkness leaves Sloth E-Sports Club
  10. Pokebunny rejoins Sloth E-Sports Club
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  12. Drunkenboi joins Sloth E-Sports Club
  13. FuturE leaves Sloth E-Sports Club
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