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[e][h]Zerg SortOf
Player Information
Rickard Bergman
July 24, 1993 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
SortOf, PuppetMaster
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2024:
EPT KR rank:
Years Active:
2011 - Present
Years Active (caster):
2020 - 2021
 × 2
2011-03-01 — 2012-05-07inFerno eSports
2012-05-07 — 2012-06-29Team Infused
2012-06-29 — 2013-06-07Western Wolves
2013-06-27 — 2014-07-31Alliance
2015-11-23 — 2016-02-02Team Property
2016-06-06 — 2017-01-24Team RevolutioN
2017-12-16 — 2018-06-18Meliora Esports
2018-11-11 — 2020-02-01Cascade
2020-03-19 — 2020-04-20Dian Lake Gaming
2020-06-09 — 2020-10-21Kosmos Esports
2020-11-11 — 2021-02-13Archangel Gaming
2021-05-19 — 2021-07-15Archangel Gaming
2021-10-09 — PresentROOT Gaming
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Rickard "SortOf" Bergman (born July 24, 1993) is a Swedish Zerg player who is currently playing for ROOT Gaming.

He joined inFerno eSports in March 2011, and on the 7th of May 2012, he left to join Team Infused.[1] On the 29th of June 2012, he was transferred to Western Wolves, together with a sizable portion of the Infused roster.[2]

On June 20, 2013, SortOf left Western Wolves. On June 27, 2013, he joined The Alliance.[3] On November 23, 2015, he joined Team Property. [4] On June 6th, 2016, SortOf joined Team Revolution[5].


Early Career[edit]

SortOf participated in the main tournament of DreamHack Winter 2011. His group was arguably one of the hardest ones in the first group stage, consisting of SaSe, merz and Adelscott. SortOf lost to all three of them, and was knocked out of the tournament.

In April 2012, he attended DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm, where he made an impression after defeating players such as LaLuSh, Satiini, and even the eventual third-place finisher, Ret. He was knocked out in the third group stage (Ro32) after losing against ThorZaIN, SjoW and Roll.

In June 2012, he attended the E-Sport SM 2011-2012, where he made the finals. In the group stage he managed to take down Cytoplasm, ViPro and ThorZaIN. In the semifinals he took down SjoW and narrowly lost in the finals 2-3 against ThorZaIN, he took second place and 20,000 SEK.

In June 2012, SortOf won the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Summer/Qualifier/Invite/Europe for MLG taking down Haypro, Nerchio, roof and ReaL along the way to secure him a spot in New York City on the 20th-22 July.

Shortly after this SortOf along with much of his old team, Team Infused, transferred to Western Wolves on the June 29.[6]

World Championship Series 2012[edit]

On July 28, 2012, SortOf participated in the World Championship Series 2012 Sweden. SortOf defeated viPro in the first round, but fell to the losers bracket because of NaNiwa. SortOf went on to tear through the losers bracket though by overcoming Cytoplasm, Bischu, SaSe, got his revenge against NaNiwa with a score of 2-0, took down Seiplo, and went on to face ThorZaIN in the finals. SortOf had to settle for 2nd place after he lost to ThorZaIN by a score of 2-1, 1-2. His second-place finish would earn him a slot in the Europe Finals.

At the Europe Finals he opened up with a 2-1 win against Nerchio in the winners bracket, but then lost to VortiX and fell down to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket he was able to defeat JonnyREcco and MaNa before losing to LoWeLy.

During that time he was also active in several other tournaments. On July 20 he played in the 2012 MLG Summer Arena in New York. In his first game he took down South Korean Protoss First 2-0. He then proceeded to lose to GanZi 0-2, and then after a nail biting game lost to Daisy 1-2, finishing 19th overall.

He also qualified for ASUS ROG Summer 2012 in the First Qualifier taking down Satiini, NaRa and Lalush to secure his spot in Helsinki, Finland. At the Main Tournament he fared quite well in the group stages. In the first stage he was able to beat elfi and then HerO to advance in first place out of Group A. In the second group stage he had a little more trouble, losing in his initial match to TitaN, but he was able to Kas and then get his revenge on TitaN to advance to the final bracket. There he would lose 3-0 to Moon in the first round.

Having qualified in may, SortOf played in NärCon 2012 in July. He advanced second out of group A with wins over RunA and Daydream. In the final bracket he managed to beat NaNiwa, Bischu, and then Naugrim to win the tournament and qualify himself for the IeSF 2012 World Championship.

One of the biggest tournaments he participated in during this time was IEM Cologne VII. In July 2012, he qualified through the European Qualifiers going through all 3 stages taking down notable names such as LucifroN, Ret, Grubby and Elfi in the process. At the Main Tournament he did quite well in the group stages. He advanced in third place out of the closely matched Group A with wins over inori, DeMusliM, and Nerchio. However he lost in the first round of the playoffs to sLivko.

SortOf also played in numerous smaller online tournaments.

Post WCS - End of Wings[edit]

After WCS Europe, SortOf entered DreamHack Valencia. He was able to advance out of the first group stage despite losing to Feast as he was able to beat MilLoRd and Gesport. However he would come in last place in Group B in the second group stage, losing to viOLet, LucifroN, and BratOK.

On October 13, 2012 he entered the IeSF 2012 World Championship. In the Main Tournament he was able to advance out of the Group Stage with wins over monchi and Scream. However, in the final bracket, he lost 2-0 to Verdi and was eliminated in the first round.

Shortly afterward he entered DreamHack Bucharest. In the first group stage he advanced in first place out of Group J taking 2-0 wins over StarNaN, Ancestor, and Toshko. In the second group stage he was placed in Group E with Sage, Seiplo, and Ziktomini. Once again he was able to beat all three and advance in first place. In the final backet he would face StarNan, but despite his earlier victories would lose 2-1.

Having on the Swedish National Qualifier, SortOf entered Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 On November 2, 2012. For the Group Stage he was placed in Group F with Stephano, Petraeus, and freizy. Despite a 2-0 loss to Stephano, he was able to advance in second place with wins over Petraeus and freizy. In the final bracket he was able to defeat Squirtle in the first round, but lost afterward to NeOAnGeL.

On November 9, 2012 SortOf entered the NASL S4 Open Tournament. Having failed to qualify earlier in the year, reaching the finals would allow him to participate in the Main Tournament. In the Open Tournament he was able to beat JookTo, HANDLEit, Symbol, Apocalypse, and RagnaroK to reach the finals and qualify. In the Main Tournament he started off strong beating MC and HyuN, but then lost to viOLet in the semifinals. He then lost the 3rd/4th place match to Polt to take 4th place overall.

The last major Wings of Liberty Tournament for SortOf was the Ritmix RSL IV, which he entered in February 2013. In the Group Stage he was able to beat Siw, and despite a loss to Ryung he would advance with the better map score. However, in the first round of the final bracket, he lost 3-0 to fraer.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Move to Korea[edit]

On March 5, 2013, 1 week before the official launch of Heart of the Swarm, Western Wolves announced that SortOf would be moving to Korea for a long term stay at the New Star Hoseo house. His intention after having been relatively inactive for some time was to train intensively in that environment.[7]

His first major Heart of the Swarm tournament was DreamHack Stockholm in April 2013. He was seeded straight into Group Stage 2, where he was placed in Group I with MC, White-Ra, and HoBbe. He managed to come first in that group despite losing to MC, since he had the highest map score. In Group Stage 3 he was placed in Group D with Puzzle, Center, and Strelok, and he managed to advance in second place with wins over Center and Strelok. In the Final Bracket he was able to beat Kas in the first round, but lost afterward to NaNiwa in the quarterfinals.

WCS 2013[edit]

With the announcement of the 2013 World Championship Series SortOf was announced as an invite for the Europe Season 1 Premier League. In the Round of 32 he was placed in Group H with MMA, MaNa, and Feast. He would lose to Feast and then MMA and fall down to the Challenger League. There he would lose to MC in the first round of the bracket stage, and would be placed in Group C for the Group Stage. With his tournament life on the line he played quite well, beating sLivko and Strelok to qualify for the Season 2 Premier League

After the season was over he competed in the RSL Season 5. However, despite a 2-1 win over SuperNova in the first match, he would lose to Strelok and then SuperNova to fall in the group stages.

On Jun 15, 2013 he entered the 2013 DreamHack Summer Open. He advanced in first place out of Group 15 in the First Group Stage with wins over TargA, MaddeLisk, and ICookTacos. In Group Stage 2 he advanced in second place, as despite losing to MaNa he was able to overcome DieStar and DeViL. In Group Stage 3 he was placed in Group 4 with SjoW, viPro, and Squirtle, and would come in last place in the group without winning a single map.

Shortly after his performance in DreamHack Summer he joined The Alliance and returned to Korea to train in the EGTL house there.[8]

In Europe Season 2 Premier League, SortOf would be placed in a group with Happy, TitaN and ToD. He would start with a 2-0 victory over ToD. He then lost a close match to TitaN in the winner's match 1-2 and was placed in the decider match against Happy. He would lose 0-2 and was once again knocked down to challenger league.

In challenger league he was placed in bracket 5 against San in which he despite a good second game lost 1-2 and was therefore placed in group B of the up/down groups against Noname, Stephano and Nerchio. He started with playing Nerchio and lost with a score of 1-2 to the Polish Zerg. He was then placed in the loser's match in which he was awarded a default win because of Stephano retiring from competitive play. In the decider match he was put up against Noname and lost 0-2 and therefore finished third in his group and was put in the next season of challenger league.

In Europe Season 3 Challenger League he was placed against Grubby in his first bracket game and lost 1-2. He was therefore placed in a group with JonnyREcco, ForGG and Daisy, but SortOf decided to forfeit his games to play in the Dreamhack Winter 2013 Qualifier instead.



2024-06-282ndShowm. (Min.)Basilisk Big Brain Bouts #63Basilisk Big Brain Bouts #63
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
1 : 3$50
2024-06-072ndShowm. (Min.)Basilisk Big Brain Bouts #61Basilisk Big Brain Bouts #61
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
0 : 3$50
2022-04-161stBiw. (Min.)ROOT Tournament Circuit 2022 Season 1 Week #5ROOT Tournament Circuit 2022 Season 1 Week #5
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
3 : 0$200
2021-07-161stMinorThe PEN King of the Hill July 2021The PEN King of the Hill July 2021
Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming
1 : 2$165
2021-01-091stShowm. (Min.)BearMe Invitational #1BearMe Invitational #1
Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming
3 : 0$115
2020-12-201stMon. (Min.)Nordic StarCraft League, Season FinalsNordic StarCraft League, Season Finals
Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming
4 : 1$152.45
2020-03-202ndMinorAfreeca World 55Afreeca World 55
Dian Lake GamingDian Lake Gaming
0 : 4$35
2020-01-261stWeek. (Min.)Masters Cup 121Masters Cup 121
3 : 1$50
2019-06-191stMon. (Min.)Krystianer Cup #1Krystianer Cup #1
3 : 1$70
2019-01-062ndMinorAfreeca World 29Afreeca World 29
0 : 4$35
2018-09-152ndMinorAfreeca World 21Afreeca World 211 : 4$35
2017-11-193rd - 4thMajorNordic Championship 2017 WinterNordic Championship 2017 Winter0 : 3$599.59
2017-08-302ndMon. (Min.)Corsair Cup Season 8 FinalsCorsair Cup Season 8 Finals0 : 3$100
2017-07-233rd - 4thMajorNordic Championship 2017 SummerNordic Championship 2017 Summer0 : 3$618.21
2017-05-271stMinorOG 6 Start 2OG 6 Start 23 : 1$422
2017-05-211stWeek. (Min.)Sunday Heroes Open #8Sunday Heroes Open #83 : 0$60
2017-04-101stMinorBaseTradeTV Dong Wars #2
5 : 1
House LeifengHouse Leifeng
2017-01-091stWeek. (Min.)Corsair Cup Season 1 Round 1Corsair Cup Season 1 Round 1
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
3 : 0$60
2016-07-163rd - 4thPremier2016 DreamHack Open: Valencia2016 DreamHack Open: Valencia
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
1 : 3$5,000
2016-07-092ndMajor2016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Europe2016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Europe
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
3 : 0$1,200
2016-06-182ndMajorE-Sport SM 2016 FinalsE-Sport SM 2016 Finals
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
0 : 3$1,200.19
2016-04-031stMinorE-Sport SM 2016 - Stage 23 : 0$615
2015-06-132ndMajorE-Sport SM 2015 - FinalsE-Sport SM 2015 - Finals2 : 3$3,651.53
2014-06-153rd - 4thMajorE-Sport SM 2013-2014E-Sport SM 2013-2014
1 : 2$2,244.53
2013-06-173rd - 4thMajorE-Sport SM 2012-2013E-Sport SM 2012-2013
Western WolvesWestern Wolves
0 : 2$2,326.55
2012-12-094thPremierNorth American Star League Season 4North American Star League Season 4
Western WolvesWestern Wolves
0 : 4$5,000
2012-09-011stMinorSCAN Invitational 6
Western WolvesWestern Wolves
4 : 1$555.29
2012-07-282ndMinor2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Sweden Nationals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Sweden Nationals
Western WolvesWestern Wolves
3 : 3$3,000
2012-07-271stMinorNärCon 2012
Western WolvesWestern Wolves
3 : 1$1,019.54
2012-06-172ndMajorE-Sport SM 2011-2012E-Sport SM 2011-2012
Team InfusedTeam Infused
2 : 3$2,872.11
Extended list of results
All-Kill Achievements
2016-12-11 All-KillWardiTV Team League S7
2015-12-06 All-KillNationWars III



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Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Zerg760 - 66953.2 %602 - 48455.4 %724 - 65252.6 %14 - 0100 %2100 - 180553.8 %
Σ760 - 66953.2 %602 - 48455.4 %724 - 65252.6 %14 - 0100 %2100 - 180553.8 %

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