Southern Cross Series

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SCOceania runs regular, open-entry tournaments which occur on a fortnightly basis for the SEA server. The tournaments are free to enter, and anyone with a profile on can play. A $50 cash prize is on offer for the winner of the tournament every fortnight.


  • The Southern Cross Series Tournaments follow a single-elimination format.
  • Matches played up until the semi-finals on Thursday are best-of-one (BO1)
  • The semi-finals are best-of-three (BO3)
  • The finals on Friday are best-of-five (BO5)


  1. Lost Temple
  2. Metalopolis
  3. Xel'Naga Caverns
  4. Scrap Station
  5. Delta Quadrant
  6. Steppes of War
  7. Jungle Basin
  8. Blistering Sands
  9. Shakuras Plateau


WoL Tournaments[edit]

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD)
1Cup 1 2010-09-24 Australia  deth2010-09-243 : 0Philippines  def$50
2Cup 2 2010-10-14 Australia  GLaDe2010-10-143 : 0New Zealand  Soft$50
3Cup 3 2010-10-29 Australia  deth2010-10-293 : 1Australia  dtay$50
4Cup 4 2010-11-11 Australia  Pinder2010-11-11W : -China  nGenNesVege$50
5Cup 5 2010-11-25 Australia  deth2010-11-253 : 0Australia  Starhunter$50


Live Broadcast[edit]

Live stream by Benji

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