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Create an external media link

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This form allows you to add external media links to Liquipedia so that they are added to all relevant people/teams/tournaments on the wiki. Once it's added here, you don't need to do anything else!


Title*:Copy the title of the content
Author(s) (X, Y, Z, etc):Who made this content?
Type*:Type of content
Date*:Date of publishing
Language code*:Code specifying the language this was written in, e.g. "en", "fr", etc
Publisher:Publisher of this content, e.g. the press outlet


Enter these details where relevant


Who was this content about?

You should include a player if this is content about them, that can be an interview with them or a highlights clip.

Subject(s):Individuals this content concerns
Subject Organization(s):Organizations to which the individual(s) belongs


Was this content done in the context of an event?

Event name:
Event pagename


If this is a translation of an article, fill in these properties.

Translation language code:Code specifying the language of this translation, e.g. "en", "fr", etc
Translator name:Name of the person who translated this article