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[e][h] Spectrum
Player Information
Bobby Marshall
January 9, 1993 (1993-01-09) (age 26)
Ghost, Bobs
Total Earnings:
2013-04-25 - 2013-08-09
2013-08-10 - 2014-02-27
2014-07-27 - 2014-10-01
2014-10-01 - 2015-02-02
2015-03-27 - 2015-08-28


Bobby "Spectrum" Marshall began playing videogames at the age of 9, and his first RTS game was Starcraft: Original. He started out as a Protoss player but eventually switched to Zerg because he liked their ability to overwhelm opponents.

Originally from the United States, Spectrum while living in Honduras established himself as the best Starcraft 2 gamer in the community, and still holds up to the throne.

He's been playing Starcraft 2 since the Wings of Liberty Beta. Originally, he tried giving Protoss another chance but shortly after switched to Zerg once more.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

During Wings of Liberty, Spectrum started out as a lowly platinum zerg player who had originally stopped playing during 2011.

In 2012, Spectrum began playing Starcraft 2 again as a Platinum player and within 2 weeks through extreme dedication and watching eSports was able to reach Diamond league. Unfortunately, he was stuck there for quite a while.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In Heart of the Swarm, he achieved masters league. Now he is in the Top 50 of Grandmaster League. Previously playing for Immortals and KLG, he now plays for BrawL eSports in 2015.

He's participated in a string of tournaments, such as WCS America Qualifiers Season 3 2013 going up against players such as Tassadar, and SeleCT in WCS Season 1 2014 Qualifiers. He lost to Tassadar 2-1, and lost to SeleCT 2-0.

His participation in Central America Starleague was memorable because he was the only player to enter the Ro8 undefeated, and shortly after lost to Dashiz 3-1.

Now, he's the undisputed Central American champion taking the entire tournament while dropping only one map in the finals.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2018-10-071stLiga Centroamericana de Starcraft 20184 : 1 Rare$80
2016-01-302ndGaming Knights Video Game Night2 : 3 BeaSt$125
2015-09-121stGaming Knights September LAN 20152 : 1 Blast$125
2015-03-011stLiga Centroamericana de Starcraft 2015, Season 1: Premier4 : 1 PrimusDeksia$200
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