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Splash damage

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Splash Damage Attacks Diagram

Splash Damage is any form of damage unintentionally dealt to a unit not being directly targeted by the enemy. The purpose of splash damage is to take advantage of the tight proximity of enemy units and to eliminate more units in fewer attack cycles. Only specific units are capable of dealing splash damage. Splash damage can be divided into several kinds:

  1. Attacks (and one ability, Tactical Nuke) that deal less damage in a circular area with distance from the centre of the attack, e.g. Siege Tank.
  2. Attacks or spells that deal equal damage or have equal effect in their whole area of effect (AoE), e.g. Psi Storm, EMP Round.
  3. Special splash damage, e.g. the Colossus, which splashes in a line perpendicular to the attack, or the Hellbat, which splashes in an arc on either side of the target.

Terran Units[edit]

Protoss Units[edit]

Zerg Units[edit]

Friendly Fire[edit]

Some sources of splash damage will hurt all units in the splash damage area, including friendly units. Units that deal friendly fire splash damage are listed below: