StarCraft II a League of new era/Season 8

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On January 18, 2012, announced the eight season and many changes in league.

  • The First, reset all achievements, in connection with introduction a new system transitions between divisions.
  • The Second, all registered teams are placed in a common bracket (Double Eliminations). Seeding teams is based on their results from last season.
  • The Third, qualifications results are determined 8 seats in VIP division, 8 seats in Division 1, 8 seats in Division 2 and 8 seats in Division 3.
  • The Fourth, mappool was changed.


In qualification was playing 32 teams. Qualification in VIP division were Russia NCM Clan, United Nations iP.International, Europe GosuStyle, Ukraine Cascade from winners bracket and Russia Moonlight Team, Russia Flawless Victory, Belarus BLR-Gaming, Russia eXplosive from losers bracket.

Full Bracket

Main Season[edit]

Division VIP[edit]

1. Ukraine Cascade 7-0 28-12 35
2. Russia NCM Clan 5-2 25-14 30
3. Europe GosuStyle 5-2 22-14 27
4. Russia explosive 4-3 23-13 27
5. Belarus BLR-Gaming 3-4 17-19 20
6. Russia MoonLight Team 2-5 15-23 17
7. United Nations iP.International 2-5 14-22 16
8. Russia Flawless Victory 0-7 1-28 1

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Top 10 players[edit]

Place Map Wins ID Team
1st 11 Kazakhstan Masterok NCM Clan
2nd 11 Ukraine Eolitick Cascade
3rd 9 Ukraine  OutSide NCM Clan
4th 8 Russia Vut GosuStyle
5th 7 Russia DeathMask Cascade
6th 7 Russia negative explosive explosive
7th 7 Russia Insolent explosive explosive
8th 6 Russia Skal GosuStyle
9th 6 Belarus SoLD BLR-Gaming BLR-Gaming
10th 6 Russia Helios incredible Panic

Map Hack[edit]

Player DestroyeR (team Flawless Victory) was accused of using Map Hack on qualifier for league. It was soon collected some of his replays, after which the analysis it was concluded that the accusation is true. As a result, DestroyeR is banned for three seasons and Flawless Victory eliminated from the VIP division.[1]