StarCraft II a League of new era/Season 8/VIP

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Prize Pool[edit]

3,500 RUB (~$118.22) are spread among teams.

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on April 13, 2012: 10 RUB = 0.33778 USD.


Group Stage[edit]

1. Ukraine Cascade 7-0 28-12 35
2. Russia NCM Clan 5-2 25-14 30
3. Europe GosuStyle 5-2 22-14 27
4. Russia explosive 4-3 23-13 27
5. Belarus BLR-Gaming 3-4 17-19 20
6. Russia MoonLight Team 2-5 15-23 17
7. United Nations iP.International 2-5 14-22 16
8. Russia Flawless Victory 0-7 1-28 1

Week 1[edit]

United Nations iP.International34Europe GosuStyle
Russia NCM Clan41Russia Flawless Victory
Belarus BLR-Gaming42Russia MoonLight Team
Ukraine Cascade42Russia explosive

Week 2[edit]

Ukraine Cascade40United Nations iP.International
Russia Flawless Victory04Europe GosuStyle
Belarus BLR-Gaming14Russia NCM Clan
Russia explosive40Russia MoonLight Team

Week 3[edit]

Belarus BLR-Gaming34Ukraine Cascade
Russia Flawless Victory04Russia MoonLight Team
Europe GosuStyle04Russia NCM Clan
Russia explosive40United Nations iP.International

Week 4[edit]

Belarus BLR-Gaming04Europe GosuStyle
Ukraine Cascade43Russia MoonLight Team
Russia explosive40Russia Flawless Victory
United Nations iP.International24Russia NCM Clan

Week 5[edit]

Belarus BLR-Gaming41United Nations iP.International
Ukraine Cascade40Russia Flawless Victory
Russia explosive24Russia NCM Clan
Europe GosuStyle40Russia MoonLight Team

Week 6[edit]

Belarus BLR-Gaming40Russia Flawless Victory
Ukraine Cascade42Russia NCM Clan
Russia explosive34Europe GosuStyle
United Nations iP.International42Russia MoonLight Team

Week 7[edit]

Belarus BLR-Gaming14Russia explosive
Ukraine Cascade42Europe GosuStyle
Russia Flawless Victory04United Nations iP.International
Russia MoonLight Team43Russia NCM Clan



Cascade Ukraine43Russia explosive
GosuStyle Europe04Russia NCM Clan

Match for 3rd place[edit]

explosive Russia14Europe GosuStyle

Grand Final[edit]

Cascade Ukraine14Russia NCM Clan