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StarCraft Master is a custom map released by Blizzard Entertainment. It is much like the Challenge Missions in Single Player and the objective is to complete 30 rounds of combat by microing your units carefully. There is often a trick to complete a round as well as hints available. Finally, there's a warp button that allows you to jump to any round, meaning that you don't have to complete all of them in one sitting. There are also achievements to be had from completing the rounds.


Two additional buttons are available on the right hand side of the screen during these challenges, the first is "Warp" and the second is contextual and will change between "Ready" and "Reset".

The Warp button will bring up a menu listing all 30 missions, with green boxes indicating those already completed. Players can warp to any level at any time regardless of which challenges they have completed up to that point. At the bottom of this menu is a 'Reset' button which resets the challenge the player is currently on.

The Ready button will begin the current challenge, and then change to 'Reset' which will reset the current challenge allowing you to retry. It is worth noting that you may assign groups for your units before pressing 'Ready' but may not issue any further commands. Control groups will need to be assigned again after any failed attempts.

Complete Guide[edit]

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The Rounds[edit]

Round 1: Marine Double Team[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Marines vs 1 enemy Zealot.

As soon as you press "Ready", the Zealot will auto-target one of your Marines. Use this Marine to run around in circles around your other Marine, so that the Zealot will run after your first Marine while being killed by the other. Make sure not to make any sharp turns, or the Zealot will get a hit in on your Marine and eventually kill it, if you make any other sharp turns. You should also try not to get too close to your firing Marine, or the Zealot may change his target and start attacking the firing Marine instead. This, however, can be used as a way to change which Marine is running if you find your running Marine to be low on health.

Round 1

Round 2: Stalkers vs Zealots[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Stalkers vs 3 enemy Zealots

The Stalkers run faster than the Zealots, so the trick to this round is to run away with your Stalkers, stop for a shot or two and then continue running to get ahead again. The space platform has two holes in it, so that you'll be able to run around the holes, making it impossible for the Zealots to catch up with you by "short-cutting" your turn. It may be easier to get the shots in if you order your Stalkers to stop, manually, whenever they're far enough ahead, instead of waiting for them to reach the last target of their move command.

Round 2

Round 3: Zealot Choke[edit]

Units: 6 friendly Zealots vs 24 enemy Zerglings

As the name says, this round is about making effective use of a Choke Point. Pull your Zealots back into the Choke Point behind them, ideally, if your micro is sufficient, setting up a perfect concave. However, the round is perfectly possible by pulling your Zealots back and letting them fend off the zerglings on their own without much microing.

Round 3

Round 4: Focus Fire[edit]

Units: 6 friendly Hydralisks vs 5 enemy Zealots

At the start of this round you need to queue up attacks on as many Zealots as possible so that they are killed quickly, reducing the overall DPS of the attackers. As your front row of Hydralisks begin taking too much damage you should walk them back behind your second line. Towards the end of this round you might find that kiting the final Zealot may help, though this will not work for long so should only be used to finish off a close round.

Round 4

Round 5: Retarget[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Stalkers vs 1 enemy Spine Crawler

The idea is to have the Spine Crawler attack one of the Stalkers and then move the Stalker away so that the Spine Crawler will attack the other one instead and then move the damaged Stalker back up to fire again. That way, you'll be able to keep them both alive and firing for a longer time. Since there's a 30 second timer, you won't be able to gain any huge advantage of the Protoss' regenerating shields, so the best way to do it, is to have the Spine Crawler almost kill one of the Stalkers before moving him off, thus minimizing the amount of time used on moving back and forth (and consequently maximizing the time used to deal damage).

Round 5

Round 6: Burrow Ambush[edit]

Units: 19 friendly Zerglings vs enemy 13 Marines

The Marines will move up and down the lane. Unburrow your Zerglings and have them move to the side of the lane where the Marines are not and burrow them. Then, when the Marines move back and are standing directly above your Zerglings, unburrow them and kill off all the Marines. This is also possible without any additional Zergling micro.

Round 6

Round 7: Colossus Smash[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Colossus vs 27 enemy Zerglings

In this round, you take advantage of the Colossus' ability to move up and down cliffs. Simply fire at the zerglings, who will have to run up the ramp to get to you, and when they do get to you, step down the cliff, so that the zerglings will have to run around again. Eventually, you'll be able to kill of all the Zerglings that way.

Round 7

Round 8: Safe Zone[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Stalkers vs 2 enemy Siege Tanks

The name of this round is itself a hint. Since Siege Tanks are not able to fire at targets that are too close, it's possible to blink into their vicinity so that they won't be able to fire at you. Have your stalkers blink to a point directly between the Siege Tanks and the Tanks won't be able to fire at you.

Round 8
Achievement: Safe Zone. If you manage to do this without losing any Stalkers, you will get an achievement. Tip: It can be difficult to position both Stalkers perfectly between the Tanks, thus ending up losing one of them. This round can actually be done with only one Stalker. Tell one of your Stalkers to Hold Position, and have the other Blink to the Safe Zone between the Tanks. The active Stalker will be able to take out both Tanks within the alloted time on its own, while the other hangs back, safe from danger.

Round 9: Whack-a-Roach[edit]

Units: 3 friendly Roaches vs 1 enemy Bunker with 4 Marines in it

The idea of this round is to make use of the fast regenerating ability of the Roaches. Have the Roaches attack the bunker and when they're almost dead, burrow them (one at a time, though). When they have regenerated, unburrow them and have them attack again. Rinse and repeat until the Bunker and the Marines are dead.

Round 9
Achievement: Whack-a-Roach. If you manage to do this in under 45 seconds, you will get an achievement.

Round 10: Ramp Control[edit]

Units: 4 friendly Zealots and 1 Sentry vs 6 enemy Roaches

The key to this one is simply placing a Force Field behind the first set of 3 Roaches. Ensure that the remaining Roaches can not join in the fight, and micro your Sentry away until it is no longer being targeted and then bring it back in to the fight. You should be able to complete the round with minimal micro control, using the move command to force the Roach AI to change target from wounded Zealots.

Round 11: Storm 'n Run[edit]

Units: 1 friendly High Templar vs 35 enemy marines

Obviously, you're going to Psi Storm all these Marines to death, first with an initial Psi Storm when they start moving and then with another when the cool down is done. It's very important to get your High Templar moving as soon as possible and not have him stand around too much when you cast your second Psi Storm: If any of the Marines start firing at you, the ones who come behind will spread out and won't be hit by your second Psi Strom and you will fail the round.

Round 12: Friendly Fire[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Infestor vs 12 enemy Marines and 2 Siege Tanks

In this round you will be using a burrowed Infestor to throw Infested Terrans to force the Siege Tanks to cause splash damage to the enemy units. In order to complete this you must first throw an egg in to the front left gap of either side of marines. The closer to the Marines you can throw it, the easier you will find the round.

After the first egg you need to once again throw the egg in to the left of the front marine(s) on that side, but ensuring that you throw it after a moment of pause to ensure that both tanks are able to fire at the egg, rather than allowing the Marines to reduce the health enough that only one will shoot. At this point you should have 2 Marines left on one side, and should repeat the same to other group of Marines.

Now you need to throw an egg on each side, just close enough to cause enemy Siege Tank fire to hit the remaining Marines, but to also hit the Siege Tank on that side. Whichever side you target second will need a second egg at the Siege Tank, but not close enough to the first that both can be hit by splash damage.

Round 12

Round 13: Hold Position[edit]

Units: 10 friendly Probes and 2 Zealots plus buildings vs 20 enemy Zerglings

The objective here is to use your Probes to surround the Photon Cannon and tell them to Hold Position, so that they won't run away when they're attacked by the Zerglings. If you get it right, the Photon Cannon will kill most of the Zerglings, but not necessarily all of them. Kill off the remaining ones with your Probes. It may also be beneficial to order Probes adjecent to Zerglings attacking the Photon Cannon, to attack the Zerglings.

Round 13

Round 14: Force Field Surround[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Sentries, 2 Stalkers and 12 Zealots vs 60 enemy Zerglings

The goal here is to use Force Fields to protect your ranged units, which are useuflly positioned at the bottom of your army. Any remaining Force Fields should be used to help limit the number Zerglings that may hit any of your Zealots.

Round 14

Round 15: Force Field Smash[edit]

Units: 10 friendly Zealots and 2 High Templars vs 6 enemy Stalkers and 3 Sentries.

Use your High Templars to feedback two Sentries. Morph them into an Archons and when the Archon forms use it to break force fields.

For minimal losses move your templars close to the force fields after they have used Feedback and use Warp Archon. Use your Zealots to push the morphing Archon into the force fields.

Round 15

Round 16: Fungal Death[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Infestors vs 9 enemy Zealots.

Cast Fungal Growth on the group of Zealots. Once they are immobilized cast two Infested Terrans from each of your infestors. Continue to use Fungal growth on the Zealots and once your Infestors run out of energy use them to take damage from any remaining Zealots. The Infestors do not need to be alive to win the round as long as an Infested Terran remains.

Round 16

Round 17: SCV Good to Go[edit]

Units: 1 friendly SCV vs 7 enemy Probes

The aim of to this round is to get to the Terran Beacon to the left and to exploit the game mechanic that enables SCV's to move through other units when harvesting minerals. Simply order your SCV to mine the minerals and he will move out of the surround of the Probes. Then take a short trip around the Nexus and on to the Beacon.

Round 17

Round 18: Stim Micro[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Marine vs 1 enemy Zealot

In this challenge you must run a Stimmed Marine away from a Zealot, gaining enough distance that you can use the stop command to force your marine to attack and then running away again. In order to be successful you must avoid taking any hits, and time your micro such that you will get enough shots in to kill the Zealot. You should avoid using Stim, whilst your Marine is still under the effects of the previous one.

Round 18

Round 19: Prismatic Dream[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Void Ray and 1 Pylon vs 1 enemy Missile Turret

The trick to this round is to use the Void Ray's Prismatic Beam's ability to power up the longer it keeps firing. By attacking your own Pylon first, you will power up the Prismatic Beam, enabling the Void Ray to survive the 1 on 1 with the Turret afterwards.

Round 19

Round 20: Blink Train[edit]

Units: 30 friendly Stalkers

The goal of this round is simply to get to the Beacon with your 30 Stalkers by Blinking before the time is up. The choke is not wide enough for all of your Stalkers to get on top of the platform in one Blink, so in order to complete this challenge you must queue up a move command to beneath the cliff edge, and then add a Blink to the high ground command to the queue, and then finish the queue with a move command to the finish.

Round 20

Round 21: So Many Banelings[edit]

Units: 7 friendly Zealots vs 32 enemy Banelings

In order to complete this you need to ensure that no Baneling explosion can hit any more than one unit at a time. To do this you need to immediately spread out your Zealots, with hold position helping to ensure that they don't run towards the Banelings. A good way to complete this challenge is to set all 7 Zealots to their own individual control group before pressing ready, and when the game starts giving each unit a move and hold position command, separating them quickly.

Round 21

Round 22: Bane vs. Bane[edit]

Round 22

Round 23: Cloaked Banshees[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Ghost and 5 Marines vs 2 enemy cloaked Banshees

When this round starts a single cloaked Banshee will begin to engage your force, and you will need to use the Ghost's EMP ability to reveal it. A short while later a second Banshee will approach from a little north of the original one, and you just need to once again EMP it. It is worth noting that as with all air units, you must aim at its position on the ground, not it's model in the air. Your Marines do have Stim but it is not absolutely necessary.

Round 23

Round 24: Blink of an Eye[edit]

Units: 6 friendly Stalkers vs 8 enemy Roaches

Attack the Roaches with your Stalkers and when they're getting low on shields use Blink to move them away and reset the AI so that it can rejoin the fight without being attacked.

Achievement: Blink of an Eye. If you're able to complete this challenge wihout losing a single Stalker you will earn this achievement.

Round 24

Round 25: Micro-Insanity[edit]

Units: 2 friendly Phoenix, 2 High Templar and 3 Stalkers vs 2 enemy Marauders, 2 Siege Tanks, 2 Vikings, 2 Point Defense Drones and a Raven

To begin you should set your Stalkers to hold position or they will join the fight whilst you prepare with the next few steps and you will almost certainly fail the round.

First you'll need to use your High Templar to Feedback the Point Defense Drones. They will take hits from the Siege Tanks when you do this but can survive if you queue the command to Feedback both and then immediately run back behindy our Stalkers. Once both are back begin morphing them in to an Archon.

Next you'll need to use your 2 Phoenix to focus fire the Vikings one at a time. The best way to do this is to move off to the side first so that you only engage one at a time. It's important that if one of your Phoenix becomes damaged you run it away to keep it alive. Once the remaining Viking it targeting your healthy unit, you can bring the wounded one back in to the fight.

Finally you can kill the Raven and then lift the 2 Siege Tanks and move in with your Stalkers and Archon to clear up the Marauders and then the Tanks. You will have enough energy to lift the Tanks again after they first drop.

Round 25

Round 26: Scorched Earth[edit]

Units: 15 friendly SCVs and 2 Siege Tanks vs 1 enemy Dark Templar.

The objective here is to use your Tanks to shoot your workers, causing the area of effect damage from the shots to kill the Dark Templar. You will need to either watch for the direction the ripple of the Dark Templar is moving, or anticipate the next worker it will attack in order to direct your fire.

To attack your own unit you will need to use the attack move command and click on a friendly unit. You can hold shift after you have selected attack move to ensure you don't have to reselect them to continue firing.

Round 26

Round 27: Moving Shot[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Banshee vs 10 enemy Marines

This challenge is extremely difficult and will take patience to complete. To finish this challenge you must carefully kite the Marines with your Banshee, attempting to keep around 5 or 6 range ahead so you can use hold position to cause the Banshee to immediately fire and then move again as soon as the shot has launched, to take as little damage as possible. It's best to not do this when taking corners to minimize damage. If you manage to do this perfectly you'll see the Banshee turn whilst moving forward still and take a shot and then continue moving forward.

Round 27

Round 28: Dead Eye Ghosts[edit]

Units: 9 friendly Marines and 3 Ghosts vs 42 enemy Zerglings and 24 Banelings

This challenge is extremely difficult. At the start of this challenge you must immediately run to the back wall. The Zerg units will spawn over time. Your marines have Stim, and you will want to have them use it. The main goal though is with your Ghosts to hold down Snipe and hit every Baneling so they can't explode on your group.

Round 28

Round 29: Let's Dance[edit]

Units: 3 friendly Marines vs 2 enemy Zealots

A few seconds after starting this challenge your left and right Marines will begin shooting at the Zealots. You want to select them both and run them in circles (going down first to have a better chance of not taking an initial hit) whilst your middle Marine shoots the Zealots itself.

Round 29

Round 30: Untouchable[edit]

Units: 1 friendly Siege Tank and 1 Medivac vs 3 enemy Stalkers

This challenge is extremely difficult. The goal here is to have the Stalkers shoot at your Siege Tank but to pick it up before the projectiles actually hit it, negating the damage, and then dropping it as fast as possible all the while ensuring your Medivac either doesn't move or is kept on hold position. If done correctly the shots will deal no damage and your Siege Tank shots will wear down the Stalkers before they're able to deal enough damage to kill either your Medivac or Siege Tank.


Total (70 points)

  • StarCraft Pupil (10 points) - Complete any 10 rounds in "StarCraft Master".
  • StarCraft Apprentice (10 points) - Complete any 20 rounds in "StarCraft Master".
  • StarCraft Expert (10 points) - Complete any 25 rounds in "StarCraft Master".
  • StarCraft Master (10 points) - Complete any 30 rounds in "StarCraft Master".
  • Safe Zone (10 points) - Complete round 8 in "StarCraft Master" without losing any Stalkers.
Safe Zone
  • Blink of an Eye (10 points) - Complete round 24 in "StarCraft Master" without losing any Stalkers.
Blink of an Eye

Update for LotV[edit]

NeoBlade created new challenges for LotV.