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Star Relic

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[e][h] Star Relic
Unit Information
Air Unit
Support Unit
Unit stats
0 1


The Star Relic was an alpha aerial support unit with offensive abilities, a pre-evolution of the Protoss Sentry. It was in development during the Wings of Liberty alpha stages but eventually got replaced by the Stasis Orb.


  • The Star Relic was capable of detonating in battles and originally had the Hallucination ability
  • It was able to change into stationary mode, much like the Warp Prism, and cloak nearby units and buildings in that condition
  • The Star Relic was warped in at a Stargate and required a Fleet Beacon
  • The name "Star Relic" was later reused for the class of Zeratul's ship in the campaign, the Void Seeker.
  • The very last model - before it got taken out of the game completely - looked similar to its replacement, the Stasis Orb.