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[e][h]Starcraft Freaks Clan
Team Information
Hrvoje "Qwaky" Kucak
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2015-05-15- Pandazam joins the team.


Starcraft Freaks Clan is a Croatian team, with registered offices in Zagreb and Varaždin. Starcraft Freaks Clan was founded by Danijel "PsychQ" Hanžek and Manuel "zZul1u" Mucak with help from Ivan "Lex" Šarac. The organisation is known for its history in StarCraft: Brood War having originated as a Croatian Brood War team, with top players from the region.

In January 2013, 'Professional' and 'Semi-Pro' squads were created, aiming at having the best players in the region under the 'sfc' tag. However, by July of the same year, due to the departure of the team's manager and best players, the team consolidated the rest of its players into one bigger Amateur team.

Starcraft Freaks Clan consists of the following divisions:

  • StarCraft II


'sfc' started off as a Croatian StarCraft: Brood War team, with the top players from the region, including players like: Avi-Love, Guano, Ptak, Zubo, Spils, Giske, Skyless, Neo, Mistik, Athlon, Dendra, Diablo, Lex1con and Veni. The team had some successful achievements in SC:BW, including a 2nd place at the Brood War Clan League, 1st place at WGTCL Cup and a 3rd place at WGTour Season 10. The team switched to StarCraft II immediately on release with a 'for fun' mindset. In January 2013, the team decided to once again go on the competitive route.


  • January 28th, CodiFly joins the team.
  • November 11th, Stevan joins the team.
  • April 16th, mikka joins the team.
  • February lopiiii join the team.
  • November 5th, MateParlov joins the team.
  • November 1st, Blask joins the team.
  • October 18th, rCro joins the team.
  • October 7th, PolarWolf joins the team.
  • October 2nd, Tin returns to the team.
  • July 9th, inactive players are removed from clan.
  • May 15th, Pandazam joins the team.
  • May 3rd, bebe joins the team.
  • July 16th, Blitz returns to the team.
  • July 4th, inactive players are removed from clan.
  • May 26th, Noni returns to the team.
  • March 27th, Blitz gets removed from clan.
  • February 28th, ejozl leaves a team.

Player Roster[edit]

Main Team[edit]

ID Name
hrCroatia z MateParlov Tomislav Sertić
hrCroatia z mikka Boris Mikašinović
hrCroatia z Pandazam Ivan Rubido
hrCroatia z rCro Rober Višekruna
hrCroatia z Nemilosrdni Denaj Novak
hrCroatia p Karlooo Ivan Rukavina
hrCroatia p Tin Sven Ćurković
rsSerbia p Seventy91 Stevan Komarica
hrCroatia p CodiFly Josip Kelava
hrCroatia T Oogway Marko Dragić
hrCroatia T bebe Josip Đerek
rsSerbia T lopiiii Darko Milevski


ID Name
hrCroatia z vansvemirac Lino Milić
hrCroatia z Wurgle Roko Musulin
hrCroatia z Huricane Davor Miljkovic
hrCroatia p Medo Karlo Babic
hrCroatia p Cyze Zoran Dukic
hrCroatia t killer Željko Udovčić

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
hrCroatia p Blask Bruno Šprajcar
hrCroatia z ptak Matija Vragović
hrCroatia z blitz Ivan Bukvić
hrCroatia z Truty Frane Biljak Retired
rsSerbia t Geminy Marko Stokovic Retired
rsSerbia t Foofighter Vasilije Kekovic Retired
seSweden z hOpe Dan Gustafsson mousesports
rsSerbia t VladoicA Vladica Stojic Retired
plPoland z syriusZ Radek Kokosz
itItaly p Loacker Igor Tomic MG eSports
hrCroatia z ZoMBi Filip Plohl Team MiA
israelIsrael P Snykes Or Daniel Vega Squadron
germanyGermany P Sheggi Marvin Sommer Vega Squadron
hrCroatia t frozz Roko Marinkovic Team MiA
hrCroatia P CheeseKing Tomislav Matic Team MiA
franceFrance P jeysen Jeremy Sene Punchline ESC
germanyGermany z KiToO Andre Duwe Retired
hrCroatia t Razbu Borna Koruznjak Team MiA
hrCroatia t Deny Deni Antolos Team MiA


ID Name Position
Croatia Qwaky Hrvoje Kucak Team Manager
Croatia Barracuda Ivan Sarac Site Development


Nickname Name Position New Team
yCroatia Psychq Danijel Hanzek Team Owner / CEO -
yCroatia HighArT Vanja Simunec Head Manager Vega Squadron


Date Event Result Prize
2013-03-24 SC2CL Season 7 Starcraft Freaks 5 : 0 mCon esports -
2013-07-21 SC2CL Season 8 Starcraft Freaks 4 : 1 mYinsanity -

Featured Results[edit]

Date Event - Result
March - August Acer TeamStory Cup Season 1 B6Ro16 Starcraft Freaks 5 : 0 Western Wolves
March - August Acer TeamStory Cup Season 1 A8Ro8 Starcraft Freaks 4 : 5 Team Property
April 18th RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 - Starcraft Freaks 1 : 2 Team Acer
April 22nd RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 - Starcraft Freaks 1 : 2 RoX
April 29th RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 - Starcraft Freaks 0 : 3 Team Dignitas
May 26th SC2CL - Starcraft Freaks 4 : 1 eSuba
June 2nd SC2CL - Starcraft Freaks 5 : 0 NewRoSoft
June 16th SC2CL - Starcraft Freaks 3 : 2 KnightS* Gaming
July 21st SC2CL 1st Starcraft Freaks 4 : 1 mYinsanity


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