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Stargate After Cybernetics Core

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[e][h]ProtossStargate After Cybernetics Core
Strategy Information
PvT, PvZ
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The Stargate after Cybernetics Core opening is purely a harassment style opening until addition Gateways can be added can be turned into a one base power-play. The reason Stargate openings are strong is that all Protoss air units can fire while moving making for strong hit and run tactics as well as cliff-range abuse.

Phoenix are used for air control and harassing worker lines and Overlords/Medivacs that, these things combined contain the opponent to one base, as expanding will increase the areas of harass and make Phoenix more effective.

Void Ray are very high damage output units. But on one base are simply too expensive to mass in any decent number, usually only have 2, maybe 3 at most, active during the early/mid game. Used for breaking a Terran wall-off or a Zerg's early second/third mining Hatchery. Combined with Phoenix's Graviton Beam make short work of Queens.

Phoenix do not have any army strong-presence against ground armies. Void Rays and Phoenix are very expensive if Chronoboosted on one base, this will cut into the early Gateway count until the economy can support it.

Build Order[edit]

Basic Build



  • The staying power of this build is keeping the opponent's anti-air to a minimum and keeping track of air unit hull damage.
  • Void Ray:
  • Keeping Void Rays near a cliff edge is important so they can kite the opponent's ground army and retreat effectively.
  • Void Ray micro and timing is important, keeping them at a distance but still in range of units or buildings so they do not have to charge again is the key to doing a lot of damage.
  • Phoenix:
  • Simply target workers and expensive units like the Ghost and Infestor. Avoid any turrets or spores as both are extremely high damage output. Phoenix also allow for free and easy access to the opponent's base, while the main army is away, for the reminder of the game, just do not waltz blindly into mineral lines where all the defenses are.

Proxy versus In-Base:

  • Proxying the Stargate is a double-edged sword that tends to make this build more all-in than an in-base Stargate. One of the strong options is to charge the Void Ray on the Stargate, if close enough to the enemy base.

Notable Games[edit]