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Starport (Legacy of the Void)

This article covers the current multiplayer version of this building. For another version see Starport (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h] Starport
Building Information
150 100 36
1300 1 (+2) (Armored, Structure, Mechanical)
V  S
Unlocked Tech:


The Starport is the Terran production building for air units. It requires a Factory before it can be built. It can be lifted off.

Unit Minerals Vespene Gas Supply Build Time Key
Viking 150 75 2 30 V
Medivac 100 100 2 30 D
Liberator 150 150 3 43 N
Raven 100 200 2 43 R
Banshee 150 100 3 43 E
Battlecruiser 400 300 6 64 B


Initially, the Starport can only produce Vikings, Medivacs, or Liberators, one at a time -- however, like Barracks and Factories, attaching add-ons increase this capability. Attaching a Reactor allows the Starport to produce two of these units at a time while attaching a Tech Lab allows a Starport to produce Banshees, Ravens and Battlecruisers (the latter also requiring a Fusion Core).

A common technique is to start both your Starport and a Reactor on your Factory as soon as the Factory is complete. Since both take 50 seconds to complete, you can swap the Factory and Starport upon completion (resulting in a Reactored Starport) allowing you to immediately "double-pump" Medivacs or Vikings. Similarly, this technique can be used to get faster cloaked Banshees by constructing a Tech Lab on your factory.


Hotkey: L
Lifts off a building, making it airborne and mobile. Can be used by Command Center, Orbital Command, Barracks, Factory and Starport.


Build Reactor
 50      50      36 Hotkey: C
Allows Barracks, Factory, and Starport to create 2 units simultaneously.
Build Tech Lab
 50      25      18 Hotkey: X
Research structure, a Tech Lab can fit onto Barracks, Factory, and Starport.


When building a unit, the window lights flash on and off, and the circular hood overhead lowers into the building. Sparks are also seen.

Patch Changes[edit]

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