Stasis Ward

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[e][h] Stasis Ward
Building Information
Built by:
0 0 4
30 30 0 (Light, Structure)


The Stasis Ward is a Protoss structure that may be constructed by an Oracle. When an enemy ground unit draws near, the Statis Ward traps all nearby enemy ground units for 21 seconds. Trapped units cannot move, attack or use abilities, nor be attacked or be affected by abilities. The Protoss player can however use the time to achieve a favorable army placement.

The Stasis Ward expires after 170 seconds or when triggering its Statis Trap ability.


Stasis Trap
Caster: Stasis Ward
Traps nearby enemies in stasis for 21 seconds. Trapped units cannot be attacked or affected by abilities.
The Stasis Ward is permanently cloaked.

Competitive Use[edit]


The Oracle is generally acquired for its Pulsar Beam ability in the early game to harass and its Revelation ability in the late-game to keep tabs on the enemy army, and, as such, Stasis Ward is a niche ability. Stasis wards can be placed in choke points to delay counterattacks and give the defending player ample time to respond. If an enemy moves his army onto a stasis ward, the opposing player can engage into the stasised army and deal with both portions of the army at different times, granting a large advantage. The stasised player will be forced to retreat with the rest of his army and wait for the stasis to wear off, or abandon his forces altogether.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Since oracles are usually made in the lategame for their ability to cast revelation on the enemy army, some stasis wards can be placed. A few stasis wards on an expansion can help the defending player deal with Zealot or Dark Templar run-bys, splitting up the enemy forces into smaller chunks and giving him/her more time to react. Despite the threat of a stasis ward + disruptor combo, stalkers are fairly resistant to them thanks to their ability to evade danger immediately with their Blink ability. The stasis does not offer as much of a window for aggression as in the other matchups, because of how hard it is to engage into an enemy army with Disruptors.

Vs. Terran[edit]

Since Terran bio armies do not usually accompany a mobile detector with their main army, oracles left over from the early game can surprise entire bio forces with a few well placed stasis mines. They are not effective against bio-based harass, however, since Terran harass is most often seen in the form of drops, and the autocast on the stasis mine prevents more than the first units dropped to be caught

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Stasis wards can be effective at denying enemy zergling runbys, as a single stasis ward can trap a handful of zerglings, and a zealot warpin can cleanup the rest. A stasis ward can also be placed behind one's natural wall-off. This makes it so if a pack of zerglings does happen to slip past your defenses, it will activate and use the stasised zergling to block the rest from entering, allowing the defending player to react accordingly



  • Stasis Wards will neither be triggered by nor trap Larvae or Cocoons (all kinds).
  • There is a very short delay between the Stasis Trap triggering and units being trapped. With crisp timing, this allows certain units to trigger and remove Stasis Wards without becoming trapped:

Patch Changes[edit]


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