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SteelSeries Starcraft II League Season 2

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[e][h]SteelSeries Starcraft League Season 2
League Information
Norway Norway
Round-robin, double elimination bracket
Start Date:


Info to come...


  • 16 players in Premier Division, split into 2 groups
  • 32 players in Second Division, split into 2 groups
  • xx players in Third Division, split into 4 groups

Prize Pool[edit]

Only prizes for Premier Division, ---- NOK (≈--- €, ≈$---) is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize (NOK) Prize (EUR) Prize (USD) ID Team
1st Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
2nd Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
3rd Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
4th Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
5th Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
6th Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
7th Norway [[]] ZZZZZ
8th Norway [[]] ZZZZZ

* Currency conversion is based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on xxxx-xx-xx.

Up & Down[edit]


Notable players in top 16[edit]

  • Norway  Snute is probably the best known Norwegian player internationally.
  • Norway  TargA is close to Snute in "fame", and has shown impressive results internationally.
  • Norway  Rake is the breakout player of last season, placing 2nd!
  • Norway  Eiki was unknown before participating in NationWars and is a formidable player.
  • Norway  Prebs has been picked up by Root Academy.
  • Norway  Snitchables has been picked up by Nuit Blanche.
  • Norway  Icho always a top finisher Captain for his team Aposis.

Players to look out for in top 16[edit]

  • Norway  Emperor top player, but haven't participated in many larger events.
  • Norway  Shad has beaten Snute in tournament games, but rarely participates in events (Signed up with account Rake).
  • Norway  HOODOUT
  • Norway  CreamCake might be the best Terran player in Norway, but compete with Norway  Plecto for the title.
  • Norway  SolO has been picked up by Root Academy.
  • Norway  Scyther top player for Team BX3, rarely participates in the same tournaments as Snute or TargA.