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Strategy Article Policy

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Strategy in LP II[edit]

When Liquipedia I was set up, StarCraft: Brood War was in a quite advanced strategic state: The game had been developing for roughly 10 years, and consequently, although a large variety had to be covered, the main options were fairly well known.

With Liquipedia II, we enter uncharted territory, since strategic advice may be invalidated over night, with rapid changes from day to day. This bears the following consequences for building up our strategy section: We make it more modular and interconnected, we list detailed Builds and add general overviews that will characterize common mid- and lategame situations.


We need modularity in all builds. Therefore try to separate strategy pages into three parts:


These steps are fundamental to most games. Usually, the following steps can be performed completely unhindered by your opponent, besides by scouting workers. We will consider this phase to end when 2 of the following 3 conditions are met:

  • When the first tier 1/2 or tier 2 tech decision is made.
  • When you have added your primary production capacities.
  • When the first attack timing is reached.

Examples in Brood War terms:

  • As soon as your first Protoss tier 2 starts building (Citadel of Adun, Stargate, Robotics Facility). Or: When you move out with the first 7 Zealots at a 2 Gate rush.
  • As Zerg: When you add a Hydra Den, tech to Lair, or move out with your Zerglings to attack after adding 3 Hatcheries.
  • As Terran: When you add your Academy / Factory.

Ideally make separate BO pages, so they can be included in Build articles that are described below.


Builds start with an opening, and you should always refer to which opening they start with. If the BO page is sufficiently well constructed, you can just include it, such as {{:Protoss FE (vs. Zerg)}} would add the basic Protoss FE procedure.

Give a numeric rundown of the build order, as in:

  • 9/10 - Depot (1)
  • 11/19 - Barracks (1)

and so on.

Please add numerals to the building, so it becomes clear how many of each type you have and e.g. which Barracks you add the reactor to.

Then map out the attack timing, important adaptations and counters, and how you transition into late-game from there.


Here the specific Builds that can lead to certain Midgame/Lategame situations will be given and how you (should) solve them. They will be given with no distinct build orders, since they will be different each game.


We will be very strict about what we permit. Theory-Crafting is prohibited and might be penalized by blocks on Liquipedia or even by bans on Only post highly reliable information that has become a standard to play.


Add replays on the Discussion Page when possible, as a means of proof.