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[e][h] SuperNova
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Young-jin
May 17, 1990 (age 32)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Military Service:
Years active:
2011 - 2015
2017 - 2020
????-??-?? — 2012-05-15
2012-07-27 — 2012-12-27
2013-01-30 — 2014-02-28
2014-07-23 — 2015-08-31
2018-01-13 — Present
Recent Matches
SuperNova  South Korea
South Korea  Chance
2020-08-19 00:01:25UTC  
SuperNova  South Korea
South Korea  Super
2020-08-19 00:01:21UTC  
SuperNova  South Korea
South Korea  Hurricane
2020-08-19 00:01:20UTC  
SuperNova  South Korea
South Korea  RagnaroK
2020-08-18 00:00:53UTC  
SuperNova  South Korea
South Korea  Chance
2020-08-18 00:00:49UTC  

Kim "SuperNova" Young-jin (born May 17, 1990) is a Korean Terran player who is currently playing for ROOT Gaming.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

SuperNova joined oGs during the GSL January and managed to qualify for Code A in the GSL March qualifiers.

Code A[edit]

SuperNova's first match of GSL March Code A was against the heavily favoured Squirtle, who had defeated GSL 4 Champion Mvp in the GSTL. SuperNova managed to defeat Squirtle 2-0 and his next opponent aLive, thereby getting to the Ro8 and qualifying for the up/down matches. He continued in Code A all the way to the finals after defeating both Killer and Alicia. He took second place after losing to LosirA 3-4 in the finals. In the up/down matches, SuperNova would be held off by Polt 2-0, but was able to take down TheBest in order to secure a Code S spot in the next season.

His first Code A match in the 2011 GSL November was versus VINES, he would take an easy 2-0 win and advance to the Round of 32. In the Round of 32 SuperNova would battle it out vs Squirtle also taking a 2-0 win and continuing his Code A run, which would continue in the Round of 24 vs GuMiho also with a 2-0 win, securing him a spot for the next Code S season.

In 2012 GSL Season 1, he had to face Ryung in Code A RO24 after being eliminated from Code S RO16. He lost 0-2 and will have to fight in the Up&Down matches to get back in Code S.

Code S[edit]

In his Code S debut in GSL May, SuperNova easily advanced at the top of his group with victories over Polt and his coach, TheWinD. He was eliminated by his teammate TOP in the subsequent round. In GSL August, SuperNova was eliminated in the group stages 0-2 and played in the Up and Down Matches. There, he placed first in his group with a score of 3-0, allowing him to stay in Code S. SuperNova made it to the round of 8 in GSL October. He placed second in his group and managed to beat DongRaeGu to get there, but was defeated by GanZi 2-3.

During the 2011 GSL November, SuperNova was defeated by Virus and jjakji in the Round of 32. With the score of 0-2, he would drop down into the Round of 48 for Code A.

Though SuperNova dropped to Code A, he was able to get back to Code S by advancing out of the 2011 GSL November Code A Round of 24. On January 10, he was able to defeat MC followed by Leenock, only losing 1 game to each, to advance onto the Round of 16. There he lost to Puzzle and Oz to end his Code S run in the first season of 2012.

ESV TV Korean Weekly[edit]

On January 18, 2012, SuperNova participated in the ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 2 Weekly 1. After taking down Creator, Monster, TaeJa and TheBest, SuperNova went on to face Leenock. He was not able to advance any further after he lost to Leenock by a score of 1-3 and had to settle for fourth place.

Outside Korea[edit]

SuperNova's first tournament outside of Korea was IEM Season VI Sao Paulo. He was the only player living in Korea who played in this event. In the Group Stage, he took first place of his group after beating DarKFoRcE 2-0, Illusion 2-0 and KiLLeR 2-1. His next opponent in the Playoffs would be the Russian player sLivko. He took the victory 3-2, advancing to the semifinals where he met ReaL. He again won 3-2 and face viOLet in the finals where he lost 1-3, taking $3,300 home and enough points to qualify for IEM Season VI World Championship.

At the IEM Season VI World Championship, he got second place in his group. He beat DarKFoRcE again 2-0, 2-1 ReaL, and 2-1 Kas, but lost 2-0 to Feast and 2-1 to IdrA. His opponent in round 16 of the Playoffs was his former teammate Zenio. He was defeated 1-3, ending his tournament run.

On July 27, 2012, it was announced that SuperNova joined the German Team mTw.[1]

On August 25, 2012, Supernova took part in the Campus Party Europe where he was placed into Group A. He would go 2-1 in his group defeating AlaStOr 2-0 and Feast 2-1 and losing to HasuObs 1-2. With a second-place finish in his group he advanced to the Round of 8. He would then go on to defeat ForGG 2-0, Snute 2-1, HasuObs 2-0 and in the grand finals he defeated Snute 4-1 taking home the $10,000 prize.

On December 26, 2012, Supernova left mTw.[2]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]


Playing for AZUBU, SuperNova was able to get a 3-3 winrate in [[2013 Global StarCraft II Team League Preseason}}, a show tournament held by GSTL on the Heart of the Swarm beta, and thus led his team to a second place.

In the very first season of WCS Korea, SuperNova was able to qualify for GSL Challenger league. After clean 2-0 victories against LabyRinth and the Season 1 Code S dropdown DongRaeGu, he defeated Creator with a score of 2:1 to qualify for WCS Season 2 Korea OSL Premier league.

Between WCS Season 1 and Season 2, AZUBU participated in the 2013 GSTL Season 1. They finished fourth in regular season, with SuperNova contributing 4 wins and 4 losses, qualifying for playoffs. He lost both his sets against Avenge and YoDa in their matches against StarTale and Incredible Miracle, respectively. While his team was able to win the first one nonetheless, they got all-killed by Incredible Miracle's YoDa and thus got eliminated, finishing in fourth place.

Back in WCS, he was able to top his Round of 32 group consisting of him and 3 Protoss players in PartinG, Squirtle and YongHwa through 1:0 wins over Squirtle and PartinG. In the Round of 16, he was put into Group D, together with Maru, Trap and KangHo. He won his first match, against KangHo, with a score of 2:0. However, he wasn't able to beat his fellow Korean Terran Maru and lost 1:2. Through his last match, a 2:1 victory over Trap, he was nonetheless able to reach the Quarterfinals in second place of his group. His opponent was the winner of Group C, the Korean Protoss Rain. In a close series, SuperNova lost 2:3 against Rain and thus was eliminated from the brackets. Because the Korean region had 5 slots for the WCS Season 2 Finals, a 5th place decider bracket was held in which SuperNova beat Soulkey with a score of 2:1 in the first round. In the qualifying match, he was defeated by First in yet another close series ending 2:3, thus finishing in 6th place and being seeded into WCS Season 3 Korea GSL Premier.

In WCS Season 3 Korea, once again held by GSL, his group in the Round of 32 held sOs, Dear and JangBi. He lost his opening series against Dear with a score of 0:2. Despite getting a default win over the recently retired JangBi, SuperNova wasn't able to advance as we got sweeped 0:2 again in a rematch against Dear, who went on to win the tournament as Royal Roader.

In 2013 GSTL Season 2, which was later known as the very last season of GSTL, SuperNova was able to get two wins in the regular season, while he lost 3 sets. In playoffs however, he has able to defeat 3 players of StarTale in their two matches against AZUBU. In the first match, he won two sets against Zerg players Life and Curious; in the second one he beat Panic, thus leading his team to the finals against Axiom-Acer. In the first match, which was played in Proleague Format, SuperNova defeated CranK. In the All-Kill styled second match, he was fielded as last player of his team, being down 2-3. He was able to win his first set over Alicia, but the then fielded Terran INnoVation defeated SuperNova. Because both teams now had won one match, a final ace match was held. Both teams nominated their last player, INnoVation and SuperNova respectively, causing a rematch. While getting some slight advantages in the early game, SuperNova was not able to finish INnoVation and subsequently lost the match.

Two weeks later, SuperNova participated in 2013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest, one of the few tournaments he played outside of Korea. At the time, the tournament was regarded as one of the most stacked tournaments ever outside of Korea. He was seeded into Group I in Group Stage 2 and had to face the Norwegian Zerg TargA, the Finnish Zerg Serral as well as the polish Protoss pal. He topped his group only losing a single map to TargA. His series against the at-the-time 15-year old Serral was very close and widely regarded as one of the best TvZ series in the whole tournament as well as the first major performance of the young fin. Group F, which he was in in Group Stage 3, was all Korean: sC, INnoVation and Hurricane. SuperNova was able to win both of his TvT series with scores of 2:0, he only lost 1:2 against Hurricane in TvP. Advancing in first place, he was matched against another Korean Protoss Alicia in the Round of 16. This time however, his TvP hold strong and he won with a score of 2:0. In the quarterfinals, he had to play against Life. SuperNova wasn't able to win this series as he went down 1:2. Because the tournament winner TaeJa had already qualified for the Grand Finals at 2013 DreamHack Open: Winter a consolation bracket to award his seed was held: SuperNova faced sOs and lost 0:2, thus finishing 7th-8th.


In 2014 GSL Season 1: Code A, SuperNova played in Group J, together with Stats, CoCa and TheBest. In his first series, he was able to take a clean 2:0 victory over CoCa. He couldn't carry the momentum as he lost then 1:2 against Stats. In the rematch against CoCa, however, he was able to win 2:0 again, thus qualifying for Code S. He was one of only 3 Terrans in that season, during the so-called "Blink Era" which was dominated by Protoss players, partly due to Blink-play favoring map pools. His group had Zest, Trap and Leenock. SuperNova wasn't able to win a single map as he lost 0:2 against both Leenock and Trap, thus dropping down to Code A.

On February 28, 2014, his team AZUBU, for which he had now played 1 year and 1 month, disbanded and left him teamless.[3]

His group in 2014 GSL Season 2: Code A was formed out of him, TRUE, TY and Choya. SuperNova was able to advance in first place as he won against TY and TRUE with scores of 1:2. Seeded into Code S Round of 32 group F with PartinG, Solar and ByuL, he went on to defeat Solar with a score of 2:1. However, the Korean Terran lost 0:2 against PartinG as well as 1:2 in the rematch against Solar, once again dropping down to next season's Code A.

On July 23, 2014, only hours before his Code A group, it was announced that SuperNova had been picked up by the US-based team ROOT Gaming.[4]

SuperNova played, in what was his debut for ROOT Gaming, in Group K of 2014 GSL Season 3: Code A together with Terminator, EffOrt and Leenock. He lost both TvZ matches 1:2 against EffOrt and Leenock, thus finishing last in his group.

A few days later, he once again went abroad to participate in a foreign weekend tournament, this time 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. He topped his group in the open sign-up group stage with two victories, thus advancing to the bracket stage, where he defeated the American Protoss eNtitY with a score of 2:0. His next opponent was the Korean Zerg Jaedong, called the "tyrant". SuperNova was nonetheless able to defeat him 2:0 and move on to the Round of 16. He faced the Zerg Petraeus from New Zealand and lost, in what was considered a major upset, 0:2.

On December 11, 2014, SuperNova participated in the qualifiers for the newly created 2015 SSL Season 1, only to get eliminated by the Korean protoss player Patience in the first round.

Few days later, on December 15, SuperNova also tried to qualify for 2015 GSL Season 1. Once again, he was defeated by a Protoss, this time Billowy with a score of 1:2.


On March 4, 2015, he was finally able to qualify again for a Korean league as he didn't lose a single map in his 2015 GSL Season 2 qualifiers run. He played against SpeeD, Trust and Sleep. In Code A, which was only a single best-of-5 series, he played against the Korean Terran Dream. His 1:3 loss denied him a return to Code S.

He also was eliminated by a protoss player from 2015 SSL Season 2 qualifiers as he lost 1:2 against Seed on March 26, 2015.

He participated in IEM Season X - Shenzhen, which was later known as his last international tournament. SuperNova originally signed up for the open brackets, but because of low participation due to the outbreak of MERS in South Korea and China subsequently denying visas for multiple players, the open bracket players were directly seeded into group play. He was seeded into Group A, together with his fellow Korean Terrans Heart and TY as well as the zerg player Losira. SuperNova was able to win 2:0 over Heart, thus advancing to the winner's match against Losira. The Zerg however was too strong and defeated him 2:1. In the deciding match, SuperNova faced TY in a TvT series, which he lost 2:0, thus being eliminated from the tournament in 9-12th place.

On August 31, 2015, SuperNova officially announced his retirement from professional gaming. No longer wanting to delay anymore he opted to start his mandatory military service in December 2015.[5]


  • Was a B-Teamer known as SaiR on Brood War pro-gaming team KT Rolster playing Terran.
  • The fourth most consistent competitor in GSL Code S, having qualified a total of nine times, at one point making him one Code S qualification away from being the second person to have received the NesTea award. However, he dropped out of Code S before he was able to accomplish this, resetting his progress towards the award.
  • Known in Korea for his excellent Banshee micro.[Citation needed]


In A1Premier Tournaments
2013-11-232nd2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 2
7 : 6Axiom-AcerAxiom-Acer$2,093.47
2013-07-134th2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
0 : 5Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle$494.45
2012-02-112ndIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Sao PauloeSahara.oGseSahara.oGs1 : 3$3,300
2011-12-071st - 12th2011 Global StarCraft II League November: Code AOld GenerationsOld Generations2 : 0$890
2011-05-193rd - 4thGlobal Starcraft II Team League May
Old Generations
2 : 4MVPMVP$0
2011-03-112nd2011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March: Code AOld GenerationsOld Generations3 : 4$890
In A2Major Tournaments
2013-10-171st - 12th2013 WCS Season 3 Korea GSL: Challenger LeagueAZUBUAZUBU2 : 0$892
2013-05-151st - 12th2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL: Challenger LeagueAZUBUAZUBU2 : 1$892
2012-08-251stCampus PartymTwmTw4 : 1$10,000
2012-03-093rdIPL Team Arena Challenge 2
Old Generations
2 : 5New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo$375
2011-11-123rd - 4thTeam Ace InvitationalOld GenerationsOld Generations0 : 2$1,331.56
In A3Minor Tournaments
2018-12-292ndGamez Invitational #11: SuperNova vs ChamROOT GamingROOT Gaming2 : 5$30
2018-07-232ndAfreeca World 17ROOT GamingROOT Gaming0 : 4$35
2018-03-112ndAfreeca World 11ROOT GamingROOT Gaming0 : 4$35
2018-02-041stAfreeca World 9ROOT GamingROOT Gaming4 : 2$125
2015-07-111stOlimoLeague Week #35ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 2$75
2015-06-211stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #5
ROOT Gaming
4 : 0Team AscensionTeam Ascension$41.67
2015-06-172ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #4
ROOT Gaming
2 : 4BaguetteBaguette$0
2015-05-201stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #4
ROOT Gaming
4 : 3Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$41.67
2015-05-082ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #3
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4mYinsanitymYinsanity$0
2015-04-281stLycan League Legacy of the Void Series April FinalsROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 0$400
2015-04-282ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #7
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4AxiomAxiom$0
2015-04-191stLegacy of the OlimoLeague Week #3ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 1$50
2015-04-172ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #3
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4StarTaleStarTale$0
2014-12-221stOlimoLeague Week #16ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 2$50
2014-12-191stLeifeng Cup 60ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 2$50
2014-12-182ndOlimoLeague Week #15ROOT GamingROOT Gaming2 : 3$30
2014-12-041stOlimoLeague Week #14ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 0$50
2014-10-192ndLeifeng Cup 29ROOT GamingROOT Gaming0 : 3$35
2014-09-282ndLeifeng Cup 9ROOT GamingROOT Gaming2 : 3$35
2014-09-272ndLeifeng Cup 8ROOT GamingROOT Gaming1 : 3$35
2014-08-021stOlimoLeague Week #1ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 1$50
2013-02-252nd2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Preseason
2 : 4Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle$0
2013-01-051stHoradriCCup #23 : 0$100
2012-08-302ndMSI Pro Cup #13mTwmTw2 : 3$375.21
2012-06-272ndMSI Pro Cup #112 : 3$374.24
2011-03-271stFXOpen Invitational Series #2Old GenerationsOld Generations3 : 1$900
In A4Basic Tournaments
2018-11-021stGamez Invitational #4: SuperNova vs JimRisingROOT GamingROOT Gaming4 : 1$39
2018-10-211stGamez Invitational #2: SuperNova vs puCKROOT GamingROOT Gaming4 : 0$42
2015-03-221stDingIt Showmatches Match 17ROOT GamingROOT Gaming4 : 0$150
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 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Terran253 - 24351 %220 - 14959.6 %241 - 21852.5 %3 - 0100 %717 - 61054 %

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