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Symbol's Broodlord/Infestor vs Mech

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[e][h]The Symbolic Can Opener
Strategy Information
ZvT Mech
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This is Symbols opening and his following plan into the late game against Mvp playing Mech. It utilizes the early advantage of Roach drops on top of the army with only Thor as anti air. The +2 Carapace reduces the splash of the Thors Anti Air severely and makes closing the distance to the mech army much easier. It also makes enables you to drop more aggresively against Missile Turrets. The Air Flyer upgrades synergize well with the transition to Broodlord/Infestor as the ultimate counter to the late game mech army.


This is a defensive opening build with strong upgrade timings aimed at pressuring a turtling mech player with Roach pressure and drops. It doesn't rely on doing economic damage, but can significantly delay the 200/200 mech push.

Basic Build Order[edit]

" The Symbolic Can Opener"

Timings after the initial opening


  • The build gets speed not just because of scouting, but to deal with various all-ins in the middle stage. You don't need to produce Zerglings at all. This is a must have upgrade early in the game when you can't be 100% sure the opponent is going mech.
  • Spinecrawlers at remote bases to defend against Hellion harass
  • You want to saturate at least 3 bases of minerals along with 6-10 Gas to afford the lategame Hive Tech units.


  • Look for an usual amount of Factories (usually +2) to determine whether the Terran opponent is going into bio mech play or is playing straight up mech.



    • Vs. Thor/Hellion

Do not bother building mass Mutalisks vs. this push. If you do build mutas you need to magic box as you engage them and avoid chokes when engaging with your Roach/ling. Thors are very strong in chokes and in critical mass versus fewer units, but can quickly be overwhelmed if surrounded. Roach/Infestor is the composition you should aim for if you are fighting a Thor/Hellion push off two base with Armory upgrades. Fungal Growth can kill off Hellions/SCVs and Neural Parasite can help you take out large chunks of Thors.

    • Vs. Marauder/Hellion

Spinecrawler/Queen/ing is probably the correct response. Be careful with aggressively expanding to your third till you have beaten back this pressure. The natural followup for the Terran is Siege Tanks, which makes a muta switch afterwards powerful. If you do put down a Spire, the first few Mutalisks will put this push on the clock as it doesn't contain any anti air. Mutalisks wil however come too late to affect the push so rely on proper macro and ling/spinecrawler.



Pro features[edit]

Works well on most maps. As always the longer distances map can make it easier to spot when the slow moving mech Terran moves out.

Con features[edit]


Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea Zerg Symbol Mvp opens with a proxy starport and gets scout. Symbol drops Mvp main base and seizes a large food supply lead. Symbol crushes Mvp with roach drops ontop of his army as Mvp leaves his base for the middle ground of Antiga Shipyard.
South Korea Terran Mvp
Date: 2012-03-20
Patch: 1.4.3 VOD