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[e][h] TIME
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Li Peinan
June 28, 2000 (age 22)
Alternate IDs:
Aventador, Oliveira
李白给(Li BAI-GEI)
barbarian(野人)Li Hung-Chang
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
EPT CN rank:
Years active:
2014 - Present
Years active (caster):
2015-04-26 — 2015-09-09
2016-01-04 — 2017-09-03
2017-09-03 — 2017-12-18
2017-12-18 — 2018-04-02
2018-08-03 — 2020-03-23
2020-03-26 — Present
Upcoming Matches
TIME  China
Denmark  MaxPax
2022-09-30 09:00:00UTC  
TIME  China
China  Nanami
2022-10-05 12:00:00UTC  
Recent Matches
TIME  China
Germany  HeRoMaRinE
2022-09-26 17:40:24UTC  
TIME  China
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2022-09-26 16:55:20UTC  
TIME  China
Germany  Spatz
2022-09-26 00:00:11UTC  
TIME  China
South Korea  GuMiho
2022-09-25 00:00:08UTC  
TIME  China
China  温柔兔骑士
2022-09-25 00:00:02UTC  

For other people named Time see Time.

Li "TIME" Peinan (born June 28, 2000) is a Chinese Terran player who is currently playing for KaiZi Gaming.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

After he became the youngest Chinese player to reach Grandmaster on the Korean server, Zenith of Origin invited him to join as an academy player. However, TIME participated in NeoTV Starcraft League 2015 as a member of his clan SoloAsR instead of ZoO for unknown reasons. After his first offline tournament at World Leisure Games 2015, he left Zenith of Origin.

His best result in a Premier tournament during the Heart of the Swarm era was a Ro8 finish at MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015: China & Japan Qualifier.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

Following his performance at GPL 2015 Season 3 Premier League, he was invited to become a member of X-Team at the beginning of 2016.

He became famous in NEO Star League 2016 International, where he beat MarineLorD 2-0 through his strongest matchup (TvT).

In the 3rd place playoff of WESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier, he beat Maru 3-2 in an official offline tournament.

After One More was disbanded, TIME stayed as the member of Clan SCBoy for 4 months and then left. After being teamless for another 4 months, he joined Newbee in the summer of 2018.

In 2018 WCS Montreal, Time reached a new milestone in his SC2 career. He never expected himself to go that deep into the tournament. TIME defeated Has 3:2, who was the runner-up of 2018 WCS Valencia, and he advanced to the quarterfinals. In Ro8, he surprised most people by sweeping the series against HeRoMaRinE, one of the best EU Terran players, 3:0. Before him, the Chinese audience had sorely missed one of their own players in the semifinals, the last two being MacSed & Jim in 2013. Even though Reynor ended Time's journey, he had a bright future in the coming years.

On April 2019, despite losing to MaSa in 2019 WCS Winter AM, TIME saw his 4th trip to the Top 8 of a premier tournament.

Just one month after 2019 WCS Winter AM, TIME made his breakthrough and stood in front of Serral in the quarterfinals of 2019 WCS Spring. Even though he felt anxious while facing the world's best player, TIME still managed to grab one map after an unsuccessful Nydus timing attack from Serral. He said that he had seen the gap between him and the best player and what he could improve in the next tournament after that game.

On July 2019, TIME was defeated by ShoWTimE, the best German Protoss, 1:3 in the quarterfinals of 2019 WCS Summer. Later, he was successfully qualified for Assembly Summer 2019 after defeating Scarlett for the first time. He got revenge against ShoWTimE in Group Stage 2 with two decisive SCV pulls. He then faced Serral in the quarterfinals for the second time and showed his improvement after 3 months' practice. No one expected that TIME would almost take down Serral in this BO5, but he narrowly lost 2:3. He even led 2:1 in the series but Serral pulled off a comeback after a vigorous effort and defeated TIME with 3:2. During the winner's interview, the reigning WCS Champion said that there was a moment he thought he might have lost the game. TIME showed his excellent control just like what ByuN did 3 years ago, and earned himself many fans worldwide.

On Aug 15, 2019 GSL vs. the World, he dominated one of the best Zerg players from Korea, soO. There was no doubt that TIME was now one of the best Terran players in the world.

After beating MaNa 3:1 and Astrea 3:0 in 2019 WCS Fall, TIME became the first China Mainland player to be qualified for2019 WCS Global Finals in Anaheim. It had been 8 years for Chinese audience to see their own player competing in the Global Finals. No matter what the results, TIME has initiated a new era of Chinese StarCraft 2 scene.


  • He is the youngest Chinese player to reach Grandmaster on Korean server, at the age of 14.
  • Defeated Cloudy in his first official StarCraft II match when He was 14 years old. Then Cloudy reported him for not being old enough to sign up (players needed to be at least 16 years old).
  • Time, Coffee and Chick are thought to be three best Terran players of the new generation in mainland China.
  • He (6359 days) beat Jim (6360 days) to be the youngest Chinese player winning a major tournament.
  • When he dominated HeRoMaRinE with 3:0 and advanced to semifinals, more than 1 million audience in China cheered "李少牛逼" which means "TIME Overwhelming".
  • Chinese audience often refer the relationship between Time and iAsonu as 'son and father'.
  • Due to the overall disappointing performance of Chinese players, He is sometimes referred as "李中堂"(Li Hung-Chang) by fans. A bit like Li Hung-Chang in the late Qing Dynasty, it is He who is leading the entire Chinese scene.
  • He is referred as "李白" (Li Bai) as a simplified version of "李白给"(Li BAI-GEI) rather than the poet. The word "白给"(BAI-GEI) in Chinese usually refers to freebies (someone you can defeat without effort). He got this title due to his continuous failure against all kinds of opponents in China Team Championship 2019 Season 1.
  • He is called "Mr. Ro8", as he finished nearly all premier tournaments he participated in 2019 with exact Ro8, no matter how competitive the tournament is.
  • Before WCS 2019, create a documentary about He: 英雄远征!TIME纪录片现已上线
  • He won's Best Chinese Player Award for his overall performance in the Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Fall Season.[1]
  • Along with SpeCial, he is the only player to win all three of the EPT Regional Challengers of the ESL Pro Tour 2020/21.
  • TIME and Kelazhur often call each other "Er Zi" (mean son) for five years.




In A1Premier Tournaments
2022-08-143rdWorld Team League 2022 SummerKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming3 : 4Team NVTeam NV$2,163.90
2022-01-23AwardWorld Team League 2021 Winter: Best Post-match Celebration No.7KaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming– : –$158.24
2022-01-163rd - 4thDH SC2 Masters 2021: Last Chance 2022KaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming1 : 3$3,200
2021-07-113rdWorld Team League 2021 SummerKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming2 : 4Team NVTeam NV$2,057.96
2020-10-11AwardGold Series Team Championship 2020 Fall: Best Chinese PlayerKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming– : –$0
2020-10-111stGold Series Team Championship 2020 FallKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming5 : 4Alpha XAlpha X$4,979.06
2020-08-163rd - 4thWar Chest Team LeagueThe Dread KnightsThe Dread Knights2 : 3War PigsWar Pigs$3,450
2020-06-283rdGold Series Team Championship 2020 SpringKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming0 : 4Brave Star GamingBrave Star Gaming$1,130.20
2019-08-181st2019 GSL vs. The World: Teams CompetitionTeam Dark5 : 3Team Serral$825.88
2019-06-103rd - 4thChina Team Championship 2019 Season 1NewbeeNewbee1 : 4Team LaoPaoerTeam LaoPaoer$1,993.67
2019-04-064th2019 WCS Winter AmericasNewbeeNewbee2 : 3$5,000
2018-09-093rd - 4th2018 WCS MontrealNewbeeNewbee0 : 3$6,500
2017-12-303rdNEO Star League 2017SCBoySCBoy2 : 3Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming$737.52
2017-06-042ndNEO Star League 2016X-TeamX-Team2 : 3Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming$725.66
In A2Major Tournaments
2022-07-163rdStarCraft II: NationWars 7ChinaChina4 : 1USAUSA$763.45
2022-05-291stDH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 1$6,500
2022-01-092ndWTL 2021 Winter: WTL vs The WorldTeam WTL4 : 5Team World$1,180.21
2021-10-102ndDH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming3 : 4$3,000
2021-08-081stDH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 0$4,500
2021-05-301stDH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 3$4,500
2020-11-011stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 0$3,500
2020-09-061stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 0$3,500
2020-07-051stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: ChinaKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming4 : 2$3,500
2020-05-022ndNeXT 2020 SpringKaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming3 : 4Dragon Phoenix GamingDragon Phoenix Gaming$849.56
2020-01-031stGPC 2019 - Grand FinalsNewbeeNewbee4 : 3$8,626.37
2019-11-082ndNeXT 2019 AutumnNewbeeNewbee1 : 4Triumphant Song GamingTriumphant Song Gaming$1,143.23
2019-07-281st2019 WCS Fall: China QualifierNewbeeNewbee4 : 0$4,371
2019-06-071st2019 WCS Summer: China QualifierNewbeeNewbee4 : 0$4,475
2019-05-311stNeXT 2019 SpringNewbeeNewbee4 : 2Ocean GamingOcean Gaming$2,418.16
2019-01-211st2019 WCS Winter Americas China QualifierNewbeeNewbee4 : 0$4,401
2019-01-111stGPL 2018 - Grand FinalsNewbeeNewbee3 : 2$8,723
2018-11-112nd2018 Suning "Lion king" InvitationalNewbeeNewbee2 : 3$4,333.20
2018-10-031stWESG 2018 - China QualifierNewbeeNewbee3 : 0$5,839
2018-08-263rd - 4th2018 Master's ColiseumNewbeeNewbee0 : 3$3,020
2018-03-241stGPL 2018 Season 1SCBoySCBoy4 : 0$4,743
2018-02-041stGPL 2017 - Grand FinalsSCBoySCBoy3 : 1$9,537
2018-01-143rdWESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific QualifierSCBoySCBoy3 : 2$4,500
2017-11-251st2018 WCS Leipzig: China QualifierOM.X-TeamOM.X-Team4 : 1$4,545
2017-09-103rdWESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific China QualifierOM.X-TeamOM.X-Team3 : 0$1,132
2017-05-213rd - 4thGPL 2017 Season 1 Second HalfX-TeamX-Team0 : 3$3,050.57
2017-04-092ndGPL 2017 Season 1 First HalfX-TeamX-Team2 : 4$2,462.61
2016-01-243rdGPL 2015 - Grand FinalsX-TeamX-Team3 : 2$2,304
In Premier/Major Team Leagues
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss1 - 233.3 %0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %
as Terran783 - 53759.3 %407 - 34054.5 %537 - 49951.8 %18 - 0100 %1745 - 137655.9 %
as Zerg1 - 233.3 %4 - 0100 %0 - 0-0 - 0-5 - 271.4 %
as Random1 - 233.3 %0 - 0-0 - 0-4 - 0100 %5 - 271.4 %

Earnings Statistics

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