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[e][h] TRUE
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Bang Tae Soo
April 15, 1992 (1992-04-15) (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
Alone, FeelsBadMan
SnackZerg, TRUE Bang (뜨루방)
Total Earnings:
WCS Circuit rank:
2016 WCS Summer Circuit Championship
2011-11-04 - 2012-11-02
2012-11-02 - 2013-07-10
2013-07-10 - 2014-08-25
2014-09-05 - 2015-09-29
2015-09-29 - Present
For other people named True see True.

Bang "TRUE" Tae Soo is a Zerg StarCraft 2 player from South Korea. He is currently playing for PSISTORM Gaming.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

TRUE tried to qualify for the 2012 OnGameNet Starleague Season 1 but lost to Classic with a score of 1-2 in the Ro8 of Group F in the KeSPA Preliminaries after receiving a BYE in the previous round.

TRUE tried to qualify for the World Cyber Games 2012 but lost to Snow with a score of 0-2 in the Ro8 of Group 2 in the KeSPA Qualifiers.

TRUE tried to qualify for the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series but lost to sOs with a score of 0-2 in the Ro4 of Group F in the South Korean Preliminaries after winning against 하지훈,Tible with a score of 2-0 and 2-1 respectively and receiving a BYE in the previous rounds.

On November 2, 2012, TRUE left team SK Telecom T1 in order to join 8th Team.[1]

After his first three failed qualification attempts in his Wings of Liberty career, TRUE attempted to qualify for Code A in the GSL 2013 Season 1 on January 29, 2013, where he was finally successful after defeating Mekia in the final of his bracket. In Code A, he defeated Hack, Crazy, and BBoongBBoong to qualify for WCS Korea 2013 Season 1 Premier League.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In WCS Korea 2013 Season 1 Premier League, TRUE was knocked out in the Round of 32 after losing two series to KangHo, despite defeating FanTaSy. He was unable to requalify for Premier League after being defeated by EffOrt in Challenger League and losing to First, MarineKing, and Hurricane in the Up and Down matches.

In Challenger League for WCS Korea 2013 Season 2, TRUE took a 6-0 score, defeating JYP, Squirtle, and KeeN to qualify for Premier League.

In WCS Korea 2013 Season 3 Premier League, TRUE was once again matched against KangHo in the first match, where he defeated his opponent 2-1. He could not prevail against the Season 2 runner-up Rain in the Winner's Match, however, and he was matched against KangHo yet again in the final match. After using aggressive builds in all three games, TRUE eventually lost the series 1-2 after failing to afflict significant damage with an early Baneling attack in the final game.

With WCS Korea being back to GSL, TRUE found himself in Code A having to qualify for Code S again. He finished his group consisting of hydra, Dream and Ryung and went on to Code S. Going into his Ro32 group, TRUE won his first match 2-1 against Bbyong. However, he lost in the winners match to PartinG, now having to go up against Bbyong again, but this time it did not go as well, as he lost the series 1-2, meaning the end of Code S for him in Season 1. Being back to Code A, TRUE played against Choya, taking him down 2-0, to next face SuperNova in the winners match, losing 2-1 to him and dropping down to the deciders match were TY was waiting for him already. TRUE managed to beat TY 2-0 and once again move on to Code S, where he found himself facing Trap. He was able to beat the Protoss 2-1 and move on to the winners match to face soO, which he did win against in the end as well, moving through to the Round of 16. Although losing his first match in his Ro16 group against Stork 0-2, he won the losers match against Dark convincingly, before once again facing Stork and this time winning 2-1, meaning he was going to the Round of 8. There he would face KT Rolster's ace Zest, who at the time was known to be one of the strongest Protoss in the world and beat him 3-1. Now in the Ro4, his next match was against soO, where he got defeated harshly by 4-1.

Being already qualified for Season 3 Code S, his first match was against TY, who he beat 2-0 going into the winners match against Dear, where he won 2-1 moving on to the round of 16 as first place in his group. In the GSL group selections, he got chosen into group D by DongRaeGu, before choosing Flash as the last remaining player, and the player that his first match would be against.

Move to a Foreign Team[edit]

On August 25, 2014, TRUE decided not to renew his contract with Jin Air Green Wings as he wanted to build experience with a team overseas.[2] A few days after, shortly before his Ro16 match in GSL, he announced he would be joining the newly created Swiss team Dead Pixels. TotalBiscuit shortly after announced, that he and TRUE's new team had come upon the agreement that TRUE would be living and training in the Axiom teamhouse, the house that he was also living in while still searching for a team. In his first match as a Dead Pixels player during the GSL Ro16, he lost to two early pushes from Flash. He was then faced against DongRaeGu, to whom he lost as well, dropping out of the GSL in last place of his group.

Shortly after, he attended 2014 Dreamhack Open Moscow. He walked through the first two group stages going 4-0, not dropping a single map, taking out players like elfi and Serral. Moving on to the bracket, he faced Welmu and BBoongBBoong who he both beat 2-0 as well, advancing to the Ro4 and thus qualifying for DreamHack Winter 2014. However he dropped out of DreamHack Moscow in the Round of 4 0-2, losing to jjakji in very quick 2 games.

A few months later at DreamHack Winter 2014 TRUE already lost in the group stage, dropping games to First, Jaedong and HerO, only winning against Sacsri.

Only shortly after, TRUE attended the Intel Extreme Masters in San Jose, where he played in the open Bracket and beat TOP, Harstem and Revival all 2-1, to be the first player to move on to the Group Stage. There, he was placed into a group with the eventual runner-up Rain, Snute (at the time one of the best foreigners) and HuK. While beating Snute 2-0 in the first series, he dropped 1-2 to Rain, only to once again meet Snute, but this time he lost the series 0-2 and was eliminated from IEM San Jose.


In December 2014, TRUE tried to qualify for the SSL Season 1. He beat Trust and INnoVation in the winners bracket, before losing 0-2 to MyuNgSiK, dropping to the losers bracket finals, where he faced INnoVation, once again losing 0-2 to him. He did however qualify for the Wildcard bracket, as the European seed for the SSL was cancelled and was thus replaced by the winner of that bracket. He beat HyuN in the Round of 16, but lost to Curious shortly after that, dropping out of the qualifier.

Shortly after, he tried qualifying for the GSL Season 1, but was eliminated in his first match against Hack, eliminating him from all Premier Leagues for the season.

Being eliminated from all Korean leagues, TRUE was able to mostly focus on playing in online cups, such as the Olimoleague and weekend tournaments of which he would be attending most. The next stop was IEM Taipei, where he once again had to go through the Open Bracket Dual Tournament, this time beating Soulkey, HerO and Leenock, making it through to the Round of 16 Group stage, where he met a Group consisting of PartinG, Maru and Hydra. Going into it, he was the absolute underdog and made that justice, losing 0-2 to Maru in the first match, and losing 0-2 to Hydra, going out of the tournament with a score of 0-4.

The next tournament TRUE attended was the Gfinity Spring Masters I, for which he qualified by beating Armani, Losira and Leenock, among others. In the Round of 16, TRUE was seeded into one of the supposedly easier groups, facing PartinG, Snute and TargA. Although losing 0-2 against the eventual tournament winner PartinG, he beat both Snute and TargA 2-0 to follow it up and move through to the Playoffs, where he met his former teammate Rogue and lost 0-2 to him, eliminating him from the tournament. Only about a month later, TRUE once again attended a Gfinity event, this time the Gfinity Spring Masters II, this time qualifying by beating MaNa, PtitDrogo and Zanster. This time he was placed into a group with Jaedong, ShoWTimE and HyuN. He won the first match against HyuN 2-0, lost his second match against Jaedong 1-2, before meeting HyuN again, once again winning 2-0, to move on to the Round of 8. There he was to meet the at the time best foreigner in the world Bunny, who he crushed 3-0, through early aggression and incredibly strong play later on to finish the Liquid Terran off. Moving on, he faced the eventual winner Solar, barely losing 2-3.

A week later, he attended the first DreamHack Open of 2015 in Tours. Being seeded into Group Stage 2, he crushed his group consisting of Zanster, Jeysen and Dylayn winning both of his games 2-0 and moving through to the playoffs. In the Round of 32, he met the Dutch Terran uThermal, whom he beat 2-1. From there on he moved to the Round of 16 to meet recent WCS runner-up Hydra who he managed to beat 2-1 as well, allowing him to play his teammate Patience on the main stage. In an incredibly cheesy series, he managed to beat him 3-1 and secure another Top 4 finish. There is faced MVP Terran player GuMiho, who crushed him 0-3, and he was thus eliminated from the tournament.

Continuing his streak of good results in DreamHacks, he recorded a 2nd-place finish at DreamHack Open Valencia only falling 0-3 to Curious in the finals.

On September 29, 2015, TRUE announced that he had left Dead Pixels.[3] Later that day it was revealed that he joined PSISTORM Gaming.[4]

Team Leagues[edit]

After joining 8th Team in 2012, he started playing in Proleague and was fielded semi-regularly with rather modest success and a win rate of only 6-11 at the end of the season. After the re-branding of the team as Jin Air Green Wings, it started doing a lot better and so was TRUE, as he became part of the 4 players that were being sent out mostly for the team and ended up having a 9-7 record at the end of the 2014 Proleague. The team ended up making it to the semifinals of the playoffs, losing to KT Rolster.

After leaving the Jin Air Green Wings, TRUE joined the foreign team Dead Pixels, who started a collaboration with Team Dignitas to create Dignitas-Dead Pixels. Together they competed in the foreign SC2Improve Team League Season 4. At this time, they are topping their division and are guaranteed to go to the playoffs, while TRUE holds an impressive score of 7-1, with one all-kill of Team Property and one 3-kill against ESC Gaming.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

After joining PSISTORM Gaming, TRUE began visa process to move to the teamhouse in USA and play in 2016 WCS Circuit. While waiting for the document, he played in the Korean leagues and online tournaments.

The Long Wait (November 2015 - June 2016)[edit]

On the beginning of new expansion, TRUE qualified for 2016 GSL Pre-Season Week 1 defeating Ryung, Hush and Zest. In the Ro16, he played Forte and lost the match 0-2. He participated in the qualifiers for Pre-Season Week 2 as well where he beat Super and GuMiho but fell to TY and Trap.

In December, 2015, TRUE took part in the SSL Season 1 Qualifiers where he defeated Hush but then lost to FanTaSy and INnoVation. Later that month, TRUE qualified for 2016 GSL Season 1 defeating Sorry and losing to ByuL. He played the Code A match versus Symbol at the end of January, 2016, losing 2-3. After being eliminated, he took a short break from competing both offline and online.

At the end of April, 2016, TRUE qualified for HomeStory Cup XIII through the KR/TW/CN Qualifier. He was defeated by MacSed in the first match but then moved up the lower bracket defeating TAiLS, TOP, TANGTANG, Soulkey and eventually KeeN in the finals. It was very important for TRUE that he qualified for a foreign offline tournament, because due to continuing visa issues stopping him from competing outside of Korea, he lost a lot of motivation.[5]

In May, 2016, TRUE participated in SSL and GSL Season 2 Qualifiers. In the SSL Qualifier he fell to Horror in the first round. However, he qualified for 2016 GSL Season 2 defeating IntoTheMoon, losing to jjakji and then beating JYP in the lower bracket. In Code A he played Bunny and with a great comeback defeated him 3-2, advancing to Code S Ro32.

At the end of June, 2016, TRUE traveled to Germany to play in HomeStory Cup XIII. In the first group stage he defeated DnS 3-0 but then fell to HeRoMaRinE 0-3 in the Winners' Match. Eventually, he advanced on second place defeating Zanster 3-1. He claimed the first place in his group during second stage defeating both ShoWTimE and MaSa 3-2. In the Quarterfinals he faced Scarlett and despite leading 2-0 at first, eventually lost 2-3 finishing his run in the tournament on 5th-8th place.

Moving to USA and the WCS (June 2016 - present)[edit]

Due to visa issues, TRUE missed two seasons of the 2016 WCS.[6] He finally received the document in June 2016[7] and moved to the gaming house in Virginia right after HomeStory Cup XIII.[8] Blizzard officially allowed him to participate in 2016 WCS Summer Circuit Championship and the events after that. In the same time, because of moving to America, he was not able to participate in the GSL Code S and had to forfeit his spot in Ro32.[9]

TRUE, the 2016 WCS Summer Champion

Changing region meant that TRUE was starting with clean account - 0 WCS points. With not many future events announced at the time, winning the 2016 WCS Summer Circuit Championship seemed to be the only chance for him to make it to the 2016 WCS Global Finals. He qualified for the tournament in July, through the NA Server Qualifier, defeating Nistic, Cuddlebear, Schnitzel, Kelazhur, PiLiPiLi and puCK.

In the main tournament taking place in August, TRUE reached the Semifinals without losing a map, beating Snute, Harstem and Welmu. There he faced the first Terran on his way through the bracket, HeRoMaRinE, to whom he lost a map in game 2. Nevertheless, he advanced on with a 3-1 score. In the Grand Final he played against Polt and successfully defeated him 4-1. TRUE won his first Premier tournament losing only 2 maps and automatically qualified for the 2016 WCS Global Playoffs.

In September, 2016, TRUE took part in the first global WCS event of 2016 - KeSPA Cup. In the Global Qualifier he fell to Super in the first round. However, the NA Qualifier turned out to be successful for him and he earned the spot defeating Raze, MajOr, viOLet and Scarlett. In Ro16 he was placed in Group B where he was first defeated by TY 0-2, then won the Losers' Match against herO 2-0 and eventually lost to Pet 1-2.


  • MajOr released on Twitter that TRUE would be retiring after his final Proleague game that was played vs Bisu on Monday July 8, 2013,[10] but TRUE did not retire after all.[11]
  • Is called "the SnackZerg" by his Twitch viewers because of often eating during stream.
  • Was given the nickname TRUE Bang by Canata at 2016 KeSPA Cup. It's a mix of his ID and his surname. Because of mixed language opening show, as a joke the foreign casters have been given Korean surnames (e.g. Wolf Kim), while Korean casters foreign ones (e.g. Canata Johnson). TRUE was given a foreigner nickname because of moving to USA.


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-09-10 World Championship Series A33 - 4th 2017 WCS Montreal 0 : 3  Neeb $6,500
2017-07-15 World Championship Series A33 - 4th 2017 WCS Valencia 1 : 3  Elazer $6,500
2017-04-30 World Championship Series A33 - 4th 2017 WCS Austin 1 : 3  Nerchio $6,500
2016-08-14 World Championship Series A11st 2016 WCS Circuit: Summer Circuit Championship 4 : 1  Polt $35,000
2015-07-17 DreamHack A22nd 2015 DreamHack Open: Valencia 0 : 3  Curious $5,000
2015-05-09 DreamHack A33 - 4th 2015 DreamHack Open: Tours 0 : 3  GuMiho $3,000
2014-09-14 DreamHack A33 - 4th 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow 0 : 2  jjakji $3,000
2014-06-20 GOMTV Global StarCraft II League A33 - 4th 2014 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 1 : 4  soO $7,612
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2018-01-14 A33rd OSC Championship 5 2 : 4  Scarlett $800
2017-08-27 A22nd 2017 WCS Montreal - North America Qualifier 0: 3  Neeb $1,200
2017-07-23 A22nd DreamHack Atlanta 2017 BYOC 0 : 3  MaSa $1,125
2017-06-10 A33rd 2017 WCS Valencia - North America Qualifier 1: 2  Scarlett $800
2016-10-23 A11st Kung Fu Cup 2016 Season 2 4 : 0  TooDming $8,208
2016-07-24 A11st Cheesadelphia Summer 2016 4 : 1  Kelazhur $2,000
2016-04-18 A22nd Legacy of the Ultras 18/3 Round Robin (W/L) $1,500
2015-08-09 A33 - 4th Gfinity Summer Masters I 0 : 3  First $1,000
2015-05-03 A33 - 4th Gfinity Spring Masters II 2 : 3  Solar $1,000
2015-04-06 A22nd Gamers Assembly 2015 2 : 3  FireCake €1,500
2014-01-11 A44th TeSL 2013 - 2014: Season 2 2 : 4  Has $1,330
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-04-22 A11st PSISTORM Cup 5 3 : 0  PengWin $500
2016-09-04 A11st NA Ladder Heroes August 2016 3 : 1  puCK $200
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World Championship Series StarCraft II World Championship Series
2016 WCS Circuit: Spring
Preceded By:
Germany  ShoWTimE
2016 WCS Circuit: Summer
14 August 2016 - 30 April 2017
South Korea  TRUE
2017 WCS Austin
Succeeded By:
USA  Neeb

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