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Tal'Darim Altar

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[e][h]Crux Tal'Darim Altar
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,5,8,11
*Tal'Darim Altar
  • Tal'Darim Altar LE
1v1 Ladder:
2011-03-23 — 2013-01-03

Tal'Darim Altar is a large, rotationally symmetric, four-player map which made its debut in the Global StarCraft II Team League. One of the first maps not made by Blizzard to be played in the GSL, its size and number of expansions contrast strongly with maps such as Steppes of War which it replaced.

After balance testing in Gisado's Star Challenge, version 1.0 appeared in GSTL 1. The revised version 1.1 was used in GSL March and TSL 3.

A draft of the map had been published earlier as Amoroso.

Blizzard incorporated their own edition of the map, Tal'darim Altar LE, into the ladder pool with patch 1.3. That edition was then adopted in GSL May.

An old copy of the map, here referred to as version 0.9, was mistakenly used in the first two weeks of the North American Star League.

An early baneling timing can be a good viable strategy in ZvZ on this map (compared to 15 hatch) according to Sheth.[1]

Blizzard Map Description[edit]

There are two easily defendable expansions in front of your main base. There are multiple paths to navigate around the center, so make use of the Watch Towers.

Notable Features[edit]

  • At cross positions, the rush distance is significantly longer than any Blizzard map, including Desert Oasis.
  • In version 1.0, the third has 8×750 mineral patches and 2×1250 gas geysers.
  • In version 1.1, the third has 5×1500 mineral patches and 1×2500 gas geyser.
  • Due to every version not having a ramp from the main to the natural, in a Protoss versus Protoss, the 4 Warpgate Rush Strategy is often the go-to tactic.
  • In LE versions, a pylon placed outside the depression behind the third will give vision for Stalkers to blink down and then up into the main.[2]


Symmetrical distances are not shown to improve clarity


Version 0.9 – 1.0
  • Removed center gold bases.
  • Removed rocks blocking expansions.
  • Removed rocks constricting the entrance to the main and made this choke unbuildable.
  • Moved one of the natural geysers away from the cliff edge where it could be sieged from low ground.
  • Narrowed the ramp at the third.
Version 1.0 – 1.1
  • Removed one geyser at the third. The remaining geyser now contains a full 2500 gas.
  • Changed the mineral patches at the third to 1500 per patch and reduced the total amount to five patches.
Version 1.1 – LE
  • Widened the natural choke to prevent walling with e.g. two barracks and one depot.
  • Made the entrance to the main buildable.
  • Added an area of low ground between the main and third accessible only by cliff-walking, etc.
  • The third now has a full 8×1500 mineral patches and 2×2500 gas geysers and is blocked by destructible rocks. These were removed with season 9.

Map Version Images[edit]

Protoss FE Wall-ins[edit]

Tal'darim Altar LE[edit]

11 o'clock
2 o'clock
8 o'clock
5 o'clock


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Tal'Darim Altar193243621821850.0%48326022353.8%50524925649.3%171203134

Played in Premier Tournaments

Start dateEnd dateTournament
2012-11-102013-02-16AZUBU Collegiate Champions
2012-11-172012-11-182012 World Championship2012 World Championship
2012-11-022012-11-042012 MLG Fall Championship2012 MLG Fall Championship
2012-10-132012-10-142012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Asia Finals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Asia Finals
2012-09-152012-09-162012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Europe Finals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Europe Finals
2012-08-242012-08-262012 MLG Summer Championship2012 MLG Summer Championship
2012-08-062012-08-252012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals
2012-07-202012-07-222012 MLG Summer Arena2012 MLG Summer Arena
2012-04-112012-07-15North American Star League Season 3North American Star League Season 3
2012-06-082012-06-102012 MLG Spring Championship2012 MLG Spring Championship
2012-05-182012-05-202012 MLG Spring Arena 22012 MLG Spring Arena 2
2012-02-192012-05-05Iron Squid – Chapter IIron Squid – Chapter I
2012-04-062012-04-08IGN ProLeague Season 4IGN ProLeague Season 4
2012-03-232012-03-252012 MLG Winter Championship2012 MLG Winter Championship
2012-01-192012-03-18North American Star Team LeagueNorth American Star Team League
2012-03-062012-03-10IEM Season VI - World ChampionshipIEM Season VI - World Championship
2012-02-242012-02-262012 MLG Winter Arena2012 MLG Winter Arena
2012-02-082012-02-11IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Sao PauloIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Sao Paulo
2012-01-192012-01-22IEM Season VI - Global Challenge KievIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev
2012-01-052012-01-08HomeStory Cup IVHomeStory Cup IV
2011-12-082011-12-11WCG 2011WCG 2011
2011-10-272011-12-072011 Global StarCraft II League November2011 Global StarCraft II League November
2011-08-302011-12-04North American Star League Season 2North American Star League Season 2
2011-11-242011-11-26DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD ChampionshipDreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship
2011-11-182011-11-202011 MLG Pro Circuit Providence2011 MLG Pro Circuit Providence
2011-10-212011-10-23Electronic Sports World Cup 2011Electronic Sports World Cup 2011
2011-09-192011-10-222011 Global StarCraft II League October2011 Global StarCraft II League October
2011-10-142011-10-162011 MLG Pro Circuit Orlando2011 MLG Pro Circuit Orlando
2011-10-062011-10-09IGN ProLeague Season 3IGN ProLeague Season 3
2011-06-232011-10-082011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
2011-08-082011-09-102011 Global StarCraft II League August2011 Global StarCraft II League August
2011-08-262011-08-282011 MLG Pro Circuit Raleigh2011 MLG Pro Circuit Raleigh
2011-08-172011-08-21IEM Season VI - Global Challenge CologneIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne
2011-07-142011-08-14IGN ProLeague Season 2 "Across the Atlantic"IGN ProLeague Season 2 "Across the Atlantic"
2011-08-042011-08-05ASUS ROG Summer 2011ASUS ROG Summer 2011
2011-07-292011-07-312011 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim2011 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim
2011-06-272011-07-302011 Global StarCraft II League July2011 Global StarCraft II League July
2011-04-122011-07-10North American Star League Season 1North American Star League Season 1
2011-06-182011-06-20DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD ChampionshipDreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship
2011-05-232011-06-18LG Cinema 3D Super TournamentLG Cinema 3D Super Tournament
2011-06-032011-06-052011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus2011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus
2011-05-162011-05-19Global Starcraft II Team League MayGlobal Starcraft II Team League May TSL3
2011-04-182011-05-142011 LG Cinema 3D Global StarCraft II League May2011 LG Cinema 3D Global StarCraft II League May
2011-03-282011-04-092011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship Seoul2011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship Seoul
2011-03-212011-03-24Global Starcraft II Team League MarchGlobal Starcraft II Team League March
2011-02-212011-03-192011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March2011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March
2011-02-072011-02-102011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb

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