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As we know the MLG pages are the most visited pages on Liquipedia. While most people come looking for the results, we want to show as much information as possible in single properly formatted page.

The are a couple of issues with the format of each MLG page right now. First it is vertical space not being conserved (it takes quite a bit of scrolling to reach the results), second is duplicate information (Maps, rules etc are all mostly identical and exist on each specific tournament page).

A thing to remember is that a large number of people visit this page from their mobile devices while at the event, this raises several issues such as width limitations and various tools such as collapsed tables not working properly on all mobile browsers.

As this is such a popular and important page I will list the changes I want to make to the page so anyone can raise objections/suggestions. The proposed changes are:

  1. centered 2011 pro circuit image - move into the infobox where it belongs.
  2. reformat the schedule tables, possibly side by side. perhaps add different timezones. Suggestions welcomed.
  3. Map list moved to the infobox, a note about MLG maps not including close spawns etc with a link to the 2011 overview page where the picture will be.
  4. Format reworded to be relevant information only. (Melee, 1v1? .. no need)
  5. Players invited and signed up combined to one table with a subheader above the signed up. Format suggestions welcomed.
  6. Rules section replaced with a link to rules section of the 2011 overview page.
  7. Groups changed from Col to floating divs to solve issues on mobile devices.
  8. Make sure the [Edit] links work properly in the Results section and remove all 'To edit Click here' lines
  9. Interviews as a subheader of Additional Coverage

--Noam 20:08, 21 August 2011 (KST)

  1. Yes, this is right, so fixed it already
  2. I think schedule should perhaps be moved to below the bracket, as very few people want this information. sure putting them side to side will make them even smaller.
  3. Yes, move them to infobox is the right way to go.
  4. 1v1 is sort of needed still, melee pretty much not.
  5. not sure about this one.
  6. Yes, this is a really good idea, let's do it for all MLGs.
  7. I'm biased for this, so yes from me, obviously.
  8. You need that link there if the page is transcluded from another page, unless you can make a fake one that does the same thing.
  9. That's fine with me.
--Salle 19:53, 22 August 2011 (KST)
I just added Banners and Groups players into one table, I agree with what you say Noam.
/shake Noams hand
--ZodaSoda 20:23, 22 August 2011 (KST)

The changes listed above are all implemented now, thanks to everybody that helped. In the mean time it seems like the 'Notable Sign-ups' table under Players has grown and is taking vital vertical space above the results section. While this section seems like a good place to highlight top players who make their first MLG appearance such as PuMa and HerO, I feel that people who have become "open bracket regulars" are no longer notable enough within the context of this tournament.

I propose removing all players who are not making their first MLG appearance or are very notable for other reasons. --Noam 20:00, 26 August 2011 (KST)

These changes have been implemented. --Noam 02:15, 27 August 2011 (KST)

I see no easy way to navigate to the open bracket from this main page, i think there should be an obvious link somewhere...

[redacted] edit: Whoops, misunderstood. My mistake. (btw, sign your discussion edits with "~~~~" ;) ) -- JohnnyBB85 07:52, 28 August 2011 (KST)
The open bracket is linked under 2011 MLG Pro Circuit/Raleigh#Open_Bracket --Noam 08:21, 28 August 2011 (KST)

I believe Huk has been placed prematurely into the championship bracket. I'm trying to find the tie-breaker rules for MLG, but I believe we will have an unbreakable three-way tie between Rain, Huk, and Naniwa assuming Rain 2-0s InControl (which is very likely). In that case, they all 2-1ed the person they beat (Huk>Rain>Nani>Huk), they all are 7-5, I can't find a way to break the tie though. Kinetic42 10:06, 28 August 2011 (KST)

And in the time it takes me to log in and post this, someone else caught the mistake and Rain finished of Incontrol. Move along please. Kinetic42 10:08, 28 August 2011 (KST)

For group C MLG site is saying: DRG, Select, Slush, Trickster, Hero

is this right? --Highways 11:17, 28 August 2011 (KST)

I've spent the last part of an hour looking for MLG's tie-breaker rules, or ANY competition rules. I've found their contracts and penalty rules, but can't find any tie-breaker rules. Someone should tweet Sundance and ask him to post a copy of the competition rules and tiebreakers up. I've heard both that match-up and W/L is the top tie-breaker, but no proof yet. Kinetic42 11:24, 28 August 2011 (KST)
5. Pool Play Ranking (1st-6th) will be determined using each Player’s Record of Matches won and lost. Ties will be broken using the following Tiebreakers in this order: Head to Head (Match Winning Percentage using only Matches between the tied Players), Games Won Percentage (All Pool Play Matches), and Seed. If there is a tie involving more than two Players and one of the Tiebreakers resolves the tie for a Player(s), but leaves at least two Players tied, resolution of the tie(s) that still exists will start over with Head to Head. If Head to Head or Games Won Percentage is used to break a tie, the higher number will win the Tiebreaker. If Seed is used to break a tie, the lower number will win the Tiebreaker.
This lets DRG take the group as the tie breaker was the head to head as they were both 4-1.Pinski 20:48 EDT 27 August 2011
Perfect, thank you. That also explains the tie-breakers for Huk/Nani/Rain. Kinetic42 12:17, 28 August 2011 (KST)

Why is Huk placed 7 and sjow placed 8? Don't they tie for 7th? ~ Thenessman

A match is played for the rankings. --blahz0r 08:52, 29 August 2011 (KST)