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Group B is IMO wrong

As Hasu lost one game 0-2, ToD and Thorzain are definitely 1 & 2 in this group. But ToD and Thorzain are absolutely even in matches and games. So I'd guess their placement might depend on their match against each other, where ToD won 2-1.

So the right placement of group B should IMO be like this:

1) ToD
2) Thorzain
3) Hasu
4) Haypro

You are most likely correct, but the "official" source for information is the ESL page and at the moment it is showing ThorZaIN at #1. It could be a mistake but until there is an official source with ToD at #1 we can only mirror the ESL page. I assume this will be cleared up by Saturday when the Playoffs begin. --Noam 05:04, 24 June 2011 (KST) (german) -> *Update #2* "In Gruppe A konnten sich SaSe und Jinro in die Runde der letzten 16 spielen. Aus Gruppe B haben es ToD und Thorzain geschafft." A: Sase & Jinro B: ToD & Thorzain

From that order it's ToD on #1 and is also an official website. I edited the group.
______ Official website, official groups. #1 Tod, #2 Thorzain