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[e][h]Protoss Tasteless
Commentator Information
Nicolas Plott
August 11, 1984 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
Tasteless, Pufferfish, Fabutaste.
Years Active:
Years Active (caster):
2011 - Present
2010-09-07 — 2011-03-31Evil Geniuses

Nicolas Alexander "Tasteless" Plott is an American Protoss player and a well-known commentator currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. He is best known for commentating the GOMTV Global Starcraft II League main event alongside his co-caster Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski. Together they form the casting archon "Tastosis".


Tasteless, brother of Sean "Day[9]" Plott, is a highly regarded StarCraft II broadcaster originally born in Grenoble, France but grew up in Leawood, Kansas in the United States.[1] Nicholas got involved with e-sport casting during the 2005 WCG USA finals. Here, he was knocked out of the tournament in the first round by his younger brother. Since he was already out of the tournament, he approached the casters of the tournament, Radio ITG and asked if they would be interested in him casting, because he thought the person they had doing it didn't know anything about the game. Radio ITG was very happy with his performance and let him cast the rest of the tournament, including the finals which his brother eventually won. Radio ITG offered him to come with them to cast the global WCG finals in Singapore. After Singapore, Nicholas continued to do casting for various tournaments while he was in college, until in 2009, he was offered a permanent job to live and cast games in Korea for GOM TV. He has been living and working for GOM in Korea since 2009.[2]

Tasteless played as Protoss in Brood War. He switched to Random during the initial stages of the StarCraft II beta, then changed his race to Terran for a short time in the early stages of Wings of Liberty.[3] He finally ended up back at Protoss in November 2010.[4] More recently little is known of his StarCraft II performance and which race is his preference.

In Beta[edit]

In the beta, Tasteless participated in several important tournaments. First, he participated in the team event "StarsWar Reborn" in China, where he represented the United States of America with his friends Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski and Greg "IdrA" Fields. He managed to defeat Susiria of Team Korea on Steppes of War. He also played in the HDH Invitational, losing to White-Ra in the Round of 8. Finally, Tasteless played in the TeamLiquid SC2 Invitational 2, losing in the Round of 16 to CauthonLuck.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

In September 2010, Nick joined Team Evil Geniuses with IdrA to serve as the team's new StarCraft II Division Manager.[5] However, on March 31, 2011, Tasteless announced he was "quitting EG" via his twitter. This news was unsurprising to most due to team EG's refocus on the western e-sports community over the e-sports community in Korea.[6][7]

Beta Matches[edit]

HDH Invitational[edit]

Round of 16[edit]


Starting in 2008, Tasteless worked with Jason Lee to broadcast Starcraft for Arirang TV's e-sports program. They have been broadcasting StarCraft II since the summer of 2011.[Citation needed]

Tasteless first worked as a caster for GOMtv's Brood War division. He has also long worked with Artosis, providing dual commentary with him in Brood War. In the fall of 2010, the two landed a job casting the GSL in English. Since then, Tastosis has been the primary English-language broadcasting team for GOMtv.

Tasteless has also been a caster at many important foreign tournaments, especially those in the United States. His notable events casted are:


  • He played Protoss in Brood War.
  • His brother Day[9] is also a formidable Brood War/StarCraft II player and commentator.
  • He is allergic to cinnamon and hates olives.[8][9]
  • Contrary to popular belief, his coarse and somewhat guttural voice is not a result of smoking, but due to excessive stress on his throat from long casting sessions.[10]
  • He was featured by GomTV in a mini-documentary called "Behind the Booth" that debuted during Blizzcon 2011.[11]
  • He was given the nickname "Sightless" by Artosis at Dreamhack Winter 2011 due to a bad eye infection he picked up just before the event.
  • Coined his nickname when he was 14–15 years old by flipping to a random page of a dictionary while his eyes were closed, and decided that he liked the name.[12] Discarded nicknames included 'Nigel'.
  • Before the Code S matches on November 15, 2012, one of Tasteless' ribs dislocated and Gom had to drive him to the hospital.[13] This was due to him having a chronic cough which caused a rib with a pre-existing injury to pop out.[14]
  • Was urinated on by a lion.[15]
  • Plays Street Fighter IV as Blanka and has casted and hosted Fight Night's SF4 matches alongside Gootecks, Mike Ross and Frodan.[16]
    • He also hosts the Tasteless After Hours Show, which is popular with fans and features additional challenges involving Gootecks, Ross, Frodan and the Fight Night SF4 current players.
  • He is afraid of travelling on escalators for fear of falling off if the railing is too low.[Citation needed]

Notable Events Casted[edit]




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