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Team Crux

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Team Crux is a Korean mapmaking team, known for creating maps used in GSL and other premier tournaments.




  • "Lunatic Sounds" (CruxLSPrime)
  • "Winpark" (WinparkPrime)
  • "ATTx" (ATTx)
  • "Ovalient" (Ovalient)
  • "EastWindy" (CruxEWPrime)
  • "Semmo" (Semmo)


  • "Jacky" (Jacky)


Tournament Maps[edit]

1v1 Maps
2 Player Maps
(2) Crux Crossfire SE by Jacky (2) Crux Dual Sight by LS (2) Crux Bel'Shir Beach by LS (2) Crux Daybreak by Winpark (2) Crux Atlantis Spaceship by LS
(2) Crux Abyssal City by EW (2) Crux Bel'shir Vestige by EW (2) Crux Icarus by ATTx (2) Crux Fruitland by Semmo (2) Crux Caldeum by LS
3 Player Maps
(3) Crux Xel'Naga Fortress by Jacky (3) Crux Merry-go-round by Winpark
4 Player Maps
(4) Crux Crevasse by Jacky (4) Crux Terminus SE by LS (4) Crux Tal'Darim Altar by LS (4) Crux Calm Before The Storm by Jacky (4) Crux Metropolis by LS
(4) Crux Whirlwind by Winpark (4) Crux Red City by ATTx (4) Crux Frost by Semmo (4) Crux Korhal Floating Island by LS (4) Crux Fighting Spirit by LS