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Team Darkstar

[e][h]Team Darkstar
Team Information
Kenny "Ajukrejzi" Steen
Jakob "Silver" Selander
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

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Team Darkstar is a Swedish StarCraft II team founded at the beginning of 2013. Darkstar was created with the ambition to become one of the strongest teams in northern Europe, and to eventually be considered as one of the international professional teams.


  • April 24, the team disbands.[1]
  • February 1, Bloop gets promoted from the academy to the A-team.[2]
  • March 1, Logitech is announced as one of the teams sponsors.[3]
  • July 27, changes to the roster are made.[4]
  • January 13, Team Darkstar is formed with players Broda, VoLt, Zezuane, Prospect and Lampan quickly being added to the lineup.[5]
  • January 31, experienced caster tMK joins the organization.[6]
  • February 24, Swedish players Multi and Shadowelock are added to the roster.[7]
  • March 22, the team announces their first sponsor, Wotnet.[8]
  • March 24, the Doed Season 3 comes to an end with Multi placing 4th in Division Elite and Prospect placing first in Division 1 Stockholm.[9][10]
  • April 10, Danish players Broda and Zezuane leave Darkstar.[11]
  • May 13, Zerg user Panthera joins Darkstar.[12]
  • May 21, Swedish Terran Gulanka joins the team.[13]
  • July 3, Jakob "Silver" Selander joins Darkstar as the new official Team Manager. [14]
  • July 28, Gulanka leaves the team to focus on studies.[15]
  • August 4, Mist and Glaive are added to the roster.
  • September 18, an Academy is announced.[16]
  • September 20, Panthera and Mist leave, along with the recruitment of Avokado.[17]
  • November 3, DaaX joins.[18]

Former Player Rosters at the time of Disbandment[edit]


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenDaaXAxel Dalberg2016-04-24
SwedenMulti CaptainPontus Cervin2016-04-24
SwedenProspectKalle Pietiläinen2016-04-24
SwedenSatOEmil Söderlind2013-11-212016-04-24 Iron Chain


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenAdaFredrik Präntare2016-04-24
SwedenCrownJens Kronqvist2016-04-24
SwedenDropDeadMikael Eriksson2016-04-24
SwedenFeMoFelix Morau2016-04-24
SwedenFriOViktor Eklundh2016-04-24
SwedenHyoukaKristian Angelovski2016-04-24
SwedenLingKingAdam Areberg2016-04-24
SwedenPantheraLinus Gustafsson2016-04-24
SwedenVoltShawn Svennebäck2016-04-24
SwedenWiggeAndreas Vigertsson2016-04-24
SwedenYahwehDan Kirichenko2016-04-24
SwedenZendiEmil Malmsten2016-04-24


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenBloopPhilip Söderblom2016-04-24
SwedenHELLOMandel Blomgren2016-04-24
SwedenVanterChristofer Altin2016-04-24


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenAvokadoEmil Kronberg2013-09-202016-01-15 IsIMBA
DenmarkBrodaNiels Sandberg The-Dead-Generation
SwedenMistAlbin Grip
SwedenShadowelockFilip Wahlmark
DenmarkZezuaneMalte Borges


ID Name Position
Sweden Ajukrejzi Kenny Steen Founder, CEO
Sweden Silver Jakob Selander Head Manager
Sweden VipEx Staffan Selander Technical Director
Sweden Mineral Emma Strand PR-Manager
Sweden Gordox Anton Svensson Financial Director