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Team Immunity is a large multigaming organisation based in Australia. Immunity are one of Australia's premier eSports teams and one of the world's longest running with success locally and international in a large range of games.


Previously iM had supported individual players such as mOOnGLaDe and YoonYJ. After several months of inactivity in the scene, Team Immunity sought to re-establish their StarCraft II presence within the Australian scene. However rather than focusing on a single player this time around they created a squad of talented players at varying degrees of skill - ranging from proven performers down to up and coming development players.[1]


  • April 13, Immunity expresses interest in re-opening their SC2 division.[2]
  • June 21, Immunity member MaFia achieved Grandmaster league on the Korean server.[3]
  • September 7, tgun, formerly of It's Gosu joins Immunity.[4]


  • February 28th, SundeR retires from competitive StarCraft II, does not leave organisation, takes on the role of Content Manager [5]
  • July 01, Mafia retires from StarCraft II [6]
  • July 22, Light retires from StarCraft II [7]
  • July 25, tgun retires from StarCraft II [8]

Player Roster[edit]

Team Immunity Roster[edit]

Best Yearly Result:

Former Members[edit]

ID Name New Team
AustraliaAustralia Z MaFia Timothy He Retired
AustraliaAustralia Z mOOnGLaDe Andrew Pender FXOpen e-Sports
AustraliaAustralia T YoonYJ Yoon Yo Jun Team Nv
AustraliaAustralia P Light Ray Zi Wang Retired
AustraliaAustralia Z SundeR Davey Canellis Retired
AustraliaAustralia P yang Mark Richardson Retired
AustraliaAustralia Z tgun Bradley Seymour Retired


ID Name Position
AustraliaAustralia Z Zepph Helen Browitt Caster
AustraliaAustralia Z SundeR Davey Canellis Content Manager

Team Achievements[edit]