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Team Infused

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[e][h]Team Infused
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Adam "Blusey" Davis
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Team Infused is a professional multi-gaming organisation based in the United Kingdom. Infused was founded in December 2005 and has squads in various eSport disciplines including StarCraft II, League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4 and other titles. The team has since dropped its SC2 squad and support at an unknown date.



  • April 14th, Infused announces a show-match against YoYoTech. The Infused roster was also increased with Danish Zerg player Cheerful.[24]
  • April 29th, Terran player Gomas joins Infused.
  • June 5th, SC2 manager Adam "Russki" Crick leaves the team's management and becomes a competitor in fighting games. New manager is Andrew "Sombrero" Philippou.
  • August 8th, Swedish player Seala joins the team.
  • September 12th, Sombrero leaves his position as SC2 manager. He is to be replaced by Reece "Tidus" Fowler.
  • September 13th, Infused.Tt eSports announces a SC2 academy, to be ran besides their professional squad. FlashDave and Reno are moved to the academy roster, along with seven other players. These changes brings the amount of players in the professional squad down to four, namely Gomas, Lau, rANDY and Seala.
  • December 1st, the Infused.Tt SC2 academy is disbanded. Of the academy's players at dissolution: three are moving up to the professional team and the rest are leaving the organization. The three new pro players are DaZe, Giant and Ovix. Furthermore, Seala is no longer a member of the team, and Tim "Leon" Snowdon joins the SC2 division as their first official SC2 caster.
  • On the 14th of October, Team Infused announce Tt eSPORTS as a new sponsor to the organisation.[25]
  • October, Infused starts their SC2 division, with UK players JellyZerg and Jdanzi. Manager Nemesis is also a part-time player.
  • November 2nd, Team Infused welcomes FlashDave and Lau.
  • November 8th, Infused announces that rANDY is on a trial period with the team. Not long thereafter would he become a full member of Infused.Tt.

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
CanadaAilujJulia Childress2012-09-062013-09-07
DenmarkCheerfulMathias Høyer
RomaniaDaZeIonita Andrei Alexandru201?-??-??201?-??-??
LithuaniaFargoVaidas Radavicius2012-02-142012-06-27 Western Wolves
United KingdomFlashDaveDavid Goodman
NetherlandsGiantLars Douwe
PolandGomasMarcin Mrgulaga Retirement
United KingdomJamesykinsJames Bartlett-House
United Kingdomjdanzi
United KingdomJonnyREccoPaul Whyte2012-01-052012-07-28 Team Dignitas
IcelandKaldiJökull Reason Gaming
United KingdomLauNathan Lau2010-11-022012-05-08 Team Infused
United KingdomLauNathan Lau2012-08-20201?-??-??
SwedenLokiJohannes Anttonen
United KingdomMoominChloe Chippindale
United KingdomOurkLiam Streames2012-03-212012-07-28 Team Dignitas
RomaniaOvixOvidiu Stoica Team Replika
United KingdomrANDYAndrew Whittle201?-??-??201?-??-??
United KingdomSabreAndy Wilson
SwedensafarizerGAlexander Javid
SwedenSealaErik Ramquist2011-08-082011-12-01 NewRoSoft
NorwaySnitchablesRuben Drange2013-04-112013-09-03 Nuit Blanche
SwedenSortOfRickard Bergman2012-05-072012-06-27 Western Wolves
SwedenStarNaNDaniel Ohlsson2012-01-052012-06-29 Western Wolves
Korea (South)TanDongHoTan Dong Ho2012-06-11201?-??-??
United KingdomZiktominiNick Copello2012-05-192012-07-27 Western Wolves
SwedenZnowVictor Armblad2012-04-27201?-??-??


Name Position
United Kingdom Andy "Vanq" Christoforou Managing Director
United Kingdom Oliver "Acid" Sellors General Manager
United Kingdom Tim "Leon" Snowdon SC2 Manager

Team Achievements[edit]