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Derek "Dox" Reball
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Team Nv is an international eSports team based in Australia and one of the leading professional teams in the SEA region. The team was formed on the 12th of February 2012 by reputable tournament host Derek "Dox" Reball (manager and sponsor), and featured many former members of the now disbanded Archaic esports team. Originally Invidia, the team announced a title partnership with Plantronics in April 2012, where they re-branded to their now-known title of GAMECOM Nv. In November 2012, Team Nv announced the addition of a Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Xbox 360) division.


  • February 11th, Invidia StarCraft 2 team announced. Their initial roster consists of Australian players YoonYJ, Pinder, Deth, and Rossi.
  • March 8th, mOOnGLaDe unveiled as Invidia's mystery 5th player.[2]
  • July 8th, Pinder retires from competitive gaming to focus on his studies.
  • August 16th, JazBas joins the team, while GTR joins as a coach.[3]
  • November 4th - YoonYJ retires from competitive gaming as he moves on to fully pursue his academic commitments.[4]

Player Roster[edit]

Australia  mOOnGLaDe
 Andrew Pender


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014
auAustralia z mOOnGLaDe Andrew Pender 4th IEM Season V - World Championship 13 - 16th IEM Season VII - Cologne Premier League 7 - 8th 2013 WCS Season 1 America -


ID Name New Team
auAustralia P Pinder Johnathon Pinder Retired
auAustralia t YoonYJ Yoon Yo Jun Retired
nzNew Zealand z JazBas Thomas Cho Retired
auAustralia t deth Daniel Haynes Retired
auAustralia t Rossi David Rossi Retired


ID Name Position
Australia Dox Derek Reball Manager
Australia UHF Jared Phersson Branding / Media

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2013-03-09 SEA Clan League - Season 3 Team Nv 22 Points
Date Event Result
2012-09-06 Xeria Gaming Team League - Grand Finals Team Nv 1 : 3 Gama Bears
2012-05-18 Xeria Gaming Team League - Open Qualifier Team Nv 3 : 0 Team Eve Team Eve


  • Upon announcing the team it was also revealed that the team would "attend an MLG event in 2012."[5]
  • The team originally launched as Invidia, however later changed to Nv
  • In Latin, the name "Invidia" translates to "Envy".
  • The clan tag is "Nv" which also sounds out as "Envy" when the letters are pronounced.
  • Before the team was announced a series of clues including the logo, clan name and player silhouettes were released and left to the SEA server public to solve.
  • Team owner Dox, in his blog, said that in 2012, he invested $26,659 of his own money in the team to pay for flights, accommodation and team jerseys. Of these, $2,216 were to be refunded by ESL, whilst head sponsor GAMECOM refunded $2,500. As a result, GAMECOM decided to provide an "EXTREMELY generous deal" for 2013.[6]

Highlight Videos[edit]

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