Team Partnerships

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Team Partnerships are agreements of collaboration between organisations and their players. The purpose of such partnerships includes:

  • Cooperation in team leagues, or team houses.
  • Support by a financially strong organisation, with a weaker one.

Active Partnerships[edit]

Partnership Team 1 Team 2 Type Start
Gravity-Flipsid3 Team Gravity Flipsid3 Tactics Cooperation 2015-07-01
Prime-PL Prime Invictus Gaming Cooperation 2015-05-07
compLexity-iG compLexity Gaming Invictus Gaming Cooperation 2015-05-04
Acer-Dead Pixels Team Acer Dead Pixels Cooperation 2015-03-24
Clan Who? Team Exile5 SYF GAMING
Team Nv
Silicon Sports
Cooperation 2015-02-03
Baguette Millenium against All authority
Nuit Blanche
Cooperation 2015-02-03
Axiom-Acer Axiom Team Acer Cooperation 2015-02-03
Dignitas-Dead Pixels Team Dignitas Dead Pixels Cooperation 2015-02-03
SBENU-PL SBENU yoe Flash Wolves
Red Bull
Team Acer
Cooperation 2014-10-30
MVP-PL MVP Team Liquid Cooperation 2014-10-30

Defunct Partnerships[edit]

Partnership Team 1 Team 2 Type Start End
Axiom-TCM Axiom TCM-Gaming Cooperation 2015-03-24 2015-04-28
Solaris Flipsid3 Solaris Gaming Flipsid3 Tactics Cooperation 2014-08-25
Vega-RoX Vega Squadron RoX Cooperation 2014-03-24
Bounty Hunters ZZZZZ GEM Team ROCCAT Cooperation 2014-03-20
coL-Dignitas compLexity Gaming Team Dignitas Cooperation 2013-07-09
Incredible Miracle PL Incredible Miracle StarTale
Team Liquid
Cooperation 2014-02-12
Empire-Fnatic Team Empire Fnatic Cooperation 2014-03-24
XMG-CSA XMG ZZZZZ CSA Cooperation 2014-03-24
Dignitas-HKA Team Dignitas Hong Kong Attitude Cooperation 2014-03-20 2014-03-24
Axiom-Acer Axiom Team Acer Cooperation 2013-01-15 2014-01-04
EG-Liquid Evil Geniuses Team Liquid Cooperation 2012-12-04 2013-08-03
                MVP-Wayi Spider MVP Wayi Spider Cooperation 2012-10-31
                WW-NSHS Western Wolves New Star HoSeo Cooperation 2013-03-06
inF-dtG inFerno eSports Dream Team Gaming Cooperation 2012-07-12 2012-12
MYM.MVP Meet Your Makers MVP Financial 2012-04-19 2013-04
                TSL.M Team SCV Life Millenium Cooperation 2012-05-20 2013-01-03
StarTaleQ StarTale Quantic Gaming Cooperation 2012-01-12 2012-12-04
aTn.Type Team ALTERNATE Type Gaming Cooperation 2012-04-13 2012-10-14
SlayerS-EG SlayerS Evil Geniuses Cooperation 2012-05-16 2012-09-01
IM-SK Incredible Miracle SK Gaming Cooperation 2012-05-17 2012-07-28
                ZeNEX-Legion ZeNEX Team Legion Financial 2012-05-04 2012-07-13
oGsTL Old Generations Team Liquid Cooperation 2010-08-13 2012-05-15
                oGs.AL Old Generations Absolute Legends Financial 2012-03-22 2012-05-15
coL.MVP compLexity Gaming MVP Cooperation/Financial 2011-08-18 2012-04-17
eSahara.oGs Old Generations eSahara Financial 2012-02-03 2012-03-21
Type.Vitriolic Type Gaming                 Vitriolic Financial 2012-01-05 2012-02-01
oGs.SK Old Generations SK Gaming Financial 2011-07-15 2012-01-13
Quantic Incredible Miracle Quantic Gaming Incredible Miracle Cooperation/Financial 2011-10-21 2011-12-02
F.United WeMade FOX Team Dignitas
Cooperation 2011-08-01 2011-09-30