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Team ReIGN

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[e][h]Team ReIGN
Team Information
Dawn "Oiran" Moore
Sung Hyun "Sung" Park
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Team ReIGN was a professional StarCraft 2 team based in the United States.


Team ReIGN was established in June 2011 by some of the former members and staff of VT Gaming.[1] The stated objective of the team was to open a professional training house in the San Francisco Bay Area that would operate similarly to the professional training houses found in Korea.[1] The team's house opened later that year.[2]

On February 17, 2012, Team ReIGN disbanded after their partnership with IGN came to an end.[3]


  • January 19, Spades announces he left Team ReIGN.[4]
  • January 23, Axslav joins Team ReIGN.[5]
  • February 17, Team ReIGN disbands after the partnership with IGN comes to an end.[3]
  • June 15, Team Reign is announced. Announced roster includes KiWiKaKi, SLush, PhoeNix, Fayth, and Spades.[6]
  • July 8, Future and Perfect join Reign after the disbanding of VT Gaming.[7]
  • July 24, PhoeNix leaves Reign. It is revealed that he was never under contract.[8]
  • August 11, giX and Artist join Reign.[9]
  • August 17, IGN, host of the IPL, partners with Reign. IGN will provide support to maintain Reign's teamhouse, and collaborate with Reign to provide both live and pre-recorded coverage of the StarCraft 2 community.[10] Team name changes to Team ReIGN.
  • November 4, Team ReIGN and Perfect part ways.[11]
  • November 5, Team ReIGN adds inori to their Roster.[12]

Player Roster[edit]

Former Active Roster[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreaArtistJo Min-ho2011-08-112012-02-17 Eclypsia
United StatesAxslavNick Ranish2012-01-232012-02-17 Infinity Seven
United StatesFutureRichard Almand2011-07-082012-02-17 Flow Gaming
United StatesgiXAndrew Benson2011-08-112012-02-17 Team Legion
South KoreainoriWoo Min Gyu2011-11-052012-02-17 Team SCV Life
CanadaKiWiKaKiJonathan Garneau2011-06-152012-02-17 ROOT Gaming
CanadaSLushPaul-David Pagé2011-06-152012-02-17 ROOT Gaming


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
CanadaFaythJosue Savageau ROOT Gaming
United StatesPerfectMichael Thompson2011-07-082011-11-04 CheckSix Gaming
South KoreaPhoeNixJun Yung-shik2011-06-152011-07-24 Type II Gaming
United StatesSpadesBrian Francis2011-06-152012-01-18 Western Wolves
South KoreaSungSung Hyun-park Team SCV Life


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
United States MirhiFrank Fields President
United States OiranDawn Moore General Manager
South Korea SungSung Hyun Park Assistant Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.


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