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Team Information
Dawn "Oiran" Moore
Sung Hyun "Sung" Park
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Recent Player Trades:
2012-01-23 - Acquired: Axslav

Team ReIGN was a professional StarCraft 2 team based in the United States.


Team ReIGN was established in June 2011 by some of the former members and staff of VT Gaming.[1] The stated objective of the team was to open a professional training house in the San Francisco Bay Area that would operate similarly to the professional training houses found in Korea.[1] The team's house opened later that year.[2]

On February 17, 2012, Team ReIGN disbanded after their partnership with IGN came to an end.[3]


  • January 19, Spades announces he left Team ReIGN.[4]
  • January 23, Axslav joins Team ReIGN.[5]
  • February 17, Team ReIGN disbands after the partnership with IGN comes to an end.[3]
  • June 15, Team Reign is announced. Announced roster includes KiWiKaKi, SLush, PhoeNix, Fayth, and Spades.[6]
  • July 8, Future and Perfect join Reign after the disbanding of VT Gaming.[7]
  • July 24, PhoeNix leaves Reign. It is revealed that he was never under contract.[8]
  • August 11, giX and Artist join Reign.[9]
  • August 17, IGN, host of the IPL, partners with Reign. IGN will provide support to maintain Reign's teamhouse, and collaborate with Reign to provide both live and pre-recorded coverage of the StarCraft 2 community.[10] Team name changes to Team ReIGN.
  • November 4, Team ReIGN and Perfect part ways.[11]
  • November 5, Team ReIGN adds inori to their Roster.[12]

Player Roster[edit]

Former Active Roster[edit]

Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 New Team
CanadaCanada P KiWiKaKi Jonathan Garneau 2nd MLG 2nd MLG ROOT Gaming
CanadaCanada Z SLush Paul-David Pagé 7th MLG 5th MLG ROOT Gaming
USAUSA P Future Richard Almand 25 - 32nd MLG -  Flow Gaming
USAUSA Z giX Andrew Benson -  33 - 36th MLG Team Legion
KRSouth Korea T Artist Jo Min Ho -  22nd MLG Eclypsia
KRSouth Korea P inori Woo Min Gyu 33 - 64th 2010_Sony_Ericsson_StarCraft_II_Open_Season_2 5 - 8th IGN_ProLeague_Season_3 Team SCV Life
USAUSA P Axslav Nick Ranish - 9 - 12th IEM_Season_VI_-_Global_Challenge_New_York Infinity Seven


ID Name New Team
Z South KoreaSouth Korea PhoeNix Jun Yung Shik Type II Gaming
Z South KoreaSouth Korea Sung Sung Hyun Park Team SCV Life
P CanadaCanada Fayth Josue Savageau ROOT Gaming
P USAUSA Perfect Michael Thompson CheckSix Gaming
t USAUSA Spades Brian Francis Western Wolves


ID Name Position
USAUSA Mirhi Frank Fields President
USAUSA Oiran Dawn Moore General Manager
KRSouth Korea Sung Sung Hyun Park Assistant Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2011-08-22 IGN Pro League Team Arena #4 Team ReIGN 5 : 0 Vile
2011-08-15 IGN Pro League Team Arena #3 Team ReIGN 5 : 2 CheckSix Gaming
2011-08-09 IGN Pro League Team Arena #2 Team ReIGN 5 : 2 compLexity Gaming
2011-08-02 IGN Pro League Team Arena #1 Team ReIGN 5 : 3 EG

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