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Team Replika

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[e][h]Team Replika
Team Information
Perry "Frantx" Smith
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
November 2011

Team Replika was formed in 2011 with the aim 'to provide young and hidden talent the chance to compete in video gaming tournaments across the globe'. Team Replika supports a variety of eSport titles, including StarCraft II, DotA, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and games all across the console platform.




  • January, ready and CLN retire.
  • January, Naugrim joins the team after being teamless from GosuGamers; Sava and sTk join the team.
  • January, the roster is divided into Academy and Professional.
  • February, female Section opens with British Zerg Shana, and two Swedish players, Milla and yoowzup.
  • February 28, French Terran Origine joins the team.[3]
  • March, yoigen joins the team from Team eli.
  • March 22, Danish Terran player FaiLo joins the team from RAGE.eSports.[4]
  • April 6, Swedish Zerg player Naugrim leaves Team Replika.[5]
  • April 9, Swedish Protoss viPro transfers to the team from ESC ICYBOX.[6] Replika's first American player also joins in the form of Sterling.
  • April 15, the second player outside of Europe joins the team in the form of Kyo from Convergence Gaming
  • April 29, Academy roster is removed, sTk and Urgetheman leave the team, yoowzup is moved to be the team coach whilst Makelius, Nazario and Dark are retained.
  • May 3, Origine departs from the team.
  • May 5, MeaNy joins the team, becoming the first Korean to join.
  • May 13, vOddy leaves the team, retiring from StarCraft II
  • May 17, former mTw and Praetoriani player FallY joins the team.
  • June 23, viPro leaves, becoming teamless.
  • July 3, Danish Protoss player StrinterN joins the team after the collapse of Copenhagen Wolves.
  • July 4, German Protoss player kAra, Korean Protoss player Crane who has been playing for Team Replika for already one month after leaving FXO and former Team Infused player Ovix joins the team.[7][8]
  • July 6, Danish Zerg player Sonder joins the team after formerly playing for nuBreed.[9]
  • July 11, Polish Zerg player Matiz joins the team after the fall of NOMercy Gaming; with this he will continue to train at the Ministry of Win House in Warsaw, Poland.[10]
  • September 19, Danish Terran player Defex who has currently been training in the Razer Academy house in California is added to the roster as Team Captain. Two up-and-coming British talents also join the roster in the shape of Aicy and ex-inFerno eSports player Blader.

Former Players[edit]

Full list of Former Players

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United KingdomAicyTommey Couzens201?-??-??201?-??-??
United KingdomBladerRaza Sekha2012-09-192012-??-?? The Last Resort
Korea (South)CraneKim Han Byul2012-07-042012-??-??
DenmarkFaiLoJimmie Andersen201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
GermanykAraThomas Ciolak2012-07-042012-??-?? Meet Your Makers
NorwayKinGTom-Andre Lærum2011-??-??2012-??-?? Team BX3
United States of AmericaKyoLuke Yocum2012-04-152012-??-??
PolandMatizMateusz Kowalski201?-??-??201?-??-?? ECVisualize
SwedenNaugrimMattias Ottosson2012-01-??2012-04-06 NOM Gaming
FranceOrigineThomas Aufresne2012-02-282012-05-03 Sparte Legion
DenmarkSonderNiels Flyger2012-07-062012-??-?? Vega Squadron
United States of AmericaSterlingSterling Kolde2012-04-092012-05-30 Clarity Gaming
DenmarkStrinterNDennis Christensen2012-07-032012-??-?? Karnage eSports
SwedenviProRasmus Östersjö2012-04-092012-06-23 Blight Gaming


ID Name Position
United Kingdom Frantx Perry Smith Team Owner
United Kingdom noSki Nathan Cozens Team Co-Owner
United Kingdom WoodchucK Peter Woodberry Player Manager

Team Achievements[edit]



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