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Team Sypher

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[e][h]Team Sypher
Team Information
Jens "Tactical" Huger
Henrik "didrik" Roijker
Chris "Windfall" Otto

Team Sypher is a semi-professional gaming organization based in Belgium, supporting teams for games such as CS 1.6, CS:S, LoL and StarCraft 2. They tend to recruit newer players with the aim of nurturing and developing them to become top players. Their European roster was recruited from Team vioesports in September 2011, but by December, the players and managers left to reform Team vioesports due to "internal problems".


The team doesn't have a lot of achievements, but launched players like Fargo and PoYo on the European scene.



Player Roster[edit]

Notable former players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
GermanyAnbuDaniel IavicoliTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
DenmarkAvekattenAndreas Lykholt Svendsen2011-09-192011-12-23Team vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
FranceBeNSeNBenjamin DuclauxTeam LDLC.comTeam Team
GermanyCrystaXAlexanderTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
BelgiumELVISAntoine Paquay2010-08-272010-10-??MD GamesMD Games MD Games
LithuaniaFargoVaidas Radavicius2011-04-052011-04-22against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
BelgiumFeastJérémy Vansnick2010-08-272011-04-22against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
BelgiumFisTjERomain Boulanger
AustriaKillverPhilipp SingerTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
BelgiumKOPITZJulien Dumoulin
GermanyKrasSAndreas Ullrich2011-09-072011-12-23Team vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
SwedenMagulinaTor IvarssonTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
FranceMiNiMaThMathieu Perrus2010-11-??2011-??-??Virus GamingVirus Gaming Virus Gaming
LithuaniaNbsKisielius Laurynas
NetherlandsPoYoTom Brekelmans2011-07-162011-12-03LowLandLionsLowLandLions LowLandLions
BelgiumReaveJonathan Vansnick2010-28-272011-04-22against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
DenmarkSonderNiels FlygerTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports
GermanystoicFrederikTeam vioesportsTeam vioesports Team vioesports

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Belgium KaMiDamien Rapoye Managing Director
Belgium TacticalJens Huger Head Manager SC2
Denmark DidrikHenrik Roikjer Manager SC2
Germany WindfallChristian Otto Manager SC2
Belgium fwietGeoffrey De Bie Communications Director

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Earnings Statistics


  1. Fargo, Nbs, ptak and Siabbo arrives
  2. Transfer between Sypher and aAa.
  3. Sypher re-opens its SC 2 section.
  4. Sypher merges with Team Next Evolution.
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